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Garage RC Presents | RWD Drift Mini RC Car Review | BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 Garage RC Presents: RWD Drift Mini RC Car Review

Garage RC Presents | RWD Drift Mini RC Car Review | BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7

    Garage RC Presents: RWD Drift Mini RC Car Review

Building the BMR-X Pro

I’ve been itching to get back into the mini RC world and do some building. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into it. Today, we have the BMR-X Pro. Although it has been out for over a year now, I’ve had it sitting on my shelf for quite some time. I think I got it back in January or February. But hey, it’s review time, so let’s get started.

Focus on Rear Wheel Drive Drift Cars

One of the reasons I’ve been delayed in doing reviews is that I simply haven’t had the time to build the 1/24 scale bodies. However, moving forward, I plan on doing more reviews revolving around rear wheel drive drift cars that are compatible with mini z bodies. Why? Well, it’s much easier for me to get a body on the car and quickly turn it around. Don’t worry though, I will still be doing some 1/24 scale reviews, it will just take some time to prepare the shells. I want to ensure that I can provide a complete video review with the chassis running smoothly with the correct shell and balance.

Examining the Parts

Now, let’s take a look at the parts for the BMR-X Pro. As you can see, the gearbox appears to be already assembled. Let’s take a closer look. Well, would you look at that? The rear gearbox assembly comes pre-assembled. Not only that, but the metal arms are made of high-quality alloy, and the pins used for height adjustment are sturdy. I must say, that is pretty cool.

Impressive Build Quality

Moving on, the overall build quality of the BMR-X Pro is impressive. The parts fit together snugly, and the chassis feels sturdy. I was especially pleased with the precision and attention to detail. It’s evident that Garage RC has put a lot of effort into ensuring the reliability and durability of this mini RC car.

A Promising Chassis

Now, let’s talk about the chassis itself. The BMR-X Pro boasts a rear wheel drive system, which is perfect for drifting enthusiasts. This configuration allows for better control and precision when sliding around corners. Additionally, the car is equipped with adjustable suspension, giving you the flexibility to fine-tune the handling to your liking.

The Mighty Mazda RX7

Ah, the Mazda RX7. A timeless classic in the automotive world. The BMR-X Pro proudly sports a 1/24 scale Mazda RX7 body, and boy, does it look sleek. The attention to detail is remarkable, from the iconic rotary engine to the aggressive body lines. This mini RC car truly captures the essence of the legendary RX7.

Assembly and Quality

The BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 by Garage RC is an impressive mini RC car that comes as a kit, requiring assembly. The kit consists of several alloy parts, including the arms, front bulkhead, servo arm, knuckles, rear arms, and rear hubs. These parts add sturdiness and durability to the car, making it feel of high quality. While some may find a tiny bit of give in certain areas, it is not significant enough to be a cause for concern.

Customization Options

One notable aspect of this car is the ability to customize it according to personal preferences. While the kit comes with plastic arms, I opted to add my own touch by replacing them with silver ones. This simple modification not only made the car look more appealing to me but also gave it a customized touch right from the start.

Wheel Base and Body Options

The BMR-X Pro has a minimum wheelbase of 98 mm, which allows for various body options. While it can accommodate a mini Zed body, it is better suited for wider 98 mm bodies. In particular, bodies with a wider stance, such as Audi models or American muscle cars, will fit better due to the car’s wide front wheel track width.

Drifting Performance

Now, let’s take a closer look at how this mini RC car handles on the track. The BMR-X Pro demonstrates exceptional drifting capabilities with its rear-wheel-drive configuration. The RWD setup allows for controlled slides and precise maneuverability, making it a joy to drift around corners. Moreover, the car’s low center of gravity enhances stability and adds to the overall drifting experience.

Build and Durability

The BMR-X Pro’s build quality and durability are two commendable aspects that deserve mention. The chassis is solid and chunky, providing ample protection to internal components. The inclusion of metal gears further adds to the car’s robustness, ensuring it can withstand the rigors of intense drifting sessions without any issues.

Design and Body Compatibility

Most 1/24 scale drifters come with limited options for body compatibility, and the BMR-X Pro is no exception. It is primarily designed for use with a 1/24 scale body, which means mini Zed bodies with side mounts or front mounts cannot be used. To accommodate different bodies, magnetic mounts are required. While I have improvised with makeshift mounts in the past, I have found that ready-packed magnetic mounts offer better stability. However, the magnets can sometimes stick too well, causing difficulties when frequently removing and attaching the bodies.

