Okay, i don’t like 718. to me that’s what they are. Yes, all right, what’s under the hood of this boxster spider of 4 liter, naturally aspirated flat 6, with 414 horsepower and 309 feet of torque. It goes zero to 104.4 seconds. We’Ve got a six speed manual, but you can get a seven speed, pdk, um, pretty awesome isn’t it all right we’re to do what you get with this car yeah. But everything with a porsche is a la carte, so let’s go through our key standard features. Yeah. The 718 spyder comes standard with a 7 inch touchscreen wired apple carplay, black leather sport seat, sport steering wheel, dashboard, trim, strips and center console painted in exterior color black roof electrically adjustable and heatable exterior mirrors six speed manual. Transmission 20 inch silver wheels and park assist. So these cars are very expensive and you can tick a lot of boxes and get it exactly the way you want. Depending on your bank balance, we will do the price pause in a moment: the fuel economy. We have questions coffee and cars. We’Ve got our hot topic, which is a really good one. All right. This has auto blip traction control off exhaust what’s. This button, we got ta put it in s for subscribe, and if you can hit the notification bell, you’ll be notified when the videos drop, and then you can watch them. Also, if you follow along on instagram you’ll know what cars are coming up when the videos are gon na drop.

You can take part in all of our features in the videos, video, so it’s, motormouth underscore andrea and for me, it’s, motormouth underscore auto and the links are below this. Video is brought to you by carcass canada, get the dealer’s cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches. The link is in the description below all right. This is a special car, uh it’s, really for somebody that likes the idea of owning a porsche but wants something unique: a spider yeah. It has a unique look and that’s really what this is all about: yeah unique roof. Yes, the roof is a bit of a pain in the neck to take down andrea, yeah, well, it’s, not so easy right. I think i would like to just hit a button and then the roof is off, but this one takes about about a minute: hey, zach, you’ve, gotten quite good at it. Well, i would say screw up the buttresses that fly off the back they’re manually released, and then you have to store them in the roof before you fold it down and keep doing it upside down anyway, yeah you would get faster at it. The longer you owned it yeah this isn’t. I i like to call convertibles a roof of opportunity, so say: you’re driving along and it’s been a kind of a rainy day and then all of a sudden, the sun pops out yeah you’re, like i’m gon na put the roof down it’s a roof of opportunity And you hit a button and it goes down with a regular, boxster and came in, but with this it’s more of more work, yes much more work, so it’s not really a roof of opportunity any longer.

But now does it look good when it’s down yeah, you know what andrea i got. Ta drive: okay, zach you get in here now: let’s let’s! Stop for coffee! First time now for questions, coffee and cars, maybe a little more noise with the roof off a lot. More noise uh but it’s your questions from instagram, and we just want to mention our coffee cup holders here: it’s, really not good for our coffee addiction, i’ve had to hold them the whole way because well, they’re, terrible they’re, terrible coffee cup holders. Okay, would you pick the spider or the gt4? What would you pick zach? Oh, do you like blondes or brunettes that’s? The old line i used before one is the fixed roof, which is more track focused and would be the one if you’re going to the track. This is the one that has the same drive line, but has the you know convertible yeah and i think, actually it’s kind of nice to have a convertible put it down. When you want and you, if it’s raining, you got it up, but at least it’s the option not to hurt right, not gon na have the roof up in a hurry on this car. Can i fit two sets of golf clubs in there anywhere? Definitely not two sets, but we did talk about it and we think that you could either take them out or you could get a smaller bag. You can work around it, so you’re going to need a you’re not going to go on a on with a tour bag, not one of the big you’re going to need one of those little sort of pitch and putt bags.

