RC Adventure Cross ATV Country Bike Toy | Unboxing and review

What is this, it has a remote operated truck is that the radio control tracer yeah come closer wow. What color is this? Is this green? So it comes in three different colors, green, blue and orange, and it comes with remote controller and it has left right and indicator light and looks like it […]

Monkie Kid's RC Race Review! LEGO Store Exclusive Set 40472

This set contains 57 pieces, three minifigures and retails for 12.99. In the us. This set is a lego, store exclusive minifigure set, meaning you can only get this at lego stores and on lego.com. The first build on the set is very simple, it’s this little platform right here. I assume this is meant […]

WINZIGES RC CAR IM UNBOXING & TEST!!! | Turbo Racing 1:76 C71 Sport RC Car | Ferngesteuerte Autos

Allereerst, wacht, ons, een handleiding., We kunnen daar, ook, alle, reserveonderdelen bekijken. De auto is een. Soort Carrera Racing, auto zoals, ik, hem begrijp., Het enige verschil is dat, het niet, op een, bepaalde route, hoeft te reizen, maar, ook zonder speciale trein kan. En hier kunnen we de auto al zien hij is heel. […]

Rc Race Car. 1/28 Scale. Invinzer Brand. Unboxing and test. 2021

Today we picked up another rc car. It is this model here kind of like a mini, slash, hatchback um. I actually picked up two rc cars, the other one’s 1 18 scale. This one is 100 or 128 scale, so the other one is really cool. It’S, a ball haul truck. If you haven’t […]

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE! TD4 Chassis Details Revealed Tamiya Super Avante 2021 RC Buggy. Kit 58696

We’Ve just had the live stream, video from tamiya, taking a dive into the new chassis for the super stew. Super stu, no, not super super windy. The super super suit. I keep saying super stew: dammit Music hi, welcome to rc kicks on today’s, show well we’re talking about the brand new super avanti […]

BEST RC PLANE 2021!!! – E-Flite Turbo Timber Evolution 1.5m – TheRcSaylors

I know we’re trying it’s just fun is what i’m saying super fun look at. That is it possible to be humble and do a knife edge super low to the ground. Is that that’s not being humble? Is it gon na be humble? Do you have to do the knife edge 10 mistakes, high […]

Holyton 9205E 1/10 Truggy Off Road Test Review

What i’ve done just before to bring it out here today, um i’ve actually put a bit of oil in these shocks when i’ve done the unboxing overview. I know so quite bouncy, but it seemed to have dampened him up a fair bit a lot better than what it was out. The box so […]

Best BUDGET RC Car – WLToys 124018 – Is it any GOOD ???

In my little front room trying to do video – and i get better lighting out here as well – and one of the reasons i’m outside as well, because that there that’s going to be my future studio so hoping to build thing up there. Log cabin or a big workshop, or something rather […]

Rc car review (the one that does cartwheels)

I know if you’ve been waiting for this video or not i’m. Finally, gon na make a review about my rc car. Now you’ve seen it on only one video, so it might be new to you, but this is a high boxing arts racing truck rc car, so yeah um it costs about 85 […]

Reely Free Men 2.0 1:10 RC Crawler Scaler | Test Review Unboxing

0 kroll ein mastab eins zu zehn nachfolger des sehr, beliebten, really freeman der quasi ein klon des axial, es 610 ist den haben wir ja, auch schon, getestet, auf dem kanal ebenso den s6, 10 und ja, ich hatte den Freeman 2.0 vorgestellt heute kam er, an und ich dachte mal, ich mach direkt […]

FTX Vantage 2.0 Unboxing

It only means one thing: carl ftx car whoa. How did you do that magic? My friend now this? Oh, you don’t understand how excited i am about this. Not just you we’re both excited about it. Well, if you know, if you’re regular on the channel, you will know that pop along rc was […]

Traxxas Maxx review /revamp

What am i gon na do all that stuff and well let’s start with the review part uh. First of all, this is the traxxas max um. I own this thing for about two years now, two three ish um literally, have had almost no problems with it. This thing is very very fast about […]