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Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road Run – Did it hold up?

Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road Run - Did it hold up?

The Speed Test

I was curious to see how fast the Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road Run would go with a 3s Max capable system. Previously, we had reached a speed of 49 mph with a 4S system, but we weren’t able to fit a 4S lipo in there. Regardless, I was determined to test this vehicle quickly and see what it could do.

On the Road

Before taking it off-road, I wanted to make sure that everything was in place and secure. I tightened up the slipper clutch and checked that it was catching properly. With everything set, it was time to hit the road and witness the power of this beast.

The first thing I noticed was the incredible difference the tires made. They provided great traction and stability, which allowed the vehicle to cruise along effortlessly. The Gorgon was handling really well, and I was impressed by its performance.


During the run, I couldn’t help but think about possible modifications for the Gorgon. There were a few things that I would recommend for an even better experience. Firstly, I suggest upgrading to some top-notch tires like the Hos tires. They would enhance the overall grip and maneuverability of the vehicle.

However, there was one modification I had to make to the Gorgon to ensure it functioned properly. I didn’t recommend using the VXL system because it required one of their radios, which I had to install for it to work correctly. It was a slight inconvenience, but it was necessary to maximize the performance of the vehicle.

Power and Speed

As the Gorgon continued to race along, I decided to test its power and speed. Although it didn’t surpass the previous speed of 49 mph, it still managed a respectable 45 mph. It’s worth noting that I had kept the stock gearing in place for this test. The Gorgon was powered by a 120 amp speed control and a 4300 KV motor (or maybe 3900 KV, I can’t recall exactly). Despite not breaking any records, the Gorgon proved to have plenty of power under the hood.

Off-Roading and Bashing

With the speed test complete, it was time to take the Gorgon off-road and put it through some rigorous running and bashing. This is where the true durability and performance of the vehicle would be put to the test.

I expected the Gorgon to handle off-road terrain with ease, but there was always a level of uncertainty. Off-roading can be unpredictable, and obstacles can either showcase the vehicle’s capabilities or expose weaknesses. It would be interesting to see how the Gorgon held up in this challenging environment.

In , the Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road Run was an exhilarating experience. While it didn’t break any speed records, it still showcased impressive power and performance. With a few modifications and the right tires, this beast would be even more formidable. I couldn’t wait to put it through its paces off-road and witness its durability firsthand.

Off-Road Brushless Run

Yall, let’s see how the Arrma Gorgon 3s holds up in an off-road brushless run. I did tighten the slipper clutch, but it still sounds like it might be slipping. The tires on this vehicle are really making a difference, though.

Testing Before Back Flips

Before I start attempting back flips and crazy stunts, I want to get a couple of runs in with the Gorgon. It’s pretty windy out here, so the slipper clutch isn’t too bad. However, it’s still doing some wheelies.

Possible Upgrades

I’ve seen your comments suggesting that Arma should consider a four-wheel-drive version of this vehicle. I’m not sure what Arma has planned for the Gorgon, but with the right setup, it’s good. I’ll definitely do a review on it at some point.

Things to Consider for Brushless

If you’re planning on going brushless with this vehicle, there are a few things you need to know. Make sure you have a 550 size motor or, if you have a 540 size motor, ensure that the motor wires are in good condition. I had to fix mine before testing it again.

Back Flip Attempts

Let’s try the back flip again. Oh, couldn’t quite pull it off. Maybe I can try something else. I know I can pull off another trick. There we go! Just barely got that one. The Gorgon is performing well out here.

Wait, I Flipped Over!

Oh, I was distracted, trying to look cool and film, and I ended up flipping over. Oops! Guess I need to stay focused on the off-road run.

Testing the Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road Run

Recently, we had the opportunity to take the Arrma Gorgon 3s for a spin and put it through its paces on an off-road track. The purpose of this run was to evaluate the vehicle’s performance and durability. Let’s dive into the details and see if it held up to our expectations.

Power and Adjustability

Right off the bat, we were impressed by the power of the Arrma Gorgon 3s. It had ample power, allowing us to make quick adjustments even while in the air. The jumping capability was particularly satisfying, as the vehicle soared through the air with ease.

However, we did notice that some suspension tuning was required. While the Gorgon 3s handled well, it would benefit from a few adjustments. We experimented with thicker shock oil and stretching out the springs, which helped to stabilize the vehicle during jumps. It is worth noting that too many adjustments may make the vehicle uncontrollable, so moderation is key.

