If not, then cheers for watching, hopefully, you’ll come back and watch some more videos soon. Right, then subscribers of the channel this rival mt10 from team associated, is for you. Well, just one of you when i get to 50 000 subscribers, which isn’t gon na take too long, probably the next couple of months Music, if you don’t know how to subscribe to a youtube channel, you’ve come to the right place because i’m going to show you One of the easiest ways is just to search your favorite youtube channel and then click subscribe on their name subscribed if you don’t miss any of the content. The little bell next to that, stick that on you’ll get notified when they upload a new video. This looks like a good video there’s, a little watermark just on the bottom hover over that it bring up a tab. Music subscribed find your favorite channel and then click subscribe and, if you don’t miss any of the content, click the little bell press all you’re, now subscribed and you’ve got notifications on, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you subscribe to a youtube channel Music. When i get to 50 000 subscribers i’m going to randomly pick someone from the comments in this video and you’re going to win this mt10 i’ll talk a little bit more about what you’ve got to do after we’ve actually looked here and looked at the recent bash Of this, so finally, after many many many jumps and bashes, this thing has broken i’m going to show you now how much abuse this has taken up to this point, though, so i think it’s worthy of that break, but we don’t need to panic.

I’Ve got some rpm arms for it i’m, going to stick them on so it’s ready to go for its next bash. Applause. Look: Applause! Music! This thing takes Music, Music Applause, Music Music. So why have i chosen the rival mt10 for a giveaway now it’s? Not only because it’s one of the cheapest 110 bashers, you can get not that at all this one actually came from pbm racing sean from there done me a really good deal on this, for the giveaway so be sure to check pbm racing out big thanks to Him anyway, the reason i chose it is because it is my number one, one tenth basher in fact, it’s, probably my number one basher that i’ve got you can take these to the skatepark to the bmx track to the dirt track. You can give them absolute hell and it will drive away. Yes, this one has finally broken it’s one tenth scale. It’S got a really brushless motor in it it’s 3s. It does about 40 miles an hour. You can backflip it. You can front flip it. It takes a little bit of getting used to as you’ll see in the video it’s. Quite small wheelbase it’s got big old wheels on it. A big method method wheels on there really nice soft tires, but it’s so controllable in the air. Once you get to grips of it, this thing will backflip for days. You can front flip it. You can wheelie it’s got an adjustable wheelie bar on it.

It is awesome anyway, if you want to win it as long as you’re subscribed. All you got to do just make a comment on this video don’t. You don’t need to write war and peace. Just a comment or a you know: a smiley, emoji or just something random in there that’s all you got to do and then, when i get to 50 000 i’m going to come back to this video and then i’ll use a random comment. Picker – and one of you will win this mt10 when i say this one: if you’re in a country that it’s going to cost me an absolute fortune to ship it to you, i might ship one from a more local place to you and if you’re in a Country where i physically can’t ship stuff to then you’ll get the cash equivalent of this mt 10 and then i’ll probably save this for another giveaway let’s say i don’t know 75 000.. All of you are welcome to enter anyway. Who wants to see what happened to this at the skatepark cheers for watching? I do appreciate everyone that subscribes to channel everyone that watches my videos clicks, that, like button and comments and stuff like that, it is much appreciated, enjoy the video you’re only at a small skate park today, but i thought i’d just bring it here. A little bit of a showcase for this video show you what it can do i’m, not doing it for a while, so the brakes are they take a bit of getting used to.

But this thing will backflip on a dime, as they say back flip on a dime. Look at that it’s an absolute beast of a truck, and i really do need to get back used to it really twitchy but that’s. A good thing when i say twitchy, it’s, like really agile, so once you get used to the throttle control, you can really send it like really send it let’s. Try that again from a better angle, it just loves it. It absolutely loves it. Oh, nearly nearly people talk about weak arms on these it’s, not something i’ve experienced yet, and that was a heavy landing we’re still all good. This thing flies. The cat wants a dog. The dog wants the cat who’s gon na win that one gone you lose dog backflips for days, Music, keeping our knees. They do come off quite often Music, absolute animal it’s like a little pitbull pitbull of the rc world. So guys you could. You could win one of these. Could you see yourself driving one of these around your local skate park or bmx track a weapon and we backflip off the steps? Music? No, i don’t think i’ve landed many backflips for you. I can’t say how good it was there. You go need a bit of height just to get control of it. There see i can do it. I know oh nearly a front flip, so it just takes some bad landings anyway, guys. You know what you need to do if you want one of these keep an eye on the channel, make sure you’re a subscriber and i’ll.

See you next time. Oh, i think we’ve broken it yeah the first ever break of my mt 10. I knew it as soon as i hit the floor.