If you want to see that you know that way, you can do some preventative care. You know know what parts to bring know what parts are gon na break and maximize your enjoyment, but today i’m, going to talk about the five best things about this vehicle. So number this is the ready to run and the number one best thing about it is how fast and how stable it is. It is the best handling vehicle i’ve ever seen. You know i ran with a felony arma felony, a road car and it just accelerates so hard uh on the road, crazy and then on the dirt. You know it can go with with monster trucks, it can go with. You know fifth scale cars. It has you know that much speed and impact. You know, you know a little 10 scale vehicle can do it, but it doesn’t have the the sure footedness of this vehicle on any condition. You know a little light. Car just just flies around this thing. Has some nice weight to it? It can handle terrain, eat up terrain, so that’s the number one thing this is the best handling vehicle i’ve, seen it doesn’t flip over um and it uh. You know it just corners like a champ number. Two best thing about it is the esc and the motor are perfect for this vehicle i’m leaving the stock pinion. I haven’t touched it because it is, it accelerates so hard and it is so fast.

So i don’t know who’s making this stuff that’s, probably hobby wing, but the power train on this is legendary. I mentioned on my video. It really needs a heat sink and a fan. You know if you’re gon na, if you’re gon na run laps, because otherwise it just overheats at 6s, but that’s – easy enough to solve number three thing great about this vehicle is the versatility of the battery tray. Look at this thing right here. This is a gents ace, bashing battery. You could use so many different batteries. I even use uh two. Three s: batteries stack them together, it’s a little bit high, but because of their long velcro straps it doesn’t matter how high it is or how long it is. It’S gon na work, you know it just make the key. Is it it fits on this horizontal guide, so it can’t be too wide. So the versatility of the of of the battery tray and the system, this thing can run on 3s. You’Ll have a lot of fun if you don’t have some wide open spaces, uh, 4s or 6s, so its versatility is just incredible number four great thing about this thing is you know the tires the tires i don’t know what’s going on with these tires they’re, so Hard they’re, so knobby um, you know high profile on the front low profile on the rear, but they nailed it. You know because i’ve run so many packs on this in any condition, not babying it, but they’re still going strong.

They don’t blow out. They don’t they’re, vented, they don’t do anything bad and i haven’t had to replace them so crazy, so crazy, right, the shocks. The suspension are amazing, you could dial in you could tune in your your ride. Height right now, it’s it’s uh set up for oval racing. So i limited the travel a little bit really cool and the last thing i’ll talk about the cool thing about it is the body the body is cool. I have a a new body, an aftermarket body, it’s, not cheap, but what’s going on is it’s an it’s. An attractive enough body it’s got an interior, but the interior also serves as a suspension system. So this thing when it it lands on its roof. It’S gon na take the hit a little flex and it’s gon na be transferred over to here. This one has a little flex as well, so it’s not going to let the roof cave and collapse on you. The other thing it does is it’s meant to to take punishment. Meaning here are the body mounts. The body mounts have flex again they’re like little springs. I put a little pool noodle here to give it a little more damping and the bumpers themselves. They’Re they’re they’re basically springs. You see these round things these round. Things are springs, they’re meant to compress all the way when you hit a wall at 40 miles an hour. This might survive uh and super cool thing about this.

Uh and you’ll, see hopefully i’ll edit in some video is because it’s so durable. You know there’s no exposed tires. You you short course racing at its best i’m racing with a couple: udr’s losi, baja, ray and and we’re just we’re, just bumping like this no damage whatsoever. You know this thing holds up full speed, um because it’s it’s, nice and protected a really well designed car. You know – and it goes without saying the modularity of this design. You can just pull the motor. You know pull the diff, but i really haven’t had to the diff. I have not touched. The shocks have not touched, they have never leaked um.