Today I prepared a review of an RC car in the Trail genre. The product to be introduced. This time has many advantages that have not been seen in RTR Trail vehicles until now.. This is a full option vehicle with all parts made of metal.. The product price is 430 in Korea.. This is a very good value for money., So lets start with the components.. The product composition consists of the vehicle body, the remote controller and the manual which have been assembled and set in an RTR configuration. Tracer is a product that uses 3 channels but includes a 6ch, remote controller and receiver.. This is the remote controller found in YK series imported from RC9.. It has the same performance as the previous product, but with improved design and quality.. The overall design is greatly improved by combining the luxurious matte and red color. And it is configured so that you can feel the grip feeling firmly on the handle.. Now lets take a look at the vehicle body. First of all, the size is 110. The standard size of Trail., Its wheelbase has a universal 313mm.. The Tracer is a vehicle with so many advantages.. However, it is a vehicle made with a focus on vehicle performance rather than design and realism.. So in the body design, all the fenders that block the movement of the wheels have been removed. And it is very light and simple.. If you compare the Tracer with the normal Trail genre that places a lot of weight on body designTracers body design is a disadvantage.

. Of course you can change it later.. However, it is difficult to use a realistic body due to the structure of the vehicle. The wheels and tires of the vehicle have a large size and very good grip.. It consists of a one piece structure with tires and wheels. Attached. Now lets take a look inside and tell you about the strengths of this vehicle in earnest. The Tracer comes standard with expensive metal options. In particular, since this metal housing is very expensive, it was never included in the RTR product.. However, the Tracer is made entirely of metal front and rear. And Tracers main frame is made of carbon.. Carbon parts existed only as optional parts that had to be purchased separately.. The Tracer is made of carbon up to the battery tray., Even products that are released as full metal. These days some parts use plastic.. However, the Tracer is made entirely of full metal.. The bumper is also metal.. The shock is full metal. And all the links, caster blocks and portal housings are completely metal. Disassemble the vehicle and check all the internal gears.. This is all full metal construction, except for the spur gear. Most of the parts of Tracer are made of metal.. However, vehicles made of metal have a disadvantage in that the bolts are easily loosened., So you need to apply Loctite to the metal and metal bolts to prevent them from loosening.. If all the parts are metal like this, it takes a lot of time.

. Now let me introduce the 4WS function, which is the biggest advantage of this vehicle. 4WS is a system that can steer the rear wheels just like the front wheels.. This feature is a state of the art technology that exists in real cars as well.. This can be a very useful function, even when applied to an RC car. In particular. It is a very helpful feature for the Trail genre, which targets hiking and rock walls, rather than other RC car genres.. First, the turning radius can be greatly reduced so that, when passing a narrow corner with many obstacles, it can pass without reversing.. It is also very helpful on slippery ground or on high slopes that are difficult to climb.. In general trail vehicles, operation with only the front wheel, can be applied to the rear wheel. As well. Tracer can attack very advantageously.. You can also go downhill or uphill diagonally, like a crab.. It has no symptoms of the vehicle overturning.. The second advantage of Tracer is that it uses a low center of gravity frame for the first time in an RTR product.. In the meantime, LCG frames could only be made by some fanatics in Korea or purchased directly from overseas. Building an RC car with only a frame is not something that anyone can do.. So the LCG RC CAR was difficult for the general public to access.. The advantage of the LCG frame RC car is that it can attack the rock wall that is difficult to access with a normal RC car by using a very low center of gravity.

. Also it does not roll over on slanted ramps.. However, it has the disadvantage of being frequently caught in obstacles due to the low height of the vehicle. Tracer released the LCG frame made of carbon.. However, the height of the vehicle is too high to be considered a typical LCG vehicle.. The Tracers frame is in the shape of an LCG, but there is a portal axle that increases torque and ground clearance.. Still, it is stronger on slanted slopes than general trail. Vehicles. And Tracer can easily attack ramps and obstacles using the 4WS., Then lets check the actual driving ability. This is Aamdo Coastal Park in Songdo, Incheon Korea., Because there are few people, it is easy to shoot and you can shoot great videos.. There are many suitable obstacles to check the performance of the Trail vehicle.. However, the course is short and it is not suitable as a place to enjoy.. If your goal is to shoot a great video to record or to test your performance visit us Tracers 4WS feature is a really nice feature.. The vehicles, climbing ability and ability to attack obstacles are greatly improved. Due to the 4WS. In Korea, there is one RC car hiking group in each region., Even if its your first hiking meeting, you can get attention if you participate with a Tracer. Now Ill, give you some advice and wrap up.. First of all, to use the 4WS function freely. You need a remote controller with the MIX function.

, The remote controller included in the product does not have a MIX function, so it is not possible to freely control the steering of the rear wheel.. It can be done as long as the vehicle is not moving.. However, it is difficult to control forward and reverse while simultaneously controlling the front and rear wheels.. I also tried changing the rear wheel steering channel to try something.. However, it was still difficult to control everything at the same time., So I tried it with a DX3 remote controller, with a 3ch button close to the remote controller trigger., The DX3 is comfortable because it returns to neutral when you release the 3ch button.. However, you cannot control the front and rear wheels with one ch., So I contacted, which is in charge of importing and selling Tracer in Korea.. Currently, Tracer is holding an event to change it to a remote controller, with MIX function for a little extra money.. I dont recommend spending extra money on a vehicle if at all possible.. However, if you decide to purchase a Tracer, we strongly recommend that you have the remote controller replaced.. Then I will explain how to set it up under the assumption that you purchased it by replacing it with a remote controller with MIX function.. First of all, my settings were set to ST 1 TH 2 and rear wheel, steering to channel 3. With this setting, the rear wheel can be steered with the dial in this position.

Now lets set it up so that the rear wheel can also move with ST. First press and hold the Exit button and the Enter button at the same time to enter the menu item. Now find and enter item 15 PMIX. And change the MIX function to ON and set MST to ST and SLV to ch3. Now set both left and right To 100. Now the rear wheel, SLV can also move with one channel MST.. However, if you move like this, you can only progress diagonally and it will not help your climbing ability. Much.. All settings of this remote controller are possible for each channel. Go back to the menu item and select REVERSE. Apply REVERSE only to 3ch. REV NOR Now, finally, the setting Ive been wanting for so long has been completed.. Now it seems that it will be possible to easily attack no matter what obstacles it encounters. Now lets wrap up. The video. The vehicle introduced today is a vehicle that cannot deny its best value for money. Full metal portal, axle LCG carbon frame 4WS function. This is definitely the best value for money RTR product in this genre., But the fun you can get from a regular Trail vehicle, The joy of decorating, the vehicle more realistically using props, and You have to give up the realism that comes from the movement similar to The real model. This vehicle can be recommended to those who value performance more than design. Thanks for watching.