So i figured i’d give them a chance and what better vehicle to start out with than this absolute speed demon called the python not to be confused with the arma typhon. Even though their color scheme is the same, they look kind of the same. They perform kind of the same, they cost kind of the same. This is a completely standalone vehicle. There are some rumors about these being manufactured by armor that’s, not the case it’s, not a copy of an armor it’s, definitely corelli’s own design, but it does look an awful lot like the armor python, sorry typhon. That was not even on purpose um. I would really like it if team corelli, i was a little bit more creative with their body styling and their naming and marketing around this vehicle to really not get that name of being a slightly cheaper copy of a very popular product anyway. The python itself is stunning, absolutely gorgeous vehicle it’s, very high quality. The plastics are high quality. The metals are high quality, everything’s finished just incredibly well, i’m, so happy with how it looks or how it looks before i actually drove it. Obviously, these shots are all made before i actually drove the vehicle, but it just looks stunning and while team corelli has done a lot of things to make it more bash friendly at heart, it still feels like a racing buggy to me, so you do have adjustable Preload on your suspension, of course, damping adjustment has to be done through shock.

Fluids like it is with pretty much every single rc out there, but while, for example, the steering links are fixed in length, you can still have four different adjustments in tow same for the rear. You can adjust your camber just by mounting the arm slightly differently, slightly higher slightly lower to adjust that camber to adjust that toe in the front, it’s all done with screws, rather than turn buckles, which is lighter, more durable, cheaper to replace when you eventually break it. So i can’t really fold the design. You can even adjust your caster angle using the little clip you see there right in front of the body. If you put it on the other side of the arm, you get slightly more caster angles, so your vehicle will be a little bit more stable. The only thing i didn’t find to be adjustable was the anti roll arms or anti roll bars. There is no thicker bars available, there is no longer or shorter links available anyway. Looking underneath the vehicle, it is again gorgeous, especially the machining and the finish on the motor mount is just so amazing, it’s, this nice silver, aluminium, it’s, just amazing the motor the cure on eight two five is massive and it’s supposed to run on four to six S and the esc on the website says two to six s, but then on the esc. It actually says three to six s so i’m, not really sure what’s up with that um.

Also, the servo 25 kilogram servo it’s plenty it’s very, very powerful. Pretty quickly reacts to your inputs as well, but mostly everything’s, just really high quality it’s, a 150 amp esc in there lots of tune ability because it is a hobby wing esc at heart, um big button, um to turn the vehicle on and off. But when it gets wet, the button stops working. So i hope when i clean my vehicle again after today’s riding, i can still turn it on, because i had to unplug the battery to turn it off. But i didn’t have any other electrical issues with it at all. In my rather short, but very i wouldn’t say well yeah, it was just a very heavy bashing session, even on a racetrack as well, because i’m not very good at driving these, because they’re too fast for my little brain but yeah pivot, ball, suspension, plastic hubs, plastic, Arms, but the important stuff is all metal, as are, of course, your wheel nuts. Something that really bothered me is that this is literally the first time this wheel has been taking off this car and, as you can see, the hex on the pillow ball is already rounded from the factory um team corelli, please, you don’t have to round bolts off From the factory i’m perfectly capable of doing that myself so maybe give the factory workers sharper tools or a little bit more time to assemble these because it’s no big deal.

But i do want to buy something in perfect shape, rather than something that looks like i’ve. Already touched it, one small issue i had during testing was: i broke a spoke out of the wheel and then, while on the racetrack, i did lose the front wheels multiple times was that, due to the sheer amount of weight being picked up from the muddiness of The track and unbalancing and shaking the wheel nuts off i don’t know, but maybe there should be a little retention clip on there as well out in the fields behind my house. The car felt amazing. It is like a combination between a race, buggy and the bashing vehicle. You can basically just put slightly thicker shock, fluid in and turn it into a basher. But if you want to erase it it’s perfectly fine out of the box and then you do have those adjustments and if you want more adjustments, there are these optional tuning parts available on the corelli website and with their retailers as well. So you can really fine tune it for racing or bashing, depending on what you really want to do with this vehicle, but it’s a great overall buggy, and it is ridiculously fast. I really struggle turning my head as fast as this vehicle flies by even when i’m on on a stand on the driver’s stand. This thing does 110 kilometers an hour. I actually clocked it at 112 in my testing just down the street here in a 50 kilometer an hour zone, so it is just it’s silly fast and it handles really well.

