This is one out of the four offered in north america with a specific color, so you can call it a limited edition option. It is quite an impressive vehicle in canada. The standard rcf starts at about eighty five thousand dollars. This thing here goes up to a hundred and twenty thousand dollars. Yes, this technically could be the most expensive lexus after the lfa the engine. Everything else is very much the same as you’d find in a standard rcf, but a lot more interesting and, of course it looks a lot better than just a standard rcf, but today, i’m going to show you everything you need to know about this model and we’re Going to find out, why is it that expensive, what’s so special about this that’s the goal so let’s begin? First with the pricing, as i said, it is the standard rcf. Eighty five thousand dollars added the track edition. Thirty five thousand dollars on top of that so you’re looking at about a hundred and twenty thousand dollars in total, which is quite expensive. First of all, as you can see on the outside tons of carbon fiber, carbon fiber hood, carbon fiber, roof carbon fiber front bumper splitter, carbon fiber side, skirt, carbon fiber, spoiler, carbon fiber, diffuser and more carbon fiber inside it is 80 kg lighter than a standard lexus. Rcf, let me show you some cool details on the exterior we’ll start. First with the front and as i said, it has quite a lot of carbon fiber parts, but you can see the splitter all around it.

What i do love about this lexus rcf track edition is the hood. What they have done in this case is the actual vent, the grill at the top, not sure if you can call it a grill but the actual vent here. It is separated from the cover underneath, so what you can do is pop the hood and remove the clips that way you get rid of that cover and it looks properly functional, but the reason they have included, that is to make sure that, during rainy days, no Water gets inside the engine, pretty smart. One distinctive design feature offered in the front is, of course, the brake cooling system. You see this part over here is not just there as a design. It is actually functional. It cools down the brakes. It is quite big so big that you can fit your hand all the way through look at my hand, um. Okay, i think it got stuck that wasn’t it okay, i got it out. Anyways don’t try this at home. The reason why they’ve offered that is, of course, for the brakes you see this model offers the carbon ceramic brakes and to make sure you know that they’ve included a sticker on the actual caliper beside the f logo. It uses six piston in the front of course, and two piece rotors for uh the front brakes. The rear ones uses a big brake kit as well, not just one piston. As i mentioned previously, the roof is actually carbon fiber, which means you’re, sacrificing the actual sunroof.

So you don’t get any sunroof with this package because who cares at the end of the day the disappointing part about this specific area is that the shark fin it’s, actually not carbon, fiber let’s, move on to the rear end, and the first noticeable thing is, of Course, the spoiler you see it is carbon fiber, of course, but most importantly, it is proportional to the actual vehicle size, so it’s not overly done or big, but one thing i did notice is of course, the side logo which is weaved in and when you’re looking At it, in a certain position, let’s say this way: you can’t see it, especially when it’s too bright outside. If you get into a different position, you’re able to actually see the f logo on the sides and, of course, it’s offered on both sides of the spoiler. Besides the carbon spoiler force, they’ve offered the diffuser, which is fully carbon fiber and, most importantly, it’s well done. It is well positioned because it is a signature of the rcf. You have quad exhaust, but they’re not aligned right beside each other they’re, actually on top of each other sort of for both sides. Now. The next thing we want to do is hear this exhaust how it sounds so let’s start it up. Uh now let’s talk about the heart of this car. It is, of course, a v8 5 liter makes 472 brake horsepower and ‘5 pound feet of torque.

It uses a tuned 8 speed. Sport direct shift, automatic transmission. That of course offers a manual control. The rcf includes an impressive list of high performance features, a launch control, of course, the drive mode selects you have sport s and sport s, plus it has a limited slip, differential and adaptive variable suspension system now. The next thing i want to talk to you about is the key fob. It is, of course, the standard lexus key fob at the top. You have the f badge. What i do find interesting with this is that they didn’t offer some different key fob. That has maybe says track edition or the number of the car something to make it more interesting, since this it’s over a hundred thousand dollars. I would expect something more interesting about the key fob it’s just a bit standard, but of course it has the f logo. At the top now, the next thing we want to talk about is the sides door panel. Here you see it has a carbon fiber skirt at the bottom. So when you come out, you got to be a bit careful with this because you might step onto the actual carbon fiber. You just got to get used to it with time, but generally you get used to the first day we haven’t managed to scratch it or anything and we’ve been pretty much reviewing this and had it for a full day, and it has the lexus logo onto the Side here the letters – most importantly, of course, the seats you see – these are bucket seats and in this case you don’t get heated or ventilated that track mode experience.

