As you can see, the motor directly drives the differential gear. It differs a lot from the previous one. We call this the steering tower, which holds the steering bar. There are ball joints screwed in at the ends of the bar. The holders are screwed to the tower. This piece here holds the steering servo, which is attached to the chassis at two places. Music. These ball cups are purchased. You can print these, of course, but they come with the metal ball joint set. So why not use them inside? There is an m3 threaded rod which holds the two parts together: Music, a printed steering arm pusher, is attached to the servo arm. This was necessary due to chassis design. The lower fixing spring plate is printed just as well as the upper one we had to come up with these, as we couldn’t find a suspension which can be set low enough. The parts used here are fitting nicely together. So when you’re assembling them should mean no big task for you, this ball joint cup was printed. This is connecting the wheels and the steering bar a little printed wrench for tightening the flange lock nuts on the wheels the front shaft is an m4 allen screw about 23 millimeters long Music. There are two magnet pieces, reassuring the frontal mounting it can be done without it. This is just our pursuit of perfection, Music, Applause, Applause. The end section of the motor shaft is rasped in order to achieve a shape, lock.

Music joint on our website you’ll find a complete part list, including screws, nuts and needed Music bearings Music. A purchased reel wheel axle. This part here should be at least 10 millimeters long, because two bearings must fit here. Music. This is the rear, shaft aka dog bone. The obtained part is too long, so had to be shortened and put back together with the help of this little device we created, which you can download on our website at extras very important. The dog bone cannot be too long, because, if it is, it can prevent the rear, wheels rotation by jamming the differential through pressure and the motor can be burnt down Music. This is the new middle mounting system, which is adjustable just like the previous one was there are two about 15 millimeter long m4 threaded rods, screwed in it, with the help of these, the height can be set easily Music. This is the middle connecting part which will always be different on each car. The idea is, if you want to build another of our car, you wouldn’t have to print all the parts or build a whole new chassis for it. You just need to print or adjust a few parts, for example, steering bar turn buckles or the dog Music bone Music. Everything we do on this channel. We do it for you, so you can build your own you’re, not sure about something ask in the comments.