You can roll it. So if you go from a slow speed, acceleration with full lock on you will roll the vehicle, like you will, with pretty much every four wheel, drive rc car. I kind of thought it would slide around more because these ninja profile tires aren’t, really the the grippiest, but it doesn’t slide a lot really there’s a lot of mechanical grip. There um there’s a little bit of downforce as well, but mostly i find that in this sort of looser sandy conditions, you can only really slide it around if you’re really purposely sliding it other than that it was just very grippy a little bit on the edge Of under steering, whereas my other rc’s are all set up for oversteer, because i just like a very aggressive turn in and then just use the throttle to control the the turn this one’s slightly under steering. But again you can probably take off a little bit of preload on the front to dial that out, or maybe i don’t know, remove the anti roll bar or anti sway bar depending on how you call that thing. Now, when i took it to the racetrack, i actually went to sct in ghent, it’s, basically a short course track. So a buggy, this big and this fast isn’t really at home there, and it was a little bit difficult to control it because it’s so muddy and there were puddles basically as deep as the car is tall um, but it handled okay.

I guess for what is effectively my first time on a racetrack, with a buggy this ridiculously fast after a while, i did kind of get the hang of it and i was able to just bash it, but also go pretty damn quick. In my opinion, at least i’d – probably just get lapped by anyone, who’s actually good at racing these cars, but i had a blast, but this was where i noticed that the front wheels came off. Did i not tighten them enough or is that a design flaw, or was there just too much weight pick up on the wheels unbalancing the whole thing and just shaking the nuts off i don’t know, but it happened. Then i lost one of these little nuts that holds one of the wheels on so i ordered some new ones – they’re, not too expensive, but it kind of sucks that you have to pay the shipping cost on them. I also noticed when i came back home that there was a lot more angle on the rear wing than when i took it out of the box. It turns out the front suspension mount and that also caused the drive shaft to rub on the spring and in the rear. It was bent forwards even more and there was no real rubbage there, but it was bent from very much landing upside down and obviously with a wing this big, if you land upside down it’s like a big anchor trying to hold down a four kilogram car traveling At 100 kilometers an hour so something’s got to give there and, unlike plastics, these metals don’t bend back now, i’m just going to bend them back with some vice grips, i guess and a hammer, but you can get 70 75 aluminium tuning upgrade parts now talking about.

Like crashing it and upgrading it, let’s have a look at the uniscore which, yes, i still haven’t found a better name for it, so for durability, i’m, giving it a 6 out of 10.. Why well it’s a really fast vehicle and there’s a lot of kinetic energy? There and again, if you land it upside down, that wing is just an anchor and it will bend your arms or your towers. If you want to call it towers, the service ability pretty good. The parts are in stock on the corelli website, it’s 24 hour shipping. For me here in belgium, so the service ability really good. The design is pretty easy to service as well. The upgrade ability team corelli has some upgrade parts available, but it’s nowhere near what you can get for, like a traxxas slash for example. So i gave it a 6 for upgrade ability the cool factor. Well, people showed up and watched me drive this buggy so um, i guess it’s pretty cool right handling. I gave it an 8 because it’s the best handling rc i’ve had yet, especially in this sort of class, so eight for handling a 10 for speed cause. I think this is the fastest ready to run buggy. You can possibly buy correct me if i’m wrong. Please do that in the comments below, but i think 110 out of the box is about as fast as rc cars get for a batch score. I gave it a 7 because it’s a very versatile vehicle and i only gave it an 8 for racing because it’s, not a race vehicle, really it’s a bit too heavy to really be a race vehicle.

But i think, with the correct upgrades, you can probably do well in, like your local club racing, a crawl score of two because it’s a buggy, a realism, score of two because it’s a buggy, and that gives us a total score of 64 points, which is the Highest score so far when it comes to the uniscore, but that was it for me today, i’m, going to finish off with some nice little driving footage. But i just want to thank all of you for watching, especially if you made it this long, maybe consider subscribing for more videos like this um i’ll see you guys in the next one, probably with more rc stuff. I really want to finish my modified slash video by keep breaking that car, so yeah we’ll see when that video goes live for now.