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Arrma Gorgon Bottom Line Review – $140 boom or bust? Brushless upgrade speed test

Arrma Gorgon Bottom Line Review - $140 boom or bust? Brushless upgrade speed test

The Arrma Gorgon has made quite the impression in the world of remote-controlled vehicles. Priced at $140, it begs the question: is it a boom or a bust? In this review, we will explore its features, durability, upgradeability, and overall performance.

The Surprising Arrma Gorgon

The Arrma Gorgon has been one of the biggest surprises of the year. Priced at just $140, it offers an incredible value for a dialed monster truck that weighs around 5.12 pounds with the battery. Not only is it super light, but it is also incredibly capable and well-balanced.

A Well-Balanced Powerhouse

Everything about the Arrma Gorgon works in perfect harmony. The power, the servo, and the radio all come together to create an exceptional driving experience. The truck turns exceptionally well, but the real highlight is its two-wheel drive system.

Reviving the Two-Wheel Drive

It’s rare to find such a capable two-wheel drive vehicle at such an affordable price. Arrma achieved this by making two-wheel drive cool again, enabling it to have traction and controllability. The Gorgon achieves this through a clever balancing act.

The truck is biased towards the rear and has a low center of gravity thanks to the battery and motor configuration. But what really sets it apart are the huge, grippy tires that have been specifically tuned for the weight of the vehicle.

No Need for Foam

Arrma made a conscious decision not to include foam in the tires of the Gorgon. This might seem like a cost-saving move, but it was actually done to enhance performance. The lack of foam allows the tires to compress and grip the surface better, particularly in loose conditions.

In two-wheel drive vehicles, traction is all about the rear tires. Having the right tires can make all the difference in being able to navigate straight in the loosest of conditions. And let me tell you, it’s been quite loose here in NorCal, even towards the end of October. But the Gorgon handled it with ease, allowing for fun and enjoyable drives.

Performance Review

The Arrma Gorgon is an impressive vehicle, with incredible grip that surpasses even some of my four-wheel-drive vehicles. The handling is simply extraordinary and it’s hard to believe how well it performs.

Price and Availability

The standout feature of the Arrma Gorgon is its price. At just $140, it is a steal considering its performance capabilities. It is worth noting, however, that it does not come with a battery and charger, and it is also difficult to find in stock due to its popularity.

Competition Comparison

Competitors from brands like Redcat and Traxxas sell similar vehicles, but at a much higher price point. The Arrma Gorgon is significantly more affordable, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious buyers. Even Chinese companies offer trucks at prices ranging from $140 to $160, further highlighting the exceptional value for money offered by Arrma.

Box Stock Performance

In its box stock form, the Arrma Gorgon performs admirably. It reaches a top speed of 25 miles per hour with the included battery. Taking it to the track, I found it to be incredibly fun and the loose dirt posed no challenges whatsoever. This vehicle truly excels in any kind of terrain and conditions.

Weaknesses and Solutions

Despite its stellar performance, there are a few weaknesses in the Arrma Gorgon. Here, I will address three of the most important ones:

1. Lack of Battery and Charger: As mentioned earlier, the Gorgon does not come with a battery and charger, which means additional expense for the buyer. However, this can be easily remedied by purchasing compatible components separately.

2. Limited Stock Availability: Due to its popularity, finding the Gorgon in stock can be challenging. This can be frustrating for potential buyers who are eager to get their hands on this amazing vehicle. I recommend keeping an eye out for restocks or pre-ordering to ensure you can secure one when available.

3. The Need for Upgrades: While the Gorgon performs well out of the box, there may be areas where it can be improved. Upgrading certain components, such as the motor or suspension, can enhance its performance even further. This is not necessarily a weakness, but an opportunity for enthusiasts to customize their vehicle to their liking.

The Arrma Gorgon Bottom Line Review – $140 boom or bust?

So here we are, diving into the bottom line review of the Arrma Gorgon. Let’s discuss whether this RC car is a $140 boom or a bust.

Brushless Upgrade Speed Test

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s talk about the brushless upgrade speed test. The Arrma Gorgon comes already upgraded with a Hobbywing Fusion Pro, and boy, does it deliver. This little beast can do wheelies and boasts impressive modulation. It pops pretty good, leaving you thrilled at its performance.

Impressive Design Components

Let’s discuss the design components of the Arrma Gorgon. First off, the chassis is simple and clean, featuring a tube chassis that keeps the car light. The body is truly innovative, with body posts that plug into the chassis, making it stronger. Additionally, the body clip is massive and not easily visible, making it highly unlikely to break. The use of high-quality plastics adds to the durability of the car.

