Again, darn move those trucks Music. Oh, i lost my truck don’t go in the river Music. Oh my truck went in the river darn. How do i get it? Do you know if there’s ice or snow there uh that should be dirt should be dirt? Okay, uh, maybe not as soon as you’re gon na find out these are kind of waterproof or yeah. I hope they are yeah. That might be actually ice. I would go closer over that way, as you can. If i go with two it’s gon na, be a good video, yeah it’s a little yeah it’s, definitely Music water Music. We got it, need the air crane Music, yeah it’s divorced. For me to get back up, savorsky always be careful what you’re doing can’t say we didn’t warn you. I said don’t overshoot, the hill Music, Music, gumball, tumble down the hill need to learn how to drive two tumbles. Oh almost, can you get it? Can we straighten me up trucks trying to push Music, oh Music, that didn’t help me at all there’s really, no help move all the way Music wrapped it around the tree Music. Well, i got a lot of room and everything on my truck, but hey still runs on the patch of ice come on. You can do it. These are all stock with stock tires Music. Oh point! That was a tree. So finding this, though, Music, hey let’s, play, follow the leader you got ta, do what i do, but don’t fall in.

You got ta, do what i do and go where i go. Follow the lead or come all the way down here and then you got ta. Go up, okay, that didn’t work out the weapon there we go and then you got ta come here and go up here! Go no! No! There we go i’m in the water again i’m in the water again. Do that Music, darn Music, hopefully it’s waterproof, oh it’s! Waterproof, no, i can’t put my foot in water Music. One day, i’ll learn how to drive yeah the ducks love that water, though don’t do like me, drive better Music. I would have got it Music, yes, Music in the water Music. Well, one thing is my: my summit is nice and clean now, except with a little bit of sand? Hey slow motion? Here we go Music, Laughter, Music, hey slow motion. Here we go Laughter. If i don’t hit the tree, stump i’ll be good yeah. I know. Oh one wheel fell in the water, oh, oh, i think he’s stuck yeah the ice just gave out come on. Come on, you can do it come on that’s it he’s all the way. In now you give up, you can see there. We go okay, we’re trying for a river crossing here, let’s see let’s, see what uh yeah i got on high let’s, see what’s gon na happen. It did come across, but i hit that freaking branch. But if i go back now, i don’t think i’ll be able to come back up, come on that freaking bridge Music, Music.

Yes, oh darn time to rescue, he gets excited. Look at that things you collect in the wood. I collected a tree. Oh yeah. We got bigger ones than that. Oh, this is a nice area of the wood. The trees are very thick. Music tree covers are very thick, so there’s, not a lot of snow lots of nice old trees. Yay hope you guys are not sick, yet darn it didn’t work. There is a lot of waters in my tires. Yes, there is a lot of water in those tires right now, so that trail, that you see, is with the diff unlocked. So when you turn, this is with the diff unlocked, so let’s try this when the dicks are locked, let’s try this when the diffs are actually locked so right now the diffs are locked that’s. How much difference of turning radius that you get when the diffs are locked? This is crazy. So when the diffs are unlocked, it turns way faster. Let’S, try that again so i’m going to unlock the diffs in the front and rear, and then i can turn very sharp cool summit. Is a monster see we’re doing this in slow motion, but in real time this is slow motion real time, slow motion, real time. Very reverse direction: reverse direction. Here we go ready on three one: two: three: oh we’re riding a summit: Music riding the summit. Mattel! Well you guys. If you want to save some money, here’s a quick idea, you can use a shower bonnet to protect from water or actually debris, but just be careful when you put that on there, you will keep the heat in there because there is no holes.

There is some little shower bottles that do have perforation in it, but that’s a good little idea to save some money and uh keep your truck nice and clean. These are the el cheapos they don’t hold the heat, like the other, some of the other ones. Do okay, so these ones are pretty good cool, good idea, 20 of them for about a buck and a quarter cool that’s, your tip of the day, yep just changing batteries. I learned that from uh jason. So when you get a big creek like this with a lot of water and very deep, this is how we cross a creek in style.