You could fit in the back or put it here in the passenger seat, get it if you’re bringing a friend they can take the bus. They could take the bus that’s. What zach says just take or just take the cayenne. Do you prefer the manual or the pdk when it comes to porsche i’m, a manual person myself, but you can’t beat the pdk well. For me, i think the pdk is awesome. What an incredible transmission very quick um! I would pick the pdk myself for city driving. I know zach is going to disagree and all you manual lovers, hashtag save manuals, will disagree with me. Well, it comes down to your personal situation. If you are a proficient manual driver, you will get more engagement with the car driving a manual right. If, however, you share it with somebody that can drive manual but doesn’t love it as much as you do, then you’re going to have to make some sacrifices. If i was ordering, i actually have a dream of getting a 718 gts yeah in blue. Yes, not this interior, but we would order a pdk because we have to share the car yeah if it was just me, some of the other porsches that zach has owned 911s. They were all manual, they were all about me. Yeah they were, they were hey, that’s, a good way to put it. They were all about zach, nothing about drea, absolutely beautiful car. What is riding comfort like, i know, it’s a sports car, but is it good? Is it a good daily driver thanks guys for the awesome reviews so glad you like them um, i wouldn’t say it’s a great daily driver it’s like uh balls to the wall, isn’t it with this it’s, always on yeah, and we haven’t even used the sport settings For the suspension, if you like this idea, then just get a regular um, you know boxster or cayman, or s version or the 718 s, because that’s going to have a more compliant suspension, much better for sure and that’s.

It thanks for all your great questions. As always, all right now, we’ve got to figure out what to do with these coffee cups. Don’T forget if you want to get a question in you need to follow. Andrea’S instagram, it’s, motormouth, underscore andrea. The link is also below and because you hear the music it’s time for nightlife Music in every video, we keep one question back from questions, coffee and cars and expand on it. It’S called our hot topic: what’s this one andrea dream car and in this color i would buy it. Can you discuss the gear ratio controversy with this porsche driving it around the streets of vancouver? What are your impressions? Is it an issue? Is the boxster gts a better vancouver booster thanks for the reviews? Now, we’re, not wait. Wait! Wait! Oh my god see. I told you the cup holders suck these are terrible, terrible. We even brought a towel with us. I feel like i should just dump this all right: let’s pull over and dump it out, it’s terrible. Oh my god. I think i got it like terrible. Take two take two and a slight spell: okay, that’s the legal speed limit and i’m not going to go over. I could no, but when you go to the red line in second gear, it’s, 140 kilometers an hour yes and some people are saying what about that. Well, they’re, just saying that you might as well just stay in second gear because above that, you’re well over the speed limit, but that’s not how we look at it.

Who is saying just other reviewers yeah, well, they’re idiots and all i can say to you is who drives to the red line all the time like like who goes, who who drives at the red line all the time? No that’s, not you guys, i guess just some importance. No, no. We want to drive to the red line. I don’t. I don’t understand that. Yes, i don’t get it either. The red line is 8 000 rpm and in second gear you’re doing 140 kilometers an hour. Yeah but nobody drives to the red line all the time. No, you use that when maybe you’re on the track – or i was gon na say on the autobahn, i mean you, you could get up to like 250 kilometers an hour. I mean some parts of it. Don’T have a speed limit yeah, so maybe that would make sense for it. So my old air cooled 911s. I had two nine nine threes yeah i’m used to this, because the second gear in the 993 is is really long like this yeah. So i didn’t even notice until you brought it up that other people are saying this yeah, because i guess i’m just used to it. Okay, so let’s talk a bit about the way this looks first off when it comes to the 911. It has just such a gorgeous silhouette, but this is quite unique, isn’t it i like it. I love this color, i think it’s, stunning yeah.

They have gone for a retro look with sort of like uh, the the two bumps over the rear deck lid. That is, elongated it’s got more arrow at the back. It really does look fast standing still and you know we’re. We live in vancouver, boxsters and caymans. This is a reality. Are not that special, no like they’re everywhere, they’re everywhere, but this car, even in vancouver, turns heads yeah everyone’s. Looking at this i mean it could be the sound of the engine or it could be, it could be us driving. I don’t know so we went to do the nightlife pictures that you saw and what happened. So we met a couple who actually have this exact same car same color manual transmission? The only difference is they have the red interior and they love it. They went to germany to pick it up. The other thing is that they did the european delivery and they drove around for three weeks through the stelvio pass, and all of that i mean amazing what an amazing adventure – and i actually asked this couple last night about the roof and how they feel about it. Being manual – and you know what he said, he said i just take it down and i leave it down. I put it in the garage and i don’t put it back up. My car goes out only on sunny days. Well, isn’t it hey that’s. What zach’s car did it only saw sunny days since 9? 11.