Innovative Motor and Battery Placement

The placement of the motor and battery in the Arrma Gorgon is another area worth highlighting. The motor features a small hole, allowing for the addition of a fan. This keeps the motor cool during intense runs. The battery placement is quite innovative, as it resides right beside the motor, simplifying the process of swapping batteries without having to remove the body. The spacious cavity provided for the battery allows for various battery sizes, accommodating your specific needs.

Weaknesses of the Arrma Gorgon

Now, let’s not forget that nothing is perfect, and the Arrma Gorgon has its weaknesses. The number one weakness lies in its built-in receiver and ESC combination. This setup presents challenges when you want to change your receiver, as you’re forced to replace the ESC as well.

In , the Arrma Gorgon offers impressive performance with its brushless upgrade and unique design elements. It delivers on what it promises, making it a worthy buy for RC car enthusiasts. However, potential buyers should be mindful of the built-in receiver and ESC combination that can pose difficulties if changes are required. Overall, the Arrma Gorgon stands strong as a contender in its price range, but with some room for improvement.

Weakness #1: Expensive ESC Replacement

Changing the ESC of the Arrma Gorgon might seem like a simple task, but it quickly becomes a costly affair. If you need to replace the ESC, you will also need to replace the receiver or purchase one separately. Unfortunately, these components are not cheap, ranging from $30 to $50. This can be a significant drawback for anyone on a tight budget or looking to save some money.

Weakness #2: Limited Voltage Handling

One of the biggest limitations of the Arrma Gorgon is its ESC, which can only handle 2s. This restriction is highly unfortunate considering the impressive capabilities of the motor. Equipped with a 550 turn motor and a 13 to pinion gear, the Gorgon can reach a respectable top speed of 25 miles per hour. However, it has the potential to go even faster, easily surpassing 30 miles per hour on 3s. The Gorgon’s inability to handle higher voltages is quite disappointing, as it could have been a much more powerful and versatile RC car.

Weakness #3: Difficult Motor Replacement

Replacing the motor on the Arrma Gorgon is no easy feat. The tiny size of the mounting hole makes it challenging to find suitable replacement options. Many motors simply do not fit, leaving users with limited choices. While attempting to find a replacement motor, I encountered numerous compatibility issues. However, after some searching, I discovered that the Fusion Pro motor was the only viable option. Despite the difficulties, I decided to give it a try and see what it could do in terms of performance and durability.

Balance and Modulation

The Arrma Gorgon certainly knows how to balance its power on a Basher. It exhibits an impressive ability to rally and perform cool stunts. When it comes to the balance, the brush motor on a two-wheel drive setup proves to be quite intriguing. It offers more modulation and avoids abruptness. This becomes especially noticeable when maneuvering on loose sand or dirt. Unlike other vehicles that tend to lose traction upon acceleration, the Gorgon maintains better control due to its brush motor.

Gradual Acceleration

One of the standout features of the Gorgon is its gradual acceleration. Whether you’re zipping across the terrain at high speeds or trying to maintain control during a quick burst of acceleration, the brush motor ensures a smooth and gradual experience. This level of control makes it easier for drivers to handle the vehicle and stay on track, even in challenging situations.

Fragile Body

Unfortunately, the Gorgon’s body is not its strongest aspect. It is admittedly brittle and prone to breakage upon impact. Even a slight crash can result in significant damage, with the body often tearing apart. This fragility can be quite disappointing, but there are ways to reinforce the body before any major mishaps occur. It would have been beneficial if the body material was more rubbery or durable to withstand rough handling.

The Power of Upgrades

When it comes to upgrades, the Arrma Gorgon offers room for improvement. In this review, only the motor was upgraded to a Hobbywing 3s Fusion Pro 150. However, to fully utilize the new motor, a new receiver had to be purchased, as the previous radio was incompatible. Despite the need for additional components, the Gorgon’s performance with the upgraded motor and ESC was impressive. Fine-tuning was required to optimize the hobbywing motor for optimal performance, but the end result was well worth the effort.

In , the Arrma Gorgon offers an interesting balance and modulation experience with its brush motor. Its gradual acceleration and easy control make it a joy to handle. However, the fragility of its body is a downside that may require reinforcement. The potential for upgrades and improved performance is evident, particularly with the addition of a powerful motor like the Hobbywing 3s Fusion Pro 150. Overall, the Gorgon provides a thrilling and customizable RC experience for enthusiasts willing to invest in enhancements and take on the challenges of the terrain.


One of the main weaknesses of the Arrma Gorgon is its lackluster performance as a crawler motor. While it can be modified to function as a Basher motor, it falls short in terms of its original purpose. The motor’s 13 fields of configurability do provide some room for improvement, but it still struggles to match the performance of dedicated crawler motors in the market.

