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The Amazing Rare Vintage RC Car Collection

An Original Aamp Cadillac

The first car in this amazing collection is an original Aamp Cadillac. This particular model is not the Edinger car, but it is still highly desirable among collectors. The main difference between the Edinger and Cadillac models is the location where they were made. The Edinger car was manufactured on Edinger Avenue, while Cadillac cars were made on Cadillac Avenue. This Aamp Cadillac is an original with all its original electronics, including a swiper speed controller.

Early Model to Mia Cars

Next up, we have two early model to Mia cars. One of these cars is from 1977 and was the third car ever made by to Mia. It is their first F1 race car. The other car is the number 12 car made by to Mia and is called a competition special. These early model cars are a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the time.

The Rare Tama RC Cars

In addition to the to Mia cars, this collection also boasts two rare Tama RC cars. These Tama models are from the early days of RC car racing and are highly sought after by enthusiasts. The first car is the Tama F1 race car, which was Tama’s first foray into the world of Formula 1 racing. The second car is the Tama Number 12 competition special, showcasing Tama’s dedication to engineering and performance.

The Legendary Traxxas RC Cars

No vintage RC car collection is complete without mentioning the legendary Traxxas RC cars. Traxxas has been a prominent name in the RC car industry for decades, known for their high-performance and durable models. This collection includes various Traxxas models, each with its own unique features and design. From classic models to limited editions, Traxxas cars are a must-have for serious collectors.

The Amazing Rare Vintage RC Car Collection

Special Features

One of the remarkable aspects of this amazing rare vintage RC car collection is the inclusion of special tires. These tires are unique as they contain a harder rubber center, giving them an exceptional level of durability. In addition, the chassis of these vehicles is made of a material called FRP, which stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic. This material adds to the overall cool factor of these RC cars, making them even more desirable among collectors.

1977 and 1978 Models

Among the collection are two RC cars from the years 1977 and 1978. While the exact details of these models may be slightly uncertain, their vintage appeal remains undeniable. One of the cars, known as the S10, showcases the design aesthetic of the late 70s. The other car, possibly from 1996 or 1998, represents a later era in RC car history. Despite the ambiguity surrounding their release dates, these cars still captivate with their originality and charm.

The Lunch Box Reproduction

There is also a popular model known as the Lunch Box, which many enthusiasts are familiar with. However, it is important to note that the one in this collection is not an original. It is a reproduction, affectionately referred to as a “Riri.” Nevertheless, the Lunch Box reproduction showcases the brand new bbx model released this year. Its vintage-inspired appearance adds a touch of nostalgia to the collection, making it a desirable addition for both collectors and fans alike.

Short Wheelbase Wild Wheelies M38

Another standout in this collection is the original short wheelbase Wild Wheelies M38. Upon closer inspection, one can immediately notice the differences that set it apart from the others. Its distinctive features make it a standout piece, highlighting the diversity and rarity of the vintage RC car collection.

With its incredible assortment of RC cars adorned with special tires and FRP chassis, this amazing rare vintage RC car collection is truly a sight to behold. Whether you are a seasoned collector or simply an admirer of these timeless toys, this collection offers something special for everyone. From the vintage charm of the 70s models to the reproductions that pay homage to the classics, each RC car in this collection tells its own unique story. It is an embodiment of the evolution and creativity within the world of RC car manufacturing, leaving enthusiasts in awe and sparking a sense of wonder and intrigue.

The Early Models

The amazing rare vintage RC car collection features a variety of early models. These cars have different wheelbases, with the short wheelbase having a circle shape and the long wheelbase having a longer metal piece to bring the wheels back. These early models were known for being difficult to control, and sometimes accidents were bound to happen. There was even a moment when a car flew over in the distance, reminding everyone about the importance of paying attention while operating these vehicles.

The Black Edition

Among the collection is a beautiful Black Edition RC car. The owner is still in the process of building it, but it holds great potential. The Black Edition is a highly sought-after model known as the Avante Top Force. Its sleek design and powerful performance make it a standout in the vintage RC car world.

R Wheel Collection

While the collection mainly focuses on vintage RC cars, there are also some modern additions. One of these is the R Wheel Collection. This collection features a variety of unique RC cars, including a model with tires that have cam locks. These locks allow for easy wheel detachment, adding a cool and practical feature to the car.

The Historic Top Force

One of the standout pieces in the collection is the historic Top Force RC car. This model marked the 100th vehicle created by the Tos brand. It is a significant model that gained popularity in the RC car world. The Top Force is a testament to the craftsmanship and innovation of the brand, making it a highly cherished piece among collectors.

The Manor Chassis

Another noteworthy addition to the collection is the Manor RC car. This model holds a special place in the history of RC cars, as it was the first to feature the Manor chassis. The Manor chassis brought about a new level of performance and design, setting the standard for future RC cars. Its inclusion in this collection showcases the owner’s dedication to preserving the rich history of RC cars.

The amazing rare vintage RC car collection is a testament to the artistry and ingenuity of RC car manufacturers throughout history. It showcases the evolution of RC car design and the passion of collectors who appreciate these masterpieces. Whether it’s the early models, the Black Edition, the R Wheel Collection, the historic Top Force, or the Manor Chassis, each car in this collection represents a unique piece of RC car history that brings joy and fascination to enthusiasts and collectors alike.

The Kosho Beetle: A Vintage Beauty

The Kosho Beetle, from the early to mid-80s, was truly a remarkable race car of its time. While it may have been fragile, its performance on the track was nothing short of impressive. This vintage gem has captivated the hearts of many collectors with its unique design and nostalgic charm.

The Iconic Bruiser from Tama

Tucked away in this vintage RC car collection is the legendary Bruiser from Tama. Its rugged appearance and durability make it a standout among enthusiasts. Its iconic status in the RC world is further elevated by the fact that it was personally painted by the renowned Riri. Though it may not be one of his finest works, it adds an intriguing touch to this exceptional collection.

An Unforgettable Porsche Collection

Let’s now turn our attention to the outstanding assortment of Porsches in this collection. While it may be difficult to distinguish between them, their individual stories and significance are worth exploring.

The Lon GT1: A Glimpse into History

Among the Porsches showcased here is the Lon GT1 from 1996. This model proudly displays Lon’s branding, giving a nod to its racing heritage. Its rare and iconic design sets it apart from the rest, making it a coveted addition to any collection.

The 45th Anniversary: Timeless Elegance

Another Porsche that steals the show is the 45th Anniversary edition. Its captivating color and exquisite details make it a true gem. However, it’s important to note that while this particular car may appear authentic, it is, in fact, a replica. The original 30th Anniversary edition commands a much higher price in the market, with values reaching 15 to 1600.

A Tribute to Tamy CO’s Edition: Limited and Precious

A noteworthy addition to this collection is the tribute car inspired by Tamy CO’s Edition. With only 333 units released, this particular model holds immense value and rarity. While it may not be an exact replica, it captures the essence of the original Tamy CO’s Edition on this chassis, making it a remarkable find.

The Captivating GT2 in Black

Adding a touch of allure to this collection is the GT2 in a beautiful black hue. Its sleek and sophisticated design oozes elegance and sophistication. This particular model is a testament to the timeless appeal of the Porsche brand.

The Enigmatic Tan Star Card from the Mid-90s

Lastly, we have the enigmatic Tan Star Card model from the middle of the 90s. While its exact origins may be fuzzy, its distinct appearance and undeniable charm make it a significant piece in this collection. Its mysterious aura adds an element of intrigue, leaving enthusiasts craving to learn more about its history.

The Amazing Rare Vintage RC Car Collection

I am truly impressed by the extensive knowledge you have about these RC cars. It’s incredible how you have managed to gather such a diverse and rare collection. But don’t worry, we still have plenty more to explore!

A Beautiful Piece of History

Let’s take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this particular car. I believe this one is the 40th-anniversary edition, although my memory might be failing me. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the black version with me today, as it tends to blend into the background. However, this one is a true gem.

