The base price here is around thirty four thousand dollars with the launch edition coming in around forty four thousand dollars before you add any additional features or bells and whistles the range here, we’re. Looking at about 250 miles of epa, estimated range and a 0 60 time of 6.5 seconds on the interior, we have a 10.2 inch center screen, giving you navigation and music, as well as supporting things like android, auto and apple carplay, and behind the wheel. You have a binacle dashboard, giving you all your current driving information, as well as the status of things like supercrews, as we pan out here. You see with the seats folded down, we have about 56.9 cubic feet of storage, and this is just about six inches longer than the regular chevy bolt, but still not enough to really fit my body inside of it all right, let’s go for a drive Music. All right, i just wrapped up my drive and kind of experience here in the chevy bolt euv thanks chevy for inviting me to test drive this car. This is a pre production model, so some of the things that i experience here are going to be a little bit different from the one that you, if you’re looking to buy, one will get for sure. There will be some differences and all that, but this should be pretty close and um. Overall, i think it’s a great car, i think, for the price this in the range and the specs with super crews and everything else.

This is a really good deal. I think a lot of people are going to be really happy with this car let’s talk about some specifics. First off supercruise the thing i was most excited to test. I really liked it. It worked really well. There is really something unique about having your hands off the wheel versus having to have one on that does feel great, so it performed really well uh, even on surface streets, where it was enabled um. The only issues i had were sometimes it wanted me to find the the center line or kind of center the car in the lane lines before it would be enabled. So there were some times where it didn’t entirely like. Let me turn it on, but when it was on it worked great now. The one thing i did really love about it was when i wanted to do a lane change it. Doesn’T automatically do that for me, but you hit the turn signal and then you just gently start to go over and it will turn blue and it will allow you to do it without disengaging it and then it’s back on as soon as you’re back in the Next lane so really enjoyed how that worked. The only thing i would say that was kind of finicky was, if it wouldn’t, let me engage it for whatever reason. So if you are curious, whether or not supercruise is available in your area, i’ll put a link to their website down below you can go.

They have a map that shows you everything like that. Their maps, their lidar maps that they actually use are high resolution and that’s. Why they’re able to have such confidence there and let you go hands off so that way. You know you can check out and see if it’s in your area and if so, then you know you can kind of have some confidence that this feature would be available. We drove 52.7 miles and we averaged 3.6 miles per kilowatt hour, that’s pretty good. Now a lot of this was in stop and go traffic in la, so it wasn’t where i’m gon na be blasting down the freeway at 70 miles an hour, but there were lots of sections where we were going at high speeds on the freeway. So i would say this is kind of a real world test and 3.6 miles per kilowatt hours, nothing to sneeze that that’s really good efficiency, which gives me kind of just confidence that that 250 miles they advertise they should be able to hit, if not exceed just By a little, the infotainment kind of center screen in the car here is where i think they have the most opportunity to improve the maps feel a little dated in terms of the resolution like just how big some of the icons are. It definitely doesn’t seem like as good as something you would expect on your phone right. So, if you think about it, if i want navigation while i’m driving, i can have my phone, which has this really high resolution, screen really detailed maps.

These, i think, is where that’s an area that they can improve upon and the good news is it’s software, so it can be updated in terms of the driving experience. It felt really good. Like a regular car. I did find sport mode towards the end and i was bummed that it didn’t feel like it had a lot of pep. A lot of that kind of acceleration that you really get out of an electric car until the end. I finally found it at the end, and there it is. It actually does have like a really strong pull all right sport mode test. Gon na give it my all there we go that’s what i’m talking about, and so you know with sport mode on. I think you’d be really enjoying the driving experience, otherwise the driving experience would be very similar to what you would expect in a gas car. You know it’s not overwhelmingly different, i would say, whereas, if you get into a higher performance a premium ev like a tesla you’re going to experience a really, you know different experience, just you’re going to just have that that feeling of jumping off the line and all That so you do get that with sport mode, but again that’s going to eat into your range. You know your mileage may vary overall. The interior, i think, is modern and fresh. It kind of feels like now. It doesn’t feel like some far off, futuristic thing.