Another weakness worth mentioning is the servo. While it is decent, it doesn’t quite measure up to the standards of higher-end models. The servo’s performance may not be as smooth or precise as some hobbyists would prefer. However, it still gets the job done and allows for basic maneuvering.

The Potential for Upgrades

With the addition of a brushless motor upgrade, the Arrma Gorgon shows a significant improvement in performance. The modified version of the car demonstrates better speed and overall balance. The Fusion Pro brushless motor allows the car to reach a top speed of 32 miles per hour, which is a moderate but satisfying speed for most hobbyists.

It is worth noting that while the car could handle a larger six-cell battery (6S), it is recommended to stick to the current power level. The car’s balance and stability may be compromised with a higher voltage, resulting in a less enjoyable experience. Additionally, the car already performs admirably with the current motor upgrade, eliminating the need for further modifications.

Innovation Potential

The Arrma Gorgon has an impressive potential for innovation and upgrades. With its versatile design and configurability options, hobbyists have the freedom to customize the car to their liking. Whether it’s adding new accessories, altering the suspension, or upgrading the tires, there are endless possibilities for enhancing the car’s performance and functionality.

Unbreakable Design

The Arrma Gorgon truly lives up to its reputation of being unbreakable. With a weight of 5B, it can survive a fall from three stories high without suffering any damage. Its incredible inertia prevents it from breaking upon impact, making it the perfect vehicle for those who enjoy putting their RC cars through extreme tests. While the body may get torn off, the rest of the vehicle remains intact, thanks to its robust build.

Superior Durability

The durability of the Arrma Gorgon is simply mind-blowing. It seems almost impossible to break any of its parts. Arma and Horizon, the manufacturers of this RC car, have excelled in creating a vehicle that can withstand rough usage and keep on going. It is an impressive feat of engineering that leaves one wondering just how they managed to achieve such remarkable durability.

Parts Availability

Arma and Horizon have gone above and beyond when it comes to parts availability. They have established themselves as top players in the industry, ensuring that customers can easily find and purchase any necessary replacement parts. This is a crucial aspect for RC car enthusiasts, as it eliminates the frustration of waiting for parts to arrive or struggling to find suitable replacements.

The Perfect Balance: Price and Upgradeability

One of the standout features of the Arrma Gorgon is its price point. At $140, it offers exceptional value for money. Not only does it come at an affordable price, but it also provides a great platform for customization and upgrades. This means that enthusiasts can take their RC car to the next level, enhancing its performance and pushing its limits.

Fun, Fast, and Maneuverable

The Arrma Gorgon is not only durable and customizable, but it also offers a thrilling and agile driving experience. It combines the perfect blend of fun and speed, with remarkable maneuverability. Like a little dart, it darts around effortlessly, allowing drivers to navigate even the trickiest of terrains with ease. This adds an extra layer of excitement to the overall RC car experience.

In , the Arrma Gorgon is a remarkable RC vehicle that offers outstanding performance at an unbeatable price. Its grip, handling, and versatility make it a standout option in the market. Despite some minor weaknesses, such as the lack of a battery and charger, the Gorgon is definitely a boom rather than a bust. Whether you are a seasoned RC enthusiast or a beginner looking for a thrilling experience, the Arrma Gorgon is a fantastic choice.

In , the Arrma Gorgon has a few significant weaknesses that might make buyers hesitate before making a purchase. The expensive ESC replacement, limited voltage handling, and difficult motor replacement are drawbacks that need to be considered. However, despite these shortcomings, the Gorgon does have its strengths, such as its impressive motor and overall capability. With some modifications and upgrades, it has the potential to deliver an exhilarating RC experience.

In , the Arrma Gorgon is a versatile RC car that offers plenty of customization options and potential for upgrades. While it may have its weaknesses, such as subpar crawler motor performance and a mediocre servo, these can be overcome with modifications. With the addition of a brushless motor upgrade, the car demonstrates improved speed and balance, making it a thrilling and enjoyable option for hobbyists. Its innovation potential allows for further customization and enhancements, ensuring that the car can evolve and adapt to suit individual preferences. Whether it’s crawling over rugged terrains or racing with speed, the Arrma Gorgon has the capability to deliver an exhilarating RC experience.

In , the Arrma Gorgon is a standout performer in the world of remote-controlled vehicles. Its unbreakable design, superior durability, and availability of parts make it a top choice for enthusiasts of all ages. The balance between its affordable price and upgradeability sets it apart from its competitors. With its fun, fast, and maneuverable nature, the Arrma Gorgon is sure to bring joy to countless individuals, both young and old.

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