Unboxing/Upgrade Spare Parts Clone SCX10 Merakit Rc Car Offroad 4X4

000 Oke kita, lihat, Seperti, apa, dalamannya, jadi, kita, dalam, merakit, subwoofer, psychofun, itu sudah, banyak, ya, tersedia, untuk, spektakuler, Nah, sepertinya, temen, temen, ini, untuk di kelengkapan, aksesorisnya, ya, ini, Seperti jadi gen atau dikatakan, tempat, cadangan, bensin, itu ya, oke lanjut, yang selanjutnya, yang ini, adalah, dudukan, bemper, depan, jadi, dudukan, bemper, depan […]

Losi Lasernut Unboxing**Just Look at it**

It is the lowest laser nut, it’s, the first uh all wheel, independent suspension, uh scale rc on the market. I got this rc car at tom and giggs down in coos bay. Oregon guys are awesome. It’S got 2.2 inch, uh, copper rim with some pretty awesome, beat up. Goodrich crawler uh scale tires […]

Redcat volcano epx pro review part 1

It is the volcano eopx pro brushless edition. It has standard body clips that i’m just gon na take off and set right here. The body is a beautiful body. I really like it. I got the blue, and underneath in here is the metal chassis and everything has like a warning card. Right here […]

Team Magic E5HX with ZTW 3500kv Combo on 4S – POWER!!!

Let me set foot or as an aim text 3 ion db. Xp, sergei hx osp onto a sweet e spa, ddd sb will delete it or start 4 pub d vendetta, amp dobson q, in 59 d x, 2 by rf 2 yv, been to be it i’ve, choi town on a trip of […]

DeeRC DE36w RC Car Review

This car is amazing guys this blew my mind and it is not just a normal car. It also has an fpv camera on the top of it we’ll get into the camera as well and also into the car, so let’s go and review this car Music. So when you buy this drc de […]

Schumacher fusion 21 – DeTomaso Pantera

So apart from the body which is a d tomaso pantera from hpi racing, underneath this rather beautiful body, you will find a schumacher fusion 21. Now these were released in about 2002. I believe something like that: 2002 and the actual model themselves came with a free speed. I’Ll setup show you that there […]

Amazing RC Toys, Motor Homes and Gadgets That You Must See 🔴🟢🟡

These rc toys can be used both indoors and outdoors. These air swimmers are great if you’re stuck at home and have nothing to do. The gadget is attached to an inflatable fish that swims around in the air as if in water. You will not believe how realistic this looks unless you see it […]

ZD Racing 9104 Brushless Thunder ZTX-10 1/10 2.4G 4WD RC Car Truggy – Unboxing Overview

Some of the features here – uh 1 10th scale, ready to run electric that’s four wheel, drive and 2.4 gig radio we’ll just have a look on this side here, a few specifications here, if you want to have a look at those and i’ve, got the troggy version Here and um – oh […]

Kyosho Turbo Scorpion (2017) Review Part One

Video of the building of this car is very popular film, heute, ohne slideshow, so alt decided to give you are some more information in form. Eines informations possibility ventoux so aber es pltze des video into the second part, will least two days later, abriss party statt riesenbeck und informations – for that we […]

HPI Maverick Ion Rx – 1/18 Rally Car

This is the maverick ion rx, which is by hpi. I got this at hrp hobby regulation product for about 90. I did use a coupon code, so it’s even more cheaper than that. It comes with 2.4 gigahertz radio, 7.2 volt 1200 mah battery i’m. Guessing is an impact. Pre assembled chassis, pre painted […]

SYMA S100 RC Helicopter Unboxing:Review

We got different varieties so before you get burned out, don’t fight your throne, some need for speed, let’s roll out what’s up y’all. Welcome back to my channel and today, we’re going to be doing an unboxing on the s100 3.5 channel 2.4 g control helicopter. This is another small helicopter, but it’s a […]

losi lasernut first run. plug in battery…..pull trigger……send it!! rc wife and son rc bashing!

We are outside here. This is our brand new losi laser nut. This is going to be our first run with it. We haven’t even plugged the battery into it yet and we’re going to break it in in style. My kids, my son and his friends, my daughter they built this little ramp. That […]