This was one of their five dollar items um. It says it is full functioning. It’S, a 27 megahertz, remote control, speed, boat, the front says 10 and up. I don’t know if you’re, if your little ones have uh tinkered with rc at all, and they know their general directions forward back left to right. I think a five year old could run one of these with no issues. My six year old daughter loves it and controls it. No problems at all, so here’s, the the back of it. You know simple directions forward backwards, blah blah blah. So once you install the batteries in it, this gives you a breakdown of how to put the batteries in it. You will need a really really small screwdriver. I wish i could tell you the size of the screwdriver, but i don’t know but it’s a small screwdriver um to remove the top and the center cover i’d say. Let me show you that now, so the top has two phillips screws in it you’re going to want to remove that. This piece right here, which i previously removed, is no sense to do it on camera it’s just screwed down here, and this is what creates excuse me. This is what creates, i believe, the the part of the best part of the seal that protects the batteries. So, as you can see here, we got three aaa batteries that powers the boat and there’s. No, let me tell you all this there’s no on off switch on the boat, so don’t look for an on off switch and what it’s using here is basically just a uh.

You know completes a circuit when it’s in the water, with the two metal, um screws sticking out the bottom. So i’ll just tell you this: if y’all want to check it, you can put your finger over it and check it outside the pool and it will work. Don’T tell the little ones that so they don’t get it in their fingers anyway, neither here or there. So the controls are, i don’t know if it’s considered momentarily. I do rc, but you know the controls are extremely novice. It’S, just one click forward: one click back, uh it’s non proportional, so there’s, no in between of speeds, so you’re going full speed, full cable, speed forward full, capable sport, uh speed, rearwards um, it is um. You know you got right and left now, just a quick click. Either direction will point you you know in small increments, so it it is essentially fully uh functioning uh. It will. You know it’ll it’ll, you can point it it’ll go anywhere. You need to you know. So it it it’s a easily driven it’s, an awesome, little boat for five dollars. You can’t beat it. I believe, they’re offered in other colors the uh. The remote is going to use two double a so once you put the batteries in the remote and the boat there’s, no on off uh, not saying it’s, going to diminish your batteries it’s, just as soon as you go to click, one of them, that’s that’s, your Usage so it’s only on while you’re physically on the triggers or on the on the on your controls, so um it’s dual dual prop on the back.

So when you’re wanting to go, you know obviously left and right. You’Re gon na you’re gon na get one prop spinning and then you’re getting ultra tight rotation, so it seems to be very durable. It’S. You know weighted it’s, heavy um, i think it’s. I think it’s gon na be a rugged um little item. I think it’s going to last a while, like i said my kid, my kid absolutely loves it. I actually like it. I’Ve got a bigger speedboat, but it’s it’s, something you can’t run in a pool. It needs to be ran in a lake or a pond, but for a young one in uh, maybe even getting into boats. This right here, i think, is, is absolutely phenomenal for five bucks couple batteries, man, you can’t, go wrong. I hope i answered all your questions. Uh, you know that you may have regarding just a little boat, but you know, like i said, it’s a it’s, very simple. You screw uh screw that back on and once you get that in there you put your two screws. This goes on top seals. It back up man, let’s, go run this thing and see what it see what it does. As you can see in the video um it. It literally turns on a dime and that’s super cool. If you happen to be uh playing in a uh, restricted, um sized pool, i really think that um, this little boat is um adequate for even the small blow up pools.

You know the ones that you take up and down uh. You know in a day the boat is obviously fast or not fast by any means, but you know for a for a beginner in rc in general. It i’m i’m absolutely surprised, it’s a it’s, an awesome, little boat. The steering is not proportional, but i mean it’s it’s it’s, not necessarily needed, because the ability to control the boat – you know it’s single click, directional up, you know forwards and reverse, as you can see up, but uh forwards in in reverse it’s. Just single clicks up. One one speed um, you know one speed forward. One speed reverse so, but this is. This is a great, a great little item for um. You know i’d, say five years old and up could easily control this little boat. Yeah, you control it really easily sweetie. I hope this review helps anybody that’s on the fence about the little um little speed boat. I think this is an absolute uh winner for five dollars. You you really, you really can’t beat you really can’t beat this thanks for watching guys, give it a like a subscribe. If this video happened to help you, if you were wondering about your five dollar, five below boat y’all, have a good and have a happy.