? Oh yes, i drove my 911 all year round when it was sunny wasn’t. I such a great wife just actually say yes, can i give you some props now that’s exactly what happened? I had a milestone birthday a few years ago and uh i’ve always wanted a porsche. I always wanted a 911.. You know what andrea said just go and get it go and get it while you’re young enough. You don’t look like an old fat guy and now because of the convertible, i have to put extra glue on my toupee. When i drive this part, it sure looks thick today my hair yeah i used to. I got a thick head all right. What else do we have to talk about? I know talk about the interior, yeah, the interior, and this one comes with the alcantara standard equipment. I wouldn’t order it with alcantara, though i’d go for the leather interior yeah. You said that, because one of the things is, you have oil on your hands right, yeah and that can degrade the alcantara on the steering wheel. So i do like the alcantara seats, but i would get a leather leather steering wheel. Okay, i do like the way it looks too, but i like the steering wheel, but i understand what you’re saying about the oily hands or you could just you know when it wears out just order a new one. True um, it comes with a seven inch. Touchscreen it’s got some of the hard buttons below, which is great hey.

It only comes with apple carplay, no android, auto, which is a shame i think, for a starting price of and twelve thousand dollars. You know what you need android auto, but porsche has that through the entire family. I think that the interior is more about the driver instead of about the extras in here. The seats are comfortable. These are not the bucket seats, but these are the sport seats and um. They feel really snug. They feel good. I think what you’re talking about are the um, the hardback racing seats? Yes, that don’t have any adjustment pitch wise. Yes, don’t get those! No because you want to be able to move the seat, especially if you’re taking it on a long trip, if you’re just going to the track, have at it. But i wouldn’t uh recommend those seats at all. They look cool as hell, though yeah so zach, and i were saying earlier that everything’s a la carte here and you can spend as much as you want. You want a heated steering wheel, you’re going to pay for that. You want heated seats, you’re paying for that. How much is this one, andrea let’s get into the price pause? The 718 spider starts at almost a hundred and thirteen thousand dollars as tested. It comes in at a hundred and twenty nine thousand seven hundred and thirty five dollars. Fuel economy is rated at 14 liters per hundred kilometers in the city 10.1 on the highway.

This is for the manual transmission that’s 16 miles per gallon city 23 miles per gallon highway now andrea. A lot of people like myself want this car because of the flat six engine and the sound you just heard. However, this car doesn’t have the same sound as the previous spider that had the carrera s engine in it, yeah that had a very different, sound okay, we’re coming up to the tunnel tunnel test exhaust is open, let’s have at it holy crap, it’s loud. So what they’ve done is they’ve added what’s called cylinder management, so some of the cylinders switch off under light throttle. It changes the sound ever so slightly when you’re driving and then there’s all kinds of regulations around noise that porsche has to try and live with and um. This isn’t, the loudest car that they’ve ever made that’s for sure right. Some people, even though it’s loud yeah, might not be loud enough right, well, that’s what the guy was saying last night it’s not loud enough. I would like it louder and zach said tim. Well, you can change that if you want you just have to pay for it. Just get get an aftermarket exhaust. You know a lot of people talk about horsepower and torque and oh, how fast does this go like? I said zero to 100 and 4.4 seconds, but lake zach said he’s owned some older models and they weren’t as fast as this, and he says you know it’s not about that it’s about how it feels and how it handles.

Am i right. You know a v6 camry has more power than my 993.. A honda odyssey minivan has more power than my old 993 yeah, but it was this visceral experience your bum’s this far off the ground, yeah it’s, just this little tidy car and for me it’s, connecting with a manual transmission there’s, nothing better. Now i would. I would sacrifice to make my wife happy and get a pdk. I do just for you, babe well you’ve had two without so i think it’s my time i think it’s my time, it’s all about drea it’s, not all about drea it’s. Just i think, it’s a good compromise and the pdk is an amazing transmission. Touche well said: if the beauty of this car doesn’t sell you on it. Well, the engine sound. Will this isn’t the 718? I would choose personally, but if you do buy this car and you’re lucky enough to get one, they hold their value incredibly. Well so it’s nice to know you’re driving something unique and special and it’s worth something down the road yeah. This video is brought to you by carcass canada, get the dealer’s cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches.