Yes, we finally have it. We finally have this wltoys 14400 one. I think at the red and gray one, the blue and green one is pretty cool looking, but this thing is pretty awesome. Looking I mean let’s go over a few things. We get a instruction manuals, we get a little lug wrench there and then the USB balance port charger. So it does have steering trip and then throttle trim and it requires four double A batteries. Much nicer. Looking than the eight nine five nine controller that comes with it, but let’s look at this car. This car is awesome. Looking a lot of metal on it. There is a lot of metal suspension. Arms are plastic, but you get metal shops. You get metal shop, tower metal, pull rods, I mean there’s so much metal on here and then you get a full metal chassis and there it is there’s. The inside at the ESC, comes with a seven point: four volt 1500 milliamp hour, lipo battery I’m, not going to go over all the specs of the car. If you want to know more about the specs of the car, then I’ll leave a link down in the description below where you can check it out, but I’m more interested in seeing how well this thing runs from what I hear. This is the best RC car that you can buy for under 100 and we’re gon na put it to the test and see how true that is.

It is time to take this for a rip. Let’S see what it has we’ll start on the pavement first and then we’ll. Take it off road it’s. One nice thing: if you look here, look how much room you have in the battery tray. So that tells me you can put a higher milliamp hour battery in here something that’s a little bit longer, but be able to get a longer runtime. It does come with a Deans plug t connector. So we’ll turn this on turn the controller on it is fully proportional and same with the throttle. Four wheel drive. It does have a trim, the throttle trim so let’s turn the throttle, trim all the way down all right. Now I have the throttle, trim all the way down. Let’S see how fast it takes off. Okay, it’s, not that fast, but it’s all the way down. So this is, if, like say, this is your first RC car or you’re a little bit younger and he just need time to practice. Get used to the car I’d recommend putting it all the way down. So that was that was with the throttle, trim all the way down. Let’S turn it to halfway, see yes, it’s wow. It is noticeably faster Applause. Okay, let’s turn the throttle all the way up. Oh at least the front wheels off the ground. Much faster. Look at that thing go all right: I’m gon na do a little GPS test.

I’M gon na show it with the throttle all the way down the floor. All the trim all the way down then I’m gon na show how fast it’ll go at halfway and then we’re gon na do a speed test at full throttle. But I mean this thing picks the wheels up off the front hair watch ready. This thing has a lot of power. There is a 550 brushed motor in this. Then we have a nice straightaway right here and a nice view. But okay, I got to look nice little wheelie there, okay, I’m gon na put the GoPro on the car right now corner of the screen now I’m gon na turn the throttle trim all the way down. The first test is gon na be with the throttle trim. All the way down just to see how fast it goes throttle is turned all the way down. Music let’s bring it back. Applause now we’re going to turn the throttle halfway. So here we go now we’re gon na turn the throttle all the way up and see what the fastest speed I can get on. The GoPro is alright. Let’S. Try that again take two runs out: it: okay, bring it back. So, just beyond the dam right up, there is a trail that goes through the woods I want to take this car up on the trail. Do a little trail bashing, so let’s go Music, Music, Music, all right! We made it.

I don’t know if you recognize this area, but this is where I brought the a nine five nine when I first got that for the 500 subscriber giveaway and now we’re here with the two thousand subscriber giveaway. This is gon na work, a lot better than the eight nine five. Nine did, the a nine five nine did not have a lot of ground clearance. It couldn’t even get over these little roots sticking out of the ground, but this has a lot more ground clearance and a lot more power. So these these pine needles are making it really slippery. These tires just can’t corrupt, the pine needles, but, as you can see, it’s it’s making it over the roots, pretty pretty good it’s hard to keep control of it too much power. Maybe if I throttle it down a little bit turn the trim down, maybe it’ll be a little easier to control. Oh yeah that’s the ticket right there still spins out. I have it about throttled, half back so: Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, oh man, okay, that’s enough fun. For today what man? This thing is quite the little basher. I must say Oh time, for the walk, all the way back, which is pretty far. This car is awesome and, yes, it is the best car under a hundred bucks. I must agree: whoever wins one you’re gon na love it I guarantee it, which leads me into the giveaway information.

Yes for two thousand subscribers. This is uh kind of, like my reward to myself. I bought this for myself for hitting two thousand subscribers, but I also want to pass the fun on to one of you subscribers. So this is where you come in. All you have to do is be a subscriber, well here’s, a little bit different. Now, in the past, most of my giveaways, actually all of my giveaways have been for all subscribers from the US, but it’s different this time, I’m gon na open it up to some other countries. This will ship from Amazon to other countries. So I will include the following countries: u.s. of course Canada. Yes neighbors to the north, you are included in the giveaway, but it doesn’t stop there yeah the UK, I’m gon na include the UK in this and also Australia. So, yes, if you are a subscriber from one of those countries that I mentioned, you are eligible to win your very own. Wltoys 14400 won. How do you enter well? It’S? Quite simple! First off, you must be 14 years older, because this car is rated for 14 and up. But all you have to do is leave me a comment in the comment section and then, when I pick the winner I’ll be picking comments out of this video I’m gon na. Let this giveaway go for the whole month of June. So the end of June is when you have to get your comment in below so August.

First I’m gon na make my announcement video on who wins this. So good luck to everybody who enters and thanks for watching, go ahead and smack that, like button, if you didn’t already way over here somewhere, I don’t know where it is. I guess over there, but there is a subscribe button.