This is the last of it before we head out. This is our very first RC adventure as a family. Almost five years, c'mere kiddo high five high five to the wife. In the background, Jim we finally get to go out. This is his final training before we actually get to go out on on a trail run together. This, I think, is gon na be a lot more difficult. If you guys, oh yeah, if you guys haven't seen the backyard scale trailer park, you guys are in for a treat. If you have, I know you've been waiting to see us do this as a family. So here we go looking good, the beast little red and candy, so this is an axial scx10 gen1, with a pit dog, hydro body, it's of color, changing body, absolutely beautiful, with flame job. This is a Traxxas TRX sport that is Morris's, red truck he's, very proud of and, of course, as gorgeous as my wife is here is candy. Her truck is looking pretty darn sharp and ready to rock the trail. This is an axial scx10, deuce yanny, how it changes. It is neither so it's so complicated yeah. Of course we do all our C's are awesome. All three of these are really cool. Hey. I especially love your hat Music, Music, Wow. First time, Music. Oh hey let's line up to the starting gate. Mom. Would you like to go? First? Okay, we'll have Morris go second, okay.

I guess I got us a bad start. The mod I did was not so hot okay Morris come on buddy up through the starting ramp. I'D, like to mention to the viewers that don't know that Morris is about four and a half years old, now yeah this truck the tracks is TRX sport. Look at you right up there more right on kicking dad's butt. Already, oh and I'm slowing you down hold on don't push me there boy! Okay, I say I say I tell you what don't push okay mom, bringing up the rear, yeah well it's like a booby trap right in the middle. Oh, oh here you go. Shall we help Mom out you made it look easy? Okay, there you go right on the wood, I will be reevaluating this start. Obviously, Oh mud slingers, is he gon na, be the only one that pulls it on such a good? Looking truck, I love those tires and the belly of your truck looks great. Have you been working out? We concede, shall we all try the teeter totter at once nice and slow family at the quarter, throttle right to the end forward. First time ever attempted. Can you catch up to us there we go here's the weight shift. Everybody come down. I got some beginner's luck. Gon na come around and crest into a huge descent. That'S very bumpy Morris now leading the way but sounds like he just ended up on his roof.

Again this course is not easy. A lot of people have come to me and say: oh, I could do that in a heartbeat and you do you can until you try this soil it's. Just like ball. Bearings, hey, very well, yeah! Well, good luck! I'M! Gon na need to power out of here caught on the fence. I see that lookie, you handling the truck like a boss. Yeah, you are strong. I will remember coal we've been doing, I think, that's a win and you go going for an early bath. She looks better when she's dirty. I will. I will dit up well they're, just bamboo shoots driving through the old aquarium stuff. No, I seem to prefer a heavier truck. I really do the light. Trucks are good and they do hop over things, but I just don't feel like I get it enough, but on the other hand, a light truck, get off and bounce without really breaking differentials, so it's kind of it's tough to say what I like better. I guess Morris has branched off to go straight for the water. I love it. Yeah he's gon na get some. Oh, it fell for the booby trap. Booby trap keep backing up that route, isn't going anywhere, yeah that's the one there we go round to get around the route power down here we go yep great job. This is a hard one, it's intentionally built too short and too deep. So everyone gets their nose.

Stuck in it, okay remember go around the outside of it that's the secret it's kind of like a bowl. You got to go around the outside like back up and then try to come up through here. All your motors got mud in it back up there. You go now come this way towards the camera. Yeah, try again back turn your tires. There. You go! No go this way got at such a monster truck great driving Morris. Well, thank you. Follow up the whoop section, mom's dropping into the bowl looks like Morris. Getting all slick. He'S got a 2s battery in there right now, 7.4 volt back up. Try again there you go up and Adam love to see that good job, yeah candy learning how to do the bowl she's, actually never driven this backyard Trail course. Yet this is her first time in the new areas I should say, but like a champion as always willing to learn there, you go gem. Yes, yes, monster Bronco, great job she's running a 3s battery today being light on the throttle, they're showing great control with her RC four wheel, drive mudslinger 2.2 tires. Candy Morris is already laughter, dad's filming I'm just excited to see candy out here having some fun. We all miss Jim we're gon na want to see pinky return one day, but I have fallen in love with candy. I think she is a gorgeous looking ride. Yeah don't crowd mom give her some space mom.

You went around the rock Wow Morris going straight on killing the rock. We need a fast lane, muffling her way up, hey good, to see ya into the steeper climb. Now this is tricky it's hard to see on camera, and I did leave some helper lines here for everybody to see. But if you don't have a great steering range, chances are just like that: you'll be backing up and I didn't even make it the whole way. I had to back up twice into the tip table, which has now been strung with elastic, like I spoke about in the last one. Look at this that's what I wanted the whole time for it to come back. Okay, I saw it drop down the tape being guidelines to try to help you out. Do you have a heavy truck? The table will shift on you if you have a lighter truck it won't be as bad whoa, yeah, fun, huh and simple, like the elastic, was cheap, cheap at the hardware store hahaha, and I built it out of an old dresser and some spare spare pieces of Wood to rock the cradle, I made it watching gem onto the tip table for the first time. Don'T get your bumper caught nice well done, loving this tip table. I wish I had one that was like ten feet longer: alright, Oh Music Applause back up mom there. You go wrong direction now boy. Can he do it wiggle your tires when you're reversing not what I meant, but there you go I'm backing up here, we're going to try to hop it a bit.

Oh dad goes mom. Can you go no you're out of power? Yeah I'll bet you got mud in the motor right. Okay, can you reverse it all? No, nothing at all. Music, Music. Music. Amazing, give me that smile man. That was awesome that was super fun Morris. Thank you for going out with me today, I've been waiting so long to do that with you, buddy. That was a family video, good job mom thanks for coming out to play, and always like we say, I got mud on the lens. I don't always say that guys get outside have some fun with the artsy hobby. You know we always do bye. Can you tell the viewers? The story? You just told me: why are you wearing your hard hat or what happens when you are wearing it? Yeah yeah yeah yeah and it saved your life very cool. We should all be wearing safety helmets yeah.