You don’t need all that this is for track days, they’re quite comfortable and, most importantly, their powers. So you’re still getting a bit of more convenience, not necessarily, i know you’re missing the cooling stuff which i like, because ventilated summertime are my favorite but, most importantly, it is power, the recliner of the seat itself. The next thing i want to talk about is the door panel. Here you see it has carbon fiber interior. Most importantly, you have the beautiful suede and the lather stitching the leather door panel itself, but the carbon fiber it’s what’s interesting. You see beside the fact that it looks like a normal color. It also has red carbon fiber style inside which sort of complements the entire interior of the vehicle, and you find the same kind of design similar with the dashboard, the center console and so on. The passenger seat doesn’t get bolstered adjustment, the driver’s side does. What i love about the seats in here is the fact that they’re a mix of suede and leather, so the actual seat here is mostly suede. But then you have the center part here more suede and then the top part is full leather and, most importantly, it offers the half badge on both sides, and this time lexus actually is offered all the way at the back seats in some cars they’re missing. I know a couple of cars have had the m3, for example, they don’t have it in all the seats, and here the aft badge is located in the back as well.

Just a little detail now let’s talk about this area. Of course, it is like a standard, lexus rc f, some differences, as i said, the options that you’re missing because of the package that you get with the track package. Of course you don’t get heated and ventilated seats. You get the sensor clock the lexus. The infotainment system is the newest model, but is it but it is operated through the trackpad located into the center, so it’s not touch screen now. Let’S start it up. Oh got ta love that sound and you got a backup camera. You don’t get a 360 camera, but you do get a backup camera now in terms of the steering wheel. It offers paddle shifters nothing fancy bit disappointing because they could have included paddle shifters made of carbon fiber they’re, just aluminum finish, and the steering wheel, beautiful and grippy. It has leather at the bottom, with the f badge located in here and the red stitches all around inside. What i do love the most about this car is the combination between black red carbon fiber. All together. It gives you a different experience when you’re inside you know you’re inside a proper performance vehicle. Okay, the next thing we’re going to do is go for a drive, because i want to see how this thing drives on the road, so let’s put into drive mode. I want to put in a sport plus, why not? Why not the whole point of this? Is you get to enjoy it, and here we go it’s so stiff, though it’s a lot of fun, but a lot of stiffness in here, Music it’s super stiff.

When you put into sport, s plus is just you could drive this daily would be really rough. This thing gets track, builds and for normal roads. It just doesn’t like it around here at all. Unfortunately, we can’t take it a race track. Otherwise, i would but it’s just not possible at this point: um Music, amazing, on corners, too, okay, let’s, put into manual mode transmission and one two three there we go go go Music brakes are crazy. Second gear: third gear. Fourth, Music: i love this car. Absolutely love! This car, you know what it’s just one of those cars that you either like it or you, don’t and i personally enjoy i’ve, been driving for a while, now and it’s, just fantastic on the road, it’s and yet it’s cold, but somehow it’s managing to get a Little bit of a grip on the road i’m not pushing extremely hard, because these are normal roads. But if you had to take this on a track, this would be a ton of fun. Um just wanted to show you a little bit like when it comes to driving such car. You need to be able to be in a certain scenario where you can actually experience a full track. Otherwise, in a normal roads, this thing it’s just not the best. For you, don’t, you don’t enjoy the full performance of the vehicle. You need to have it in a perfect road where you can hear and and feel and proper attract that you can push the car not be worried about in normal roads.

This does not enjoy as much and even in normal modes. This thing just doesn’t like it and it’s a bit stiff, that’s. One thing i find with it, but other than that it just grows and goes anyways. That was it just wanted to show you a quick drive of it um. Let me know your thoughts about this.