Review of Car Mechanics

Let’s take a closer look at the car itself and how it is set up. One downside of the BMR-X Pro is its lack of direct steering drive. The steering drive is a servo arm, specifically a metal arm provided for the A11S CLSU A11 CLSU servo. Although the servo fits perfectly, it is connected to a sliding arm mechanism on a rail, introducing an additional linkage. This mechanism is actually quite secure and does not move easily, but it does provide some flexibility. While it might not be my preferred type of steering mechanism, I must admit that it works well in this instance. However, the presence of an extra link in the steering mechanism does make adjustments a bit more complicated and prone to errors.

Suspension System

The suspension system on the BMR-X PRO 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 is truly impressive. The instructions mention that the front springs are hard, while the rear springs are soft. Initially, I had my doubts about this setup, as I usually prefer softer springs at the front. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how pliable and responsive the suspension is.

When setting up the car without the body on, I noticed that even the smallest adjustment of just a millimeter on the spacer had a significant impact on the driving experience. Initially, I felt like there was a lack of power coming from the rear, resulting in slow and sluggish movements. However, as soon as I turned down the rear spacer by a millimeter on each side of the rear wheel, everything changed.

Improved Power and Traction

With the slight adjustment to the rear spacer, I immediately felt a surge of power. The car now laid down power effortlessly and had just the right amount of traction. It completely transformed the driving style and allowed the motor to engage properly, providing optimal traction.

Usable Adjustability

What sets the suspension of this car apart from others is its exceptional adjustability. Unlike many other RC cars I’ve used in the past, where extensive work on the suspension is required to make noticeable differences, the BMR-X PRO 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 offers immediate and usable adjustability.

Build Quality and Parts

The BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 is a mini RC car that is perfect for drift enthusiasts. As I examined the car, I was impressed with its overall build quality. The parts fit together well, giving the car a solid and durable feel. However, the instructions provided could have been clearer, especially when it comes to the ball joints. Being a rookie in the world of RC cars, I made a few mistakes in mixing up the ball joints. But overall, the car’s build quality is commendable.


In terms of appearance, the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 looks pretty cool. The design captures the essence of the iconic Mazda RX7, with its sleek and sporty lines. However, my messy wiring on the car is something that needs to be addressed. I haven’t tidied it up yet, but rest assured, I will take care of it. Despite the wiring issue, the car still looks impressive, and any enthusiast would be proud to own it.

Setup and Performance

Setting up the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 was a straightforward process. The standard setup directions provided were clear and easy to follow. Once I had built the car according to the instructions, it was ready to hit the track. And I must say, it did not disappoint. The car was able to drift right out of the box, which is exactly what you want as a drift enthusiast. Adjusting the length of the car was also simple, thanks to the four screws provided. By sliding them, I could easily customize the car’s performance to my liking.

Steering and Handling

When it comes to steering, the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 performs admirably. With just a few turns, I could immediately feel a difference. The spacer drop down to the mill or two provided a noticeable change in the steering feel. Even during slides, the car maintained its stability, allowing for controlled and precise drifting. It was impressive to see the car continue driving forwards despite the steering being turned.

Garage RC Presents: BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 Review

Garage RC brings you an exciting review of the RWD Drift Mini RC Car, the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7. This car offers a stunning 90 M 98 mm setup for the mini Zed bodies. Let’s dive into the details of this incredible RC car!


The BMR-X Pro is equipped with a Fury Tech 5500 heire sensored motor and an equivalent sensored speed control. These components deliver excellent performance, providing a smooth driving experience. Although I haven’t noticed a significant difference compared to the standard Fury Tech, I will further explore the setup for optimal results.

NB4 Controller

To maximize the performance of the BMR-X Pro, I am using my trusty nb4 controller. Interestingly, I had to update the old receivers since it has been a while since I last used them. The process was quite an adventure, but it was worth it to enhance the control of this remarkable RC car.

Build Quality

The general build of the BMR-X Pro didn’t take much time, thanks to the rear gearbox housing with the attached rear arms. This design choice saves a lot of assembly time, allowing enthusiasts to get quickly into the action. Moreover, the car boasts a beautiful weight distribution, with the motor perfectly centered. This feature enhances the handling and stability of the car, reminiscent of the infamous mid-mounted motor models.

