RC 101 – Spektrum S150 AC/DC Smart Charger, 1x50W

This is a great option for guys that have a ready to fly haboo or like the ready to fly carbon cub or any of the ready to fly models from horizon hobby that come with the s120. This is a great little charger, but it’s kind of limited, and you can only do 3s […]

e193: RACE NIGHT (Season 2 Race #1) Vintage RC Racing

We take this one. During the day we got an early start that’s. Why all right? Well, okay, well, it’s, not going to be race day, never mind all right! So race night, so normally we have five racers, but today not night. Today we had a little bit of problems and mishaps uh, our […]

Remote Control Car | 360° Rotation

Today we have this tape: master rotating arm stunt power. The main thing in here is this user manual in here: tells you everything about the car, the charging instruction, the battery installation, how it works on the back side. It also gives you what kind of direction it rotates and everything, and there is […]

3 Month Review of Traxxas 1/10 scale rc truck Maxx | Speed Runs And Bashing Must Buy!

I picked up another one. I love the red i’m gon na build up another red kit and it’s gon na be nice, but i’m gon na build that one up for speed runs. This is gon na, be just like the one that i take out to jump bad that’s, going to be a […]

REVIEW of AMAZING RC tracked Skidsteer from LXYRC in China

It is from a very brand new company lxyrc and they really produce great rc models. So without further ado, let’s start the unboxing, so let’s open, not the suitcase for sure let’s open the case. So this is the lxy rc logo it’s a tiger really cool, and this is a nice case and […]

Volvo RC excavator review

Um and so basically start off we’re going to talk about the remote, the batteries and stuff um. You have to buy two aaa batteries separately and come with this, the excavation you have to buy the a battery them in this socket. You have to get a screwdriver and put them in this socket […]

Best Lipo Batteries for crawlers and bashers – Gens Ace lipo review

Fourth of july is coming right around the corner, happy fourth to everybody, and today i’m, going to tell you about the best lipo batteries that i’ve ever used and also the best chargers. Okay, i’ve used. Maybe a half dozen different battery types, battery brands and chargers – maybe a dozen and i’m here […]

ZD Racing Off road Buggy B-10E: UNBOXING, TEST, REVIEW

Look at this one. Music is same language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6mS8ejMlqY

Scalin' It Up! RC4WD Edelbrock V8 Motor Dress Up Kit | RC Driver

This is a video you’re going to want to check out. We have the rc four wheel, drive scale v8 engine back on the workbench we’ve done some videos on it before and today, we’re going to scale it out even more with some new parts from rogue element which is exclusively distributed by rc4 […]


Yes, the audi a1 one liter, not really this. It isn’t just the design or the fact that i feel like jason statham in one it’s, actually the way it drives. I know you’re thinking, there’s no way this will drive as well as an s class or a 750i. Oh yes, it can. You […]

Losi 22S Drag No Prep Build RC E.2 DRIVE RC Supra Body

So you sound crazy you’re on video right now, Music. I would greatly appreciate Music. Okay, this is the drive rc supra body run about 70 bucks. Proline just came out with a super body tube, so you have some options, but i saw this one on my friend’s drag rig and i wanted to […]

Best 2.4ghz Radio for UNDER $30??! – Spektrum STX2 Radio System Review | CustomRCMods

I’Ve got my full view of the spectrum stx2 surface radio system. Now this is a ready to run spec two channel radio and if you guys, got the ready to run arma vehicles a few years back. This is probably what it came with, but i actually got this for my rustler build that […]