Suggested Motor and Speed

During our test run, we used a 3500 KV motor on 3s power. This combination provided us with a top speed of around 45 mph, which we found to be sufficient for our needs. It is important to remember that not every car is designed to reach extreme speeds of 60 or 70 mph.

We found that pushing the Gorgon 3s beyond its recommended capabilities led to some instability, resulting in flips and rollovers. Therefore, it is best to stick with the recommended power setup unless you are solely focused on straight-line speed runs.

The Off-Road Adventure

Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road Run – Did it hold up? That’s the burning question on everyone’s mind. Today, we embarked on an off-road adventure to put the Arrma Gorgon 3s to the test. Buckle up, folks, because things are about to get wild!

An Unexpected Slip

As we revved up the motor and took the Gorgon for a spin, it became evident that something was amiss. Like we’re doing here and having some fun with it, we decided to push it to the limits and take it for a few jumps. But, oh boy, did we notice a slip in the motor’s performance. Not to worry, though, we’ll delve deeper into this issue in the final review.

Thrilling Stunts

Undeterred by the minor slip, we geared up for one last epic jump. Full speed ahead, we made our move, aiming for a double backflip. Reality struck, and we fell short of the mark. Nevertheless, the Gorgon didn’t disappoint. It pulled off a heart-stopping aerial maneuver, leaving us exhilarated and craving for more.

A Game of Survival

The Arrma Gorgon 3s proved its mettle as it survived the rigorous off-road terrain. Our final test included sending it flying down a steep slope. Eyes glued to the spectacle, we held our breaths as the Gorgon sped through the air. We lost sight of it for a moment, but relief washed over us when it emerged unscathed. Bravo, Gorgon! Bravo!

A Dream Setup

Regardless of the slip in motor performance, the Arrma Gorgon 3s showcased its potential. Whether you opt for a Venum system or any other setup, this beast can handle the challenge. Our off-road adventure demonstrated that the Gorgon can thrive in demanding terrains, making it a perfect companion for adrenaline junkies.

The Final Words

This quick run of the Arrma Gorgon 3s left us buzzing with excitement. Its resilience on treacherous off-road paths and ability to pull off thrilling stunts make it a force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned for the final review, where we’ll delve deeper into the motor slip issue and break down the Gorgon’s performance in detail. Until then, strap in and get ready for more heart-pounding adventures with the Arrma Gorgon 3s!

Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road Run – Did it hold up?

Testing the VXL System

I wanted to put the VXL system to the test, so I decided to give the Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road a try. With the VXL system sitting around, I knew it was the perfect opportunity to see how it performed in this off-road monster. Equipped with Traxxas HW tires and other upgrades, I was ready to embark on an adventure that would put the Gorgon to the test.

A Thrilling Run

I took the Gorgon out for a spin, determined to push its limits and test its durability. As I raced around, the VXL system unleashed its power, propelling the off-road vehicle at impressive speeds. The Gorgon handled the rough terrain with ease, making it a thrilling ride. However, there were certainly a few heart-stopping moments as I pushed it to its limits.

Spectators and Entertainment

During my off-road run, I wasn’t alone. There were a couple of people, including a man in a red truck, who gathered to watch the action unfold. Their presence added an element of excitement, knowing that they were witnessing the Gorgon’s performance firsthand. It’s always enjoyable to share these experiences with others, knowing that they too can appreciate the thrill of the ride.

Flipping the Gorgon

As with any off-road adventure, there were a few mishaps along the way. I underestimated the power of the Gorgon and ended up flipping it a couple of times. However, this unexpected event only added to the excitement and showcased the vehicle’s durability. Despite the flips, the Gorgon held up remarkably well, proving its resilience in the face of unexpected challenges.

Stay Tuned for the Final Review

After putting the Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road through its paces, it’s clear that this beast is built to handle the toughest terrains. Its performance with the VXL system and the Traxxas HW tires exceeded expectations, providing a thrilling ride. I will be posting a final review, covering all aspects of this off-road monster, so make sure to stay tuned for that.

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In , the Arrma Gorgon 3s Off Road Run was a thrilling experience. The vehicle showcased impressive power and adjustability, allowing us to perform jumps and make mid-air adjustments. However, it did require some suspension tuning to improve stability.

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