Impressive Handling

When it comes to handling, the BMR-X Pro truly shines. Turning the body causes a delightful roll from side to side, adding a captivating level of realism to your drifting experience. The car’s dynamics and maneuverability make it a joy to control, providing endless hours of thrilling drift sessions.

Design and Handling

The BMR-X PRO 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 from Garage RC is an impressive mini RC car that offers a unique and satisfying drifting experience. One of the standout features of this car is its mid-mounted motor, which greatly enhances its handling. The use of a mid-mounted motor makes the car’s movement more predictable and allows for more controlled drifts. However, I personally have a soft spot for front-mounted motor systems, as I find them to be equally enjoyable.

Another notable change in the BMR-X PRO compared to its predecessor is the use of standard mini Zed wheel attachments instead of the usual rear-wheel drive attachments. This alteration improves the overall performance and functionality of the car. The added flexibility of the allel drive attachments enhances the car’s ability to tackle different surfaces and drift styles.

Adjustable Suspension

One impressive feature of the BMR-X PRO is its adjustable suspension. The upper arms are linked to a cter adjustment, which is one of the best I’ve seen in this scale. The hex screws used in this system provide precise control over the suspension’s movement. By adjusting these screws, the car’s suspension can be fine-tuned to achieve optimal performance. The satisfaction of finely adjusting the suspension and feeling its well-engineered craftsmanship is truly gratifying.

Attention to Detail

Garage RC has gone above and beyond in terms of attention to detail with the BMR-X PRO. The engineering of this mini RC car is evident in the small details. For example, the placement of the nuts for adjusting the suspension is well thought out and ensures that the suspension remains parallel. The overall design of the car is aesthetically pleasing, with smooth lines and a high-quality finish. It’s evident that Garage RC has put a lot of effort into ensuring that every aspect of the car is well-designed and executed.


The BMR-X PRO 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 from Garage RC is an excellent choice for RC drift enthusiasts. Its mid-mounted motor provides predictable handling, while the adjustable suspension allows for precise tuning. The attention to detail in the car’s design is impressive, and it adds to the overall enjoyment of owning and driving this mini RC car. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced RC enthusiast, the BMR-X PRO is sure to provide countless hours of drifting fun.

Battery Size and Compatibility

One important aspect to note about the BMR-X Pro 1/24 scale Mazda RX7 drift car is its battery size. The instructions clearly state that only certain batteries will fit in this car. The battery compartment is designed in such a way that the battery slides in easily and securely. It is worth mentioning that the GE Racing battery packs could also fit in this car. However, with the use of suitable additional spaces in the kit, it is possible to raise the battery compartment and accommodate a more traditional style battery which may be slightly thicker. Although I haven’t tried it yet, I plan on doing so in the long term, as I have a larger collection of those batteries.

Space in the Car

At first glance, it may seem like there is not a lot of space in this mini RC car. However, it’s important to consider the setup and configuration. If you were to extend the chassis length, making it around 110 mm, you would have ample space to place your receiver. The current cramped appearance is due to the smaller size car shell I am using and the fact that I have opted for a centered setup, resulting in longer wires. While I did try to tag the wires to manage the length, I eventually had to remove them and resolder one of them back on.

Neat and Well-Built

The BMR-X PRO 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 from Garage RC is a neat and well-built mini RC car that is designed for drift enthusiasts. Every part of this car has been carefully crafted to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the user. From the assembly to the positioning of the gyro and speed controller, everything fits together seamlessly.

Optimal Space Allocation

One of the standout features of this mini RC car is the thoughtful allocation of space. The gyro and speed controller have their designated spots, ensuring they do not interfere with the gearbox or motor. Additionally, the platform on which the gyro is mounted is separate, eliminating any secondary shake and helping to maintain stability.

V3 Gyro for Authentic Experience

Although the BMR-X PRO is compatible with the V4 gyro, the reviewer prefers using the V3 gyro for a more authentic drift experience. The modern Gyros have become so advanced that they can almost do all the work, taking away the character of the car. By keeping the gyro at a lower setting, the reviewer can gauge the chassis’s balance and how well it responds to control.

Testing the Chassis

To get a true sense of the car’s balance, the reviewer often runs the BMR-X PRO without any gyro initially. While comical in nature, this test allows them to evaluate how well the chassis is balanced. With this mini RC car, the results are promising, as the car proves to be well-balanced even without the gyro.