The Street GT1 Car

This RC car is quite unique. Unlike the others, it comes as a plain kit, with no decals or elaborate designs. But fear not! I have sourced these incredible decals from MCI in Canada. The livery you see here is actually inspired by a real-life car that I stumbled upon. How amazing is that? I just had to recreate it.

The Little Details

One of the things I truly appreciate about these RC cars is the attention to detail. Look closely at the wheels and you’ll notice something interesting. The wheel nuts on the left side are always red, while on the right side, they’re blue. Why is that, you ask? Well, in real life, they’re counter-threaded, and it’s just a small but fascinating touch that adds authenticity to the model.

Moreover, the red color indicates that it’s for the right-hand thread. Although I can’t guarantee this information, it simply makes sense to me. Let’s marvel at the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into creating these remarkable RC cars.

The Iconic Sand Scorcher

Oh, how can we forget the legendary Sand Scorcher? This is a classic piece that every RC car enthusiast knows about. I must apologize for the delay in building mine, as I have been relentlessly persuaded by my friend. Nevertheless, he kindly took the time to paint the body for me. Now, it’s a true work of art.

As I continue to explore this amazing rare vintage RC car collection, I am filled with excitement and awe. These cars are more than just toys; they are a testament to passion, creativity, and the love for all things remote-controlled. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into this fascinating world!

The Amazing Rare Vintage RC Car Collection

When it comes to collecting rare and vintage RC cars, some enthusiasts go above and beyond. In this article, we delve into the world of an incredible RC car collection, filled with amazing finds that are sure to leave any hobbyist in awe.

A Labor of Love

It all started when the collector stumbled upon a beautiful Beast amongst a sea of cars. The owner agreed to sell all of them except for this one, explaining that too much time and effort had been poured into it. This particular car held sentimental value as it had been a project the collector undertook after their mother’s passing.

A Blast from the Past

The first car that caught the collector’s attention was their very first hobby-grade RC car from 1983. This car sparked a lifelong passion for RC cars, leading them down a path of collecting and restoring these vintage treasures. One of the most iconic models they own is the Grasshopper, a car that needs no .

The Rebirth of Classics

For the collector, it’s not just about finding original models, but also recreating them with painstaking detail. One example is the Nova Fox, a re-release model that they spent a significant amount of time modifying. They meticulously added Ford emblems to the front and back, crafting a replica that appears just like the original.

Bringing Comical to Life

Among the gems in their collection is the first-ever comical series, the Wild Wily. This unique model captures the essence of fun and amusement, making it a standout piece amongst the rest. The collector’s eye for rare and special editions extends to cars such as the Honda City Turbo, which was also known as the Wheelies Wheeler in its original form.

As we delve deeper into the amazing rare vintage RC car collection, it becomes evident that it is not just a hobby for the collector but a true labor of love. The amount of time and effort poured into finding, restoring, and customizing these cars is remarkable. Each model holds a story and a connection to a bygone era of RC car enthusiasm. This collection stands as a testament to the passion and dedication of the collector, and it is truly a sight to behold.

The Amazing Rare Vintage RC Car Collection

In this article, we will be taking a closer look at an extraordinary collection of rare vintage RC cars. These cars have captivated the attention of enthusiasts and collectors alike, and each holds a unique charm and fascination.

The Head-Turner

One particular car in this collection has been the talk of the town. Its stunning design and distinctive features make it a real head-turner. Surprisingly, this car is no longer in production, adding to its desirability. The owner has made a few modifications, lowering the body and changing the wheels, giving it a sleek, slammed appearance. It is truly a sight to behold.

The Hornet

Another notable car in this collection is the Hornet. Although the owner has not yet had the chance to build it, the anticipation and excitement are still palpable. The Hornet holds a special place in the owner’s heart, and it is clear that it will be a cherished addition to the already impressive lineup.

The Super Champ

One car that the owner is particularly eager to get their hands on is the Super Champ. They have even painted a body for it, which is said to be superior to any other in the collection. Despite sitting untouched for over a year, the Super Champ is a highly anticipated project that will undoubtedly be a showstopper once completed.

