Alright, because he wants to chase this RC car did we say and we are the RC sailors, uh yeah, I think so for the artists, they say others again: okay – and this is a BMW simple. It actually looks good it’s, a good looking car, but the functionality is very basic. This is definitely toy grade not even close to how to grade transmitter is playing some video games, but this is about 25 bucks and it runs on two delays in the transmitter and for double a’s in here. So there’s, not even rechargeable batteries, not very happy about the whole setup, because for that price i mean here we got turn that switch over it’s, just four double A batteries. So I don’t I don’t like that at all it’s 25 yeah, I don’t think I’m going to end up and recommending this onoff switch yeah and it’s, not even 2.4 gigahertz that sporty megahertz. The thing that I’m upset about is on the name on the website. It says remote controlled, open door or something those are not gon na have small requests and there’s only four buttons forward backward left and right. Let’S drive a really fast to show you what it does, because I think that most of the people on our channel are gon na want a pass on this. But if you’re a die, hard fan of this specific car design, you might want it and that’s about it or you know yeah kids, but I mean there’s a lot more bang for your buck out there for your kids anyway.

Here we go yeah! Alright, when you give it forward, I mean they dim. They go off kind of like little support, they don’t just turn off insane and then reverse. You have the backup lights and I don’t think they have turn signals now and of course the steering is all or nothing. Your trim is right there on the bottom of the car. It is very basic. I wasn’t expecting the lights, they do. Look good let’s, see ya, hear that. So, when you turn you actually lose some power, listen, okay and it’s just for da blaze. So this is definitely just the kids toy Popeye. Do you like your baby bandana? Do you like sense? I got a hold him. It’S! Very wide turns it’s, not even good for the carpet. I think the only time I like these cheap little cars is like the coke. Can car yeah the cocaine awesome and I had headlights tuned? It was 7.00, so I mean yeah. It looks cool yeah that’s, a good looking cool looking car, especially with those headlights, even says, BMW, i8 on the back Nathan, and it has a little logo, BMW, logo, yeah and that’s, where you’re paying Wow it’s. Just not something that I would recommend it’s I’m. Not. I don’t hate it because it is a basic toy, but I just you know: I don’t think that anyone watching our channel was really one to pay 25 bucks for this there’s better drains you can buy for 25 and better cars mm.

Hmm, you said drugs. I know I said: drones there’s, better drugs. You can buy for 25, so there’s, not really better cars. You can buy for 25. I mean stretch your money to 35. You’Ll, get a lot better bang for your buck yeah. But if you have 25 burning a hole in your pocket, I say just buy a drone. The headlights are nice and bright that’s about the best. I wish I could just turn the headlights on and they stay on rather than this one that drives. Oh man stop denting my oven yeah. I was gon na turn. Wider you’re fired that’s, pretty awful. Just the push buttons right have ease up the controls holding the Popeye, maybe not yeah, it’s non proportional and so even quit all or nothing. This is a chaotic video of my toe okay, buddy, say pass on the car, but got the Rings well. The reason we do these videos is so the reason we do these videos is because every now and then we do find a hidden gem in the rough and we never know when this little guy, whatever you know, we didn’t know if that would have doors that Would automatically open or not and if it did for 25, that might have been kind of cool, but this is pretty basic. Sometimes you just don’t know about these things until you get them in your hands, so that’s, why we do our videos and pop I didn’t.

Even seem to be a huge fan of this one so well pass on this, but we’ll have more good stuff coming to the channel soon and we’ll have good trucks and cars linked up here throughout the city in the car it’s a good check.