Atoto S8 Ultra In-Dash Car Radio Review

Now this is a radio head unit for cars, and this was the same exact version that i was planning to purchase for my wrx before i decided to go the raspberry pi route and because i did that video on the raspberry pi head unit, it caught their Attention – and they decided to […]

Does Brass really help for better Sidehilling?

So we can see the difference. Take a look. This is the setup we’re testing right here. It does have a fusion 1800 kv motor okay, 6, 000 milliamp, 3s lipo i’ll show you guys that so now that’s more better than what i normally run, but i do feel that some more common size […]

Axial SCX10 III – #9 Paint

We assembled all the accessories and made up the body to check that everything fits and there’s, nothing that we needed to modify. For the most part. Everything was perfect, except for the holes mounting the case of the interior tray, which were a little bit off center, but it still went together just fine […]


24 7. i’ve got this little box delivered in there’s an rc car in there it’s a 1 18 scale. What says drift car from hvx links down below? If you want to go check it out, but let’s have a closer look cooking with the gas for now just cut some of the tape […]

A walk in the park with Radio control cars 16th July, Pembroke on.

I don’t know i’m, not sure how many there is, but there’s quite a bit there’s a couple more yeah. Oh here comes the tank bringing up the rear that’s right. We got a few yeah there’s a few more coming over there, not not, including the trail going on trailers. Look at all the […]

FMS 1/12 Suzuki Jimny 4WD Crawler RTR First Look and Scale Comparison

This will be a quick unboxing of the fms 112 scale, suzuki chimney and, as you guys can see from the box, i ordered this kit from rc mart on june 28th. I believe was already a few days after this was made available for pre order, so i wasn’t even sure i was going […]

Maverick Quantum XT FLUX 3s! TERRIBLE??

Now a lot of you picked the tamiya lunch box, but i’ve decided to delay that a little bit and i’ve actually gone for the maverick quantum xt flux. Instead, i believe that actually come in at second place now. The reason i’ve gone for this is because the past few months, i’ve noticed a […]

Crazy Fast ADHD RC Car Drifting Power!!! GENS ACE TEST! FPV

The adhd buggy, the adhd bug yeah that one, but anyway, five thousand milliamps, 50 c’s. Four cells, four sole packs jensey, sent me these to review. I like to look at them, but the look and performance is two different things guys, so we want to see how they perform right. It says 50 […]

Spezial: Review – CADA C61019 – 86 Super-Car – Schöne Details für einen jungen Oltimer!

Zur bergeben was da noch alles passiert ist, aber jetzt kommen wir zu diesem set und wir fangen, an mit der verpackung dafr stelle, ich das eigentlich ist mal an der seite an die seite, so karrer hat hier eine verpackung gewhlt die das set selbst sehr gut erkennen Lsst es gibt, aber einige dinge […]

WPL D12 | AX-003 LED light installation

Here back again. Today we have this D12 that i plan to install the new led system on it. It is because the previous led system always spoil on one side. I fix left and right spoiled so today, i’m gon na change.

MN86K First run and Review. AWESOME new 1/12 Mercedes G-Wagon Trail Truck

The only thing you’ll need to provide yourself is a battery, an esc and a receiver and transmitter i’ll put a link down below in the description of where you can get yourself. An mn86 and i’ll also put a link down in the description where you can find spring woods: rc, which is today’s […]

Vacation Fun! RC Car Crawling On A Rocky Beach | RC Driver

I took up in maine just kind of had to check out from social media for a little bit enjoyed some family time, which i did. But of course i brought some rc cars with me. I brought my panda hobby tetras and crawled at one of the local beaches. It was an absolute blast […]