A Labor of Love

One car in the collection has garnered attention not only for its appearance but also for the amount of time and effort put into its creation. Taking over 20 hours to paint, this car showcases the owner’s dedication and skill. Every detail has been meticulously masked, resulting in a crisp and flawless finish. It is a true work of art that continues to captivate admirers.

The Rough Rider

Lastly, we come to the Rough Rider, another remarkable car in this collection. While lesser-known compared to some of the others, it holds its own charm and allure. With its rugged appearance and impressive design, it is undoubtedly a standout among vintage RC cars.

In , this amazing collection of rare vintage RC cars is a testament to the passion and dedication of the owner. Each car tells a unique story, showcasing the beauty and nostalgia of these timeless machines. Whether it’s the head-turner, the eagerly awaited project, or the labor of love, each car holds a special place within this remarkable collection.

The Super Champ and the Rough Rider

Oh, I was going to say that was about to call that a Super Champ. I’m wrong, that’s the Super Champ. That’s the Rough Rider. This is the other one. I need right, yes, yeah dang, it sorry dude! I don’t have that one yet and well, you’re going to want to because it’ll fill out your SRB collection. There you go.

The Audi R8 LM on the F103 Chassis

And then we got this guy back here. I don’t know what that one is. That is the Audi R8 LM, ah LMP or dang. It’s close enough looks good. Yeah, it’s on the f103 chassis.

The Unique Comical Style RC Car

This one’s actually really interesting. That one kind of looks like a Toys-R-Us-style. It does Toys-R-Usy T was big into comical stuff and this actually, well, you can’t really see it, but this has rack and pinion steering. Oh, very cool, so it’s completely different. And I’m the only one that I’ve known that’s got it and you could tell it probably didn’t do so well because it’s the only one. I know that has it.

The Hot Shot – A Beloved Classic

Hot Shot, a lot of people know this one, yep beautiful car. I believe it is To’s very first racing four-wheel-drive vehicle. I could be wrong in that, but I believe it is. Don’t worry, the people on YouTube will correct you if you’re wrong. That’s what I’m worried about, that’s…

The Jud 102b: A Rare Gem

The Jud 102b is an incredible find in the world of vintage RC car collections. This particular 102b, however, is unique in its own way. It was sold only as a body set and came at a bargain price on eBay. While some might consider the red color on this model to be incorrect, true collectors understand its significance. I plan on fixing it by carefully removing the red and repainting it in its original black hue. The attention to detail in Doug’s work is truly astounding.

A Classic Manor

Next in line is the Manor, an original piece that I acquired for just $250, still brand new in its box. Personally, I find the body design of the Manor to be a bit toy-like, and it seems like Doug shares the sentiment. It’s incredible how an eBay listing mislabeling can lead to such a fantastic deal. Similar models tend to sell for around $500, making this purchase a steal for any avid collector. Despite its appearance, the Manor serves as a testament to the evolution of RC cars throughout the years.

The Optima: A Pioneer

Moving on, we come across the Optima from the esteemed brand Kosho. This particular model is thought to be their first attempt at a four-wheel-drive electric T scale car. While my knowledge of Kosho’s history is limited, I am aware that they have produced some impressive eight-scale vehicles in the past. The Optima showcases the brand’s commitment to innovation and has become a prized possession within my collection. Its vibrant color scheme adds to its appeal and makes it a standout piece.

The Scorpion: A Nostalgic Ride

Lastly, we have the Scorpion, a model that holds a special place in my heart. As a child, I owned this very same car, and its presence in my collection invokes a delightful sense of nostalgia. However, it is important to note that the version I have here is not the original one from my childhood. That being said, it still carries immense value and sentimental significance. The Scorpion is a beloved relic that reminds collectors of the joy and exhilaration they experienced during their early years in the world of RC cars.

In , my amazing rare vintage RC car collection is a testament to the craftsmanship and ingenuity of the RC car industry. Each car holds a unique story, with its own quirks and charm. From the attention to detail in the Jud 102b to the nostalgic appeal of the Scorpion, these cars showcase the evolution of RC car design over the years. Whether you’re a seasoned collector or just starting out, these rare gems are sure to captivate and fascinate enthusiasts for years to come.