Impressive Performance and Value

In terms of performance, the BMR-X PRO 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 does not disappoint. It delivers on its promise of providing an exhilarating drift experience. The reviewer has no criticisms regarding the chassis itself and considers the car’s cost to be reasonable considering its quality and performance.

In , the Garage RC BMR-X PRO 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 is a well-designed and affordably-priced mini RC car that caters to drift enthusiasts. Its neat build, optimal space allocation, and the choice of gyro contribute to an authentic and enjoyable drift experience. Whether used with or without the gyro, the BMR-X PRO proves to be well-balanced and responsive. With its impressive performance and reasonable cost, this mini RC car is definitely deserving of attention from those passionate about drift racing.

The BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7

When it comes to RC cars, personal preference plays a crucial role in determining the best option. However, I recently had the opportunity to review the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7, and I must say, I was impressed.

Aesthetics and Build Quality

Right off the bat, the BMR-X Pro catches your attention with its stunning design. The metal parts, such as the gearbox, bulkhead, front bulkhead, hubs, arms, and knuckles, give the car a strong and sturdy appearance. Its overall construction is impeccable, and everything looks beautifully crafted.

Build Experience

While the build experience was enjoyable, I did face some challenges. As a rookie, I made a few mistakes, dropping small parts on the floor and spending a significant amount of time searching for them. Nevertheless, apart from these minor setbacks, assembling the car was a smooth process.

Performance on the Track

The BMR-X Pro proved to be a capable performer on the track. The chassis responded predictably, and I didn’t feel the need to make any adjustments to the settings I had initially applied. Even without the body shell, the car handled well with the Shalon weight. However, once I added the body shell, the handling improved even further.

Reusing a Painted Shell

For this review, I decided to reuse a body shell that I had painted about two years ago for a previous video. The shell gave the BMR-X Pro a unique look and added a personal touch to the overall experience. It’s great to see how versatile these RC cars can be when it comes to customization.

In , the BMR-X Pro 1/24 scale Mazda RX7 is an outstanding mini RC car that will delight drift enthusiasts. With its rear wheel drive system, adjustable suspension, and impressive build quality, it offers a great package for those looking for an exhilarating drifting experience. Whether you’re a seasoned RC hobbyist or a newcomer to the world of mini RC cars, the BMR-X Pro is definitely worth considering. So go ahead, get behind the wheel, and let the drifting adventures begin!

In , the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 by Garage RC presents a fantastic option for RC drifting enthusiasts. From its high-quality alloy parts to customizable features, this mini RC car offers a great balance between performance and aesthetics. With its rear-wheel-drive setup and superb drifting capabilities, it delivers an exhilarating experience on the track. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned RC racer, the BMR-X Pro is definitely worth considering for your drift car collection.

In , the BMR-X Pro 1/24 scale Mazda RX7 is a solid choice for those looking to dive into the world of RWD drift mini RC cars. While it may have some limitations in terms of body compatibility and the steering mechanism design, it still delivers a satisfactory performance. With proper care and adjustments, it can provide an enjoyable drifting experience. Despite its quirks, I appreciate its functionality and will continue using it for my RC drifting adventures.

Overall, the suspension system of the BMR-X PRO 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 is remarkable. It offers a wide range of adjustability and allows for precise tuning based on individual preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned RC car enthusiast or a beginner, this car’s suspension system will impress you with its responsiveness and usability.

In , the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 is a great choice for those interested in RC drift cars. Its build quality, appearance, and performance make it a worthy addition to any collection. Despite a few minor issues with the instructions and wiring, the overall experience of building and driving this car was enjoyable. With its easy setup and impressive drift capabilities, the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 is a must-have for any RC car enthusiast.

The BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 is a fantastic addition to any RC drift enthusiast’s collection. With its impressive electronics, reliable nb4 controller compatibility, and outstanding handling, this car offers a truly immersive experience. Get ready to conquer the drift tracks and take your RC drifting skills to new heights with the BMR-X Pro!

In , the BMR-X Pro 1/24 Scale Mazda RX7 exceeded my expectations. Its impressive build quality, stellar performance on the track, and room for personalization make it a fantastic choice for RC car enthusiasts. Stay tuned for more reviews as I continue to explore the world of RC cars.

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