ARRMA Notorious 6s V5 REVIEW | My Thoughts, Best Upgrades, Kraton v. Notorious? | Overkill RC

I have the truck up on the bench. I’Ve had it for a couple months now and i’ve. Actually had years of experience with platform, i used to have an outcast before this whoop and today i want to walk you guys, through my experience with the truck just my overall thoughts on it and […]

RC Review #4

Whenever i need to use an equation. I should always make sure that i solve it for y right, because if we ever need to put it into a calculator or judge what our slope or y intercept or anything like that is, it has to be solved for our y for us to know […]

Xray XB8E 21 Build Review | XB8E 21 VS XB8E 20 Kit Comparison

How i set my build up we’re going to talk about the manual. There was a couple things that i did notice so we’re, going to give a couple of complaints about that and we’re also going to compare the 21 to last year’s 20.. So give you a little bit better idea versus just […]

Professional RC Car Drivers Racing Nitro RC Cars at the Biggest Race Ever

My name is mark cinema. Welcome back to the channel, welcome back to rc blog, we are still at the 2021 cycle, nitro blast. The pro truckee amen is about to start, so everyone is starting to bunch up i’m pretty lucky. I get to go up there. I’M gon na get some footage and […]

GNCRC Update Losi Mini B, DBXLE, Super Baja Rey & Axial SCX24 Furitek ESC | Got No Chill RC

So as much you guys know, i have two of these and um i’ll just say. The second one is where this one is get this off here still in the same spot guys and i apologize, i got to get more content up, but i’ve had a whole lot going on right now: um […]

RC Drag Racing – Traxxas Dominates the Mud Bog

We got the track prepared this year a little differently. This time don’t we yeah we’re, running them side by side. In the same pit, uh we’ve had some pretty serious action already yeah look forward to the second round yeah first round’s in we had mike scheifele blow his tires off his e revo […]

✅ REASONS TO BUY? WLTOYS HYPED UP XK 104001!! Because it is very, VERY good! 7% OFF CODE!

Welkom by my kanaal En vandag het dit aangebreek Dis hier Die WLtoys 104001. Ek, het, dit, nie, bestuur, nie. Ek, het, eintlik, ‘n, unboxing, gedoen. Ek, het die, verskille, ingevet., Dit, sal op die volgende, video, verskyn., Maar ek, Het die rit tot op, hierdie, glorieryke, dag verlaat omdat die YouTube, gode, nie, goed, […]

Deerc 9310 Latrax Teton Tires!!

So these are the tires on the one i used for about. Three months before uh the servo died, so i got ta get a uh anyways. They actually sell a kit to convert it. Brushless so that’s something i’m going to be doing to uh this guy in the future. But for now the […]


My name is john and welcome to my channel. Today we have the uh wltoys10401 or the nuclear incinerator that i’m now calling it, because i think that these cars should have some really cool names, so spread the word. The new wl toys nuclear incinerator anyway, um it’s a wl toys, and there is […]

NOT What I Was Expecting! Tamiya Landfreeder QuadTrack RC Car Review | RC Driver

This was a fun build kit and it looks like it’s going to be a blast to drive let’s head over to the workbench and take a closer look at this truck. So i’ve already done an unboxing of this kit. So if you like to check out what’s inside a kit box, i’ll have […]

Big RC Car & Drone Fun – Losi DBXL E and DJI Air 2S & FPV Drone

Welcome to my channel. Well this morning is going to be an rc car day. Yes, i have the dbxle that i’ve had in my possession for about four months now and i’ve, taken it out quite a few times, it’s a little bit dirty it’s sitting over there. Well let’s go check it out […]

Best Value for Money Cheap Crawler RC Truck from AliExpress. 2.4G 1:16 C24/C24K RC Truck Review.

They are used in competitions on broad surfaces on the rocks, and i was wondering if i could find something cheaper and also fun to play with, and i came up with this so i received it, and this was bought on a platform that sells things cheaper because They don’t have fancy packages, they […]