The Brussel System

The Brussel system is a remarkable piece of engineering. Built for the sole purpose of running and playing with it, this car holds a special place in the heart of its creator. However, after its construction, the attachment to the car grew stronger, leading to the decision of not running it. The brushless system was eventually removed, leaving the car as a pristine vintage collectible.

The Suspension and ESS ESS

One cannot help but admire the suspension of the Brussel system. It is truly a work of art, providing a smooth and seamless ride. Additionally, the mention of ESS ESS piques curiosity. An item not owned by the author, it raises questions about its necessity. Evidently, obtaining one could come at a high price, especially considering the existence of the egress Black Edition, which can currently be purchased at a more favorable cost.

The Elusive Reir Re Egresses

The rare reir re egresses are a sight to behold. While they may be found on eBay for a hefty sum of $700, their appearance on the market is infrequent. However, for those with a passion for collecting unique and valuable items, investing in one of these elusive beasts may be worth it. The allure of the reir re egress is undeniable, and its cool factor is undeniable.

The Ahead-of-its-Time K Optima Mid

The K Optima Mid is a groundbreaking creation that was ahead of its time. With its mid-motor design, this car pushed the boundaries of what was possible in RC car technology. Its innovative features and sleek design make it a treasured addition to any vintage RC car collection. Its rarity only adds to its appeal, making it a piece that collectors eagerly seek.

The Original and Unrun Mini JRX2

The original Mini JRX2 holds a special place in the world of vintage RC cars. This particular model, in its pristine, unrun condition, is truly a sight to behold. With a revolution motor and period-correct electronics, everything about this car exudes authenticity. Its historical significance, combined with its untouched beauty, makes it a true gem for collectors.

In the world of vintage RC car collections, the allure of rare and remarkable pieces is undeniable. From the intricacies of the Brussel system to the elusive reir re egresses and the ahead-of-its-time K Optima Mid, each car holds a unique story and value. The Mini JRX2, in its original state, serves as a testament to the beauty of unaltered vintage treasures. For those with a passion for RC cars, these amazing and rare vintage pieces are a dream come true.

Exploring the Vintage RC Car Collection

In this captivating journey, we will delve into the world of an amazing rare vintage RC car collection. Prepare to be amazed as we uncover the beauty and intricacy of these timeless treasures. The attention to detail and craftsmanship of these RC cars will leave you in awe.

A Glimpse of Beauty

As we carefully examine each car, we can’t help but be struck by its pure beauty. The body design and vibrant colors are a testament to the creativity and passion of the creators. These RC cars are truly a work of art that deserve admiration.

The Bug in the Gia

One standout model in this collection is the Bug in the Gia. Its unique design and iconic shape make it a true gem. Surprisingly, these vintage RC cars are still available today, allowing enthusiasts to continue enjoying their timeless appeal. They are the perfect canvas for personalization, allowing owners to add their own touch of creativity through custom paint jobs.

A Grateful Collector

The collector behind this extraordinary collection expresses his gratitude. He acknowledges the support and guidance received from a trusted companion named Doug. This knowledgeable friend has been a constant source of assistance, always available to answer questions and even help with constructing RC car bodies. The collector owes a great deal of his success to Doug’s expertise and friendship.

An Endless Quest

The collector admits that he is no stranger to criticism. However, with unwavering determination, he continues his quest to build the most impressive vintage RC car collection. Mark, the one to direct any criticism towards, remains unfazed by the comments. He has grown accustomed to the challenges that come with being a collector and perseveres nonetheless.

Farewell, for Now

As we conclude this captivating journey, we bid adieu to the mesmerizing world of vintage RC cars. We hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into the amazing collection. If you appreciated this experience, don’t forget to show your support by liking the video and subscribing to the channel. Stay tuned for more captivating adventures in the world of RC cars.

This amazing rare vintage RC car collection showcases the evolution of RC car technology and design. From the original Aamp Cadillac to the early model to Mia and Tama cars, each vehicle represents a significant milestone in the history of RC car racing. With the addition of the legendary Traxxas RC cars, this collection is a treasure trove for RC car enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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