It feels like this is as modern in tech as it should be for this price point for this car and it’s chevy right. It has to be accessible to everybody, it’s, not something that is made to be this premium niche product. So with that, i think most people would get in this car and be really pleased with it now one bit of tech that i was really impressed with that i just i’m looking at it right above where the camera is, is the rear view camera? So when you go to back up here, you have a camera in the rear view, mirror that’s default, and you can flip that on and off like if you were flipping the dimmer thing on and off the little uh knob, underneath it and also down in the Main screen, you have a 360 bird’s eye view which is really cool for detecting objects around you, and it has the regular backup camera with these kind of projection lines based on where the steering wheel is placed which angle you’re going to go at. So in terms of storage and utility, with the seats folded down, i wasn’t able to fit my whole body in there. So if you want to camp in this, you might have to have some kind of other arrangement, so that was kind of a bummer. I think that i was hoping for it to be a bit longer in that this car is six inches longer than the regular bolt ev um, but in terms of your regular, you know daily haul groceries, strollers bikes, whatever you want to put in there you’re fine.

I think this will cover you and it’s a really functional vehicle that is kind of what it’s designed for uh. There was no frunk which is kind of a bummer uh. But again you know in terms of comparing this to a regular gas car. I think you’d be very pleased with this if you’re, comparing this to something like the mach e or the model y yeah it’s, going to have a little bit less storage but again for the price point. I think that it’s super compelling okay, so we talked about range, but the other side of range, of course, is charging right. You could actually have a relatively low ev if it charges at an extremely fast pace this one. This is probably the biggest thing that that i think they could improve upon. The max charge rate is 55 kilowatts. Now that if you’re unfamiliar is pretty low, so at your house you can get between seven eight, maybe 11, kilowatts. If you have the right kind of hardware setup – and so you know it’s five times faster than that five ish times faster than that, but compared to say um, the the mach e – that that is right around 125 kilowatts in terms of what i’ve seen then you Get into the tesla space we’re at 250, kilowatts, so double that uh and then you look at the rivian and the porsche tycoon you’re, looking at close to 300 kilowatts or more.

So that is something that gives me a bit of pause in terms of thinking of what i’m going to do with this vehicle right. If this is my only car and i go on road trips on a regular basis that i can’t reach it in one charge, that could be a bummer. That would be something that i wouldn’t. I probably wouldn’t get this car. If that were a regular situation that i lived in it, those are my priorities and so you’ll have to think about that right on a regular basis, you’re going to be charging at home over 90 of the time, even if you don’t charge at home uh and You just have to a public charging network. They have partnered with evgo to offer you some some incentives there to get one installed at your house or give you some amount of free public charging i’m, not clear what the offer is, but they told me that basically they’re trying to eliminate that barrier for you, But let’s say you wanted to take this on a road trip and you couldn’t make it to your destination in one charge and you needed to charge all the way back up to 90 to get going again. That could take. You know upwards of of an hour or more so you’re gon na have to plan that stuff out quite a bit more. If you want this to be your road trip car, but if that’s not the case – and this is your daily driver – that’s – fine – the 55 kilowatts doesn’t matter to you at all – the only thing that matters then is the home charging rate which they told me is Upwards of 11 kilowatts, so that’s that’s plenty, you know think about it.

If you’re all the way down to zero charging overnight. Five six hours tops, but hopefully you’re sleeping, hopefully you’re home for at least that period of time, um, so that’s that’s, probably the only like thing that i looked at when i saw the specs that that stood out to me as a negative and really all it Means is that you just have to plan more so something to consider again for the price point in the range. I think this is a fantastic buy, very good utility vehicle um and you know i’m excited for for this to be on the road. I hope that they can make some of these updates in the software here, because i think that there’s a lot of potential for this to be even better. But given the integration with android, auto and apple carplay, it, you know it’s kind of a wash but overall that’s what i think about this car. If you want to see the time that i got to drive the ford mach e and kind of compare between this, and that, if you’re looking between those check out this video over here, i’ll put a link to it up there and that’s it for this one Guys, let me know what you think in the comments and as always, don’t forget when you free the data your mind will follow.