. These are the vehicles that look like big rc trucks. They go fast, they jump and probably have the broadest appeal to the biggest audience number five on our list is the affordable, armor granite 4×4 version 3, a version called the 3s blx. What makes this vehicle special is? It is a big monster truck with brushless power. A 3300 kv motor powered by a 3s lipo battery, its a ready to run. You just need to supply your own battery and charger, and this is capable of speeds up to 50 miles an hour, and it has a nice spectrum. Radio and whats really good about it. It is big and capable, and it is durable upgradable as well as you are ready to take on any terrain. Nice jumps nice high speed, so you dont need to have a track. Necessarily you can just find any old open space with some interesting terrain and youre off and running into this wonderful hobby. This wonderful category called monster truck bashing Music number four on our list is another great value vehicle, its the redcat kaiju 1 8 scale with 6s brushless power for 430 dollars. This gives you a lot of truck for the money and 6s lipo power is really unheard of at these price levels and to top it off, they have paired it with one of the best motor electronics around called the 100 2100 kv hobby wing brushless motor and 150 amp esc some of the best in the business that other manufacturers actually upgrade to big, durable, drivetrain nice grippy tires and youre left with a machine, thats capable and can hang with much more expensive vehicles.

Music number three on our list is the lossy lmt gravedigger and its other version, son of a digger ready to run one tenth. Four wheel drive solid axle monster truck just like the real thing, and this one can be had for 650 bucks whats great about this vehicle. Is it really mimics the full scale monster trucks that people go out and see at the stadiums, and you can either race with your buddy or you can just have fun in the backyard and do some stunts and flips. Just like the real thing, its a real skill sport to hold a nose wheelie and go on two wheels and just do flip after flip intentionally. So we pay homage to low c for creating a vehicle that most of us will never get to drive in real life and thats. What the hobby is all about. You know letting the kid in us play again number two on our list is probably the most versatile one of all the armor creighton 6sblx and ready to run its available for six hundred dollars. This is a truly incredible machine and you can buy it in an extra bash version with many different variations, but all are so capable. It even has a couple kind of permutations in the outcast, which is a stunt and the italian which is a speed vehicle, but basically the same part at the center of the system. What you get are big tires, a small truck body and capabilities from 60 miles.

An hour and beyond whether you have a trail or not an aqua jump or just a little mound. This thing will let your imagination soar and have fun in the most rain possible and finally, taking the top crown again this year. Is the traxxas x maxx 8s for a thousand dollars hard to understand why this one keeps winning and winning, but really when you see it in person both in engineering and in capability? You will understand that this is really a vehicle that has stood the test of time it wheelies for days and can take a corner. It is huge, but it can handle like a small vehicle, but in the air it is a beast that will take on the biggest jumps and it will eat up the biggest terrain as well.