This is something you got to be careful with to do. I took the front axle shafts out, so yeah, nice and free, so it’s only rear in drive. Now there is a center diff in it, but it’s got like a 20 million traxxas weight, diff oil. There is some slight slippage. So if you decide to try this, if you have done it comment down below, but this is kind of something you kind of got to be careful with it could give me an excuse to put the different spur gear on it. I’Ve had the spur gear for about eight months, but just never done it. Stock 51 2 spur gear. I’Ve got the 47 tooth in the bin. I may have a reason after this anyway guys i’m going to show you guys this on the table. It does still have the tp motor in it and we’re going to get it right outside. Take a look there. It sits yeah now, i’ve actually had the front drive shaft brake on before and drove it in rear wheel drive, and it was actually all right. So i’m kind of hoping the same. I do have the gt5 radio in it. So it should be. You know, it’s got the gyro and all that, so we should be good to go. Six thousand milliamp gens ace battery 6s, lots of vitibond lots and lots available. So yeah, okay, let’s get this thing powered up outside. I think i’m going to the grass field today.

That should be. If this thing is going to have a problem, keeping straight that should show up pretty darn good. There first launch two wheel drive now one thing about the two wheel drive here: you don’t have the for the front tires pulling so you don’t have the ability to correct better in the air. You don’t have the extra mass. I, like the slime in this that’s kind of cool, barely adding any throttle input too got it. I can hear that center diff is already not happy. You can actually hear it giving up a little bit, not a whole lot. Applause we’re in the back area. Now nobody cares about this Music that back in locked up, it is absolutely squirrely Applause wow. Can i even get some speed? Why? Yes, we certainly can wow huh that is uh Music, really slippery. Without that front end pulling it’s a really big difference, looks like i got ta go, get it see if i can get a good speed run through here. No did not Applause wow. That was a good pull that time. Wow this thing just spins out so easy that looks like a good place. Music. I got ta tell you, i prefer it as a full drive yeah. Oh, i got ta put my battery thing in that’s: okay, i’m, not jumping it far. Wow i found a jump. I can do well, two a drive, not so good. I was hoping for better.

I mean i’ve uh yeah let’s, see what we can do here. Wow that back end just simply goes anywhere. It wants foreign Laughter, hey Applause, one thing’s for sure. Oh on the hole, oh looks like i lost a nut. Now this doesn’t use just a regular wheel. Nut like i’ve got a bunch of it is oh yeah, not four wheel, drive wow, i can’t even get donuts i’m able to get something. Oh, oh, well, guys guess that’s it. I lost a nut. So for me not really worth it. I needed that four wheel drive to keep my truck straight now, for you guys that are that really want to scale drive these things? Maybe this is the perfect option for you uh. You run them on 4s. The power will be down uh. You may be able to control it. You may be a lot better at controlling a two wheel drive truck than i am. This does have the spool in it, so maybe that was a little bit of the squirreliness of it. You know, but uh regardless i’m. Putting the front axles back in absolutely i may i may take it out one more time actually, on two wheel drive um, i may take these sand tires and put them on the back. If i do that, maybe that back end will hook up and i’ll stay straight, maybe anyways uh, i guess i’ll probably go. Do that eventually yeah. While i was there right anyway, guys comment down below your thoughts on this particular mod.

The center diff seemed to survive. Just fine actually uh, you could kind of tell it wasn’t happy, but it took it. Everything was good so anyway, guys in that description, i’m gon na put links to everything on this truck a lot of vidavon links down there, everything from the wheels to the suspension. All that i got the proline tires the udr itself gt5, the max 6 uh i’ll, try to find that tp motor for you guys all that stuff is down there below use those links to check out now vidavon. You can either order directly from him or you can order from ebay so either way you want to do it. I got to order some wheel nuts, because these are not exactly the normal wheel, nuts that i keep because i’m going to have to start anyway guys check that description use those affiliate links. They help out the channel. Quite a bit amen, ebay, amazon, um, horizon down there, so guys check that description use. Those links make sure you’re subscribed hit that like, and thank you all for watching. If you like, what you see hit that like button and subscribe, and if you really like it ring that bell, so you get all the new content when it comes on out now, starting up very soon, i’m going to start a giveaway for all channel members and It’S going to be monthly, it will be a giveaway, simple, easy payment way to double your return on your subscription fees, so yeah, you might want to check that out guys.–jY