The RC ‘0 now gets significantly updated with a new design, new colors and a whole lot of other changes. It now gets new switch gear from the ‘0 Duke, as well as the full color TFT screen with a night mode. It also gets Bluetooth connectivity, but you still dont get navigation through the app theres ride by wire traction control and cornering ABS, as well as a standard, quick shifter which make the new RC ‘0 quite a well equipped motorcycle. There are changes made with weight loss in mind, but also to make it easier, more accessible and not as aggressive and committed as before. The idea is to make it more appealing to a wider range of riders, making it more speed friendly for everyday use, and some of those changes have been made with that sole purpose in mind. Okay, so lets take a look at what all has changed visually on the all new KTM RC ‘0. Now the overall stance and silhouette Remains the Same. The first thing, youll notice, is the face its completely been redesigned with a new windshield new headlight, its a love. It or highly kind of thing you may like it, you may not like it well opinion subjective. Ah, frankly, to me the older design of the face looked sharper in this one, but yeah the more time you spend with it. It begins to grow on you now. What has also changed is the fuel tank size, the capacity of the fuel tank, so for those of you who use the old RC ‘0 with a 9.

7 liter tank, this one gets over 13 and a half liters of fuel tank capacity, so it gets more range Between refills and now, the clip ons, the handlebars, have been moved up by 14 and a half millimeters, so it makes the riding position more comfortable for everyday practical use. The outgoing model had a more committed and aggressive position, but this one has a more relaxed and slightly more upright riding position. The fairing has also been redesigned and you get about 10 percent. Bigger radiator, which is curved through and at fairing, has been designed to blow the hot air away from the rider the wheels again redesign now gets a five spoke design. The discs are also new overall, both the wheels and the discs included shaves about 1.1 kilos. Each on a new KTM, RC ‘0 and the suspension is new as well according to KTM both front and rear same WP spec. But it is a new suspension and the rear suspension. The rear shock on this gets preload, as well as damping adjustment, but the front doesnt get adjustability and what has also changed the frame. Now it gets a bolt on subframe the earlier KTM RC 1080 had a single pitch Steel, trailer strength. This one gets a bolt on uh trellis frame, but the weight has gone up there about slightly more about 100 grams, more on the new frame. So on the driveway side, the new KTM RC ‘0 loses about 3.

7 kilos, but combined with a bigger petrol Tank. New frame, its still just about manages to lose about one kgs on the curb weight on the new model. Now the air box has also been made bigger its about 40 percent bigger in the old one and according to KTM, the a box design itself has made the talk feel much more punchier and meatier in the lower and mid range. If you thought the earlier KTM RC 290 had talked more under or higher revs, this one got a meteor reference. Meteor torque in the low and mid ranges so thats the one. The new KTM rc10 made for more practical Everyday Use, so lets go write it Music. On the move, the new RC 319s more comfortable riding position is immediately apparent. The ergonomics arent as committed as before, and it has now become definitely easier for everyday riding, but make no mistake. Theres still a potent power plant underneath the racy looking Bodywork, the 370 CC single cylinder engine is the same, but changes to the air box, chassis and suspension all come together to offer a smooth, more refined, feel. Overall, yes, you can still tuck behind the windscreen and theres plenty of go across the Rev range to keep you suitably entertained according to KTM. The acceleration times to 60 and 200 kilometers per hour have also improved with the dash 200 quicker by more than half a second, and when the corners come up, the chassis retains superb balance.

The sticky medulla tires come together to offer sharp and confident handling. The new electronics package also does a very good job of keeping you safe with an inertial measurement unit which Powers the cornering abs, so in terms of performance at the test track here in Chakan, we saw a speedo indicator top speeder or 165 kilometers before it was Time to break to the last corner – and I think what comes across the takeaway is that the new KTM rc290 throttle response feels smoother than before, especially when youre taking Corners youre, taking a set of Corners, mid corner, you mean to make Corrections the handling it feels. Quite planted and a sense of twitchiness nervousness is gone. I think overall, the new KTM rcd 90 will make it more appealing to a wider set of riders who are trying to get into the sport bike riding scheme of things, so good performance, good handling and the throttle response. The torque comes across quite nicely and for me the quick shifter worked like no problems whatsoever. Of course we are changing the gears at high revs everyday situations. I dont know how to quick ship travel work, but here a test track, no problem with the quick shifter whatsoever. What is also impressive is the bite and feel of the brakes. Quite nice sure, stopping power. We need to break hard, take a corner overall, I think the new KTM RC 290 is quite an improvement in one word: its become more accessible friendlier, so even if youre, upgrading from a smaller bike, the new KTM RC 290 is comfortable to ride more accessible friendlier Than before, with the updates, the 2022 KTM RC ‘0 certainly has become a motorcycle which is better suited for everyday use and for the minority of users who want to cut their teeth on a race track.

It still offers a capable and potent track tool. Prices, though, have gone up by 36 000 rupees, but in its segment the 2022 KTM RC ‘0 still makes for a very strong case as a performance, oriented and well equipped.