Five best upgrades, i think, in order or priority as well, most important, to least important, so the example were going to use. Is this steam associated pro4 sc10, a beautiful little model for 340 bucks click here for my review on this vehicle 340 is not a lot. You can also get a 400 version with lipo battery and charger its a great way to get started and its a great machine. As you see in my video 40 miles an hour, it handles really well at high speed, but when you get to a little bit better performance when you race with your friends, is when you see the opportunities, weaknesses are really opportunities to just make it better and The first one is tires, so the tires it comes with. Is this one team associated tire? You know its more of a hybrid tire between road and off road, so not a lot of knobs decent grip, but not a lot of cornering grip, and i quickly found the opportunity with loose conditions. You know a little bit wet conditions to have much better cornering grip. You dont need too much acceleration forward and and and breaking, but you need a lot of cornering grip and what i found was this proline gladiator, maybe take it out of the right there. A lot good rubber for sure, but a lot of little knobs that will help you corner and make it more predictable in different terrain. If you want a little more grip, what we have here is the proline badlands uh, a very good tire, and you know, if you have other brands, that you would recommend.

Please note them in the comments they come with their own offset hubs. So you have an opportunity to have different offset and you can buy different offset an offset. Is you know how far it sticks in the body or sticks out, and i in my gladiator it had to offset? I quickly opted for the one that stuck out a little more so and what that? What does that? Do it gives it more stability, especially cornering in very rough terrain? You might have to cut your body a little bit if you make it stick out, because these things flare out, so you know hopefully ill demonstrate this. This makes the most difference, as in most rc cars. Youll see next opportunity for improvement is the rear differential grease. So its pretty balanced and but the the grease on this or or diff oil, as you might call you know, and then this is when i, when i spin the one side you know whats, the resistance for the other one to spin is really determined by your Diff fluid so thats what youre changing. I believe it comes with 5000. The fluid someone recommended 9 000, but i went with 30 000 and this one is by kyosho and its a grease grease they said, is a little more consistent than than than fluid. So i went with that and what that does. I found the the problem was when i was taking off you know even with upgraded tires.

When i was taking off from a corner, it was a little loosey goosey, you know the the the fronts would pull hard, but the rear was just kind of all over the place. So i wanted it a little heavier. You know for it to have a little more. I dont know what you call a posi traction, you know just take off and use use the rear to launch, and it does work really well. As youll see. The next opportunity for improvement is replacing this beautiful little motor. This is the the reedy 30 300 kv, so its a pretty high rpm motor 3300 kv means it spins 3 300 rpms for one volt times 10 – that if you go 10 volts click here, if you want to understand more about kv. So this is plenty fast, but i found a significant problem when i was racing with others is that it did not enough have enough torque, it didnt have enough coal, so this is fast. If you give it time to speed up the first two seconds. He kind of winds up and then goes really fast, but on a re on a short course short course truck it. Just didnt have enough pickup. My buddies would just pass me. A traxxas 4×4 would just pass me and then id have to get them back dive into a corner or something, and what i realized was it has a short can. This is called a 540.

Can a 550 can is really what you need for something like this much taller. So instead of uh 54 millimeters, that was about 57 millimeters in height, and what that allows, you is more torque, so more torque gives you more pull. You can also gear up a little bit to give you more um, more range on your on your high end and the main issue i had with this motor too. Aside from that, is it kept heating up? You know, after about six to eight minutes of heavy uh lap work. You know it was just shut down, it was just i was causing damage to it because and thats, because you know like most motors it, doesnt have a heat sink and it doesnt have a shut off. The shut off is here on the esc, so this is actually really exposed on a vehicle like this one. I went with a. I would advise a hobby wing, but i went with a spectrum motor right here, just because i had a heavy and lo and behold its really hot hobby wing as well, so its i think, its like a pro 10 sc 10 or something uh lots of torque Um lots of high end that i was able to gear up uh and its very usable power. For me, uh configurable too, with software number four upgrade is a new radio, a new radio. It comes with this decent, decent rtr, radio, but a new radio, a cheaper radio, but a much better radio is the flysky gt5, and this is super cool because of several reasons one is.

You can have one radio for all your cars. You know 20 cars. A receiver is only like 22 bucks, so pretty darn good and you can adjust everything you can just your end points exponential, throw you know how fast you you want the servo to go uh on initial input. You normally want a lot of control movement before the servo moves, a lot you know and then, when you go max, you want it to move faster so to hit your outer reaches of your servo and your throttle as well. So you can do that with that, and you can also have uh whats called gyro. Uh gyro is stability control and what that does. Maybe i can demonstrate that that for you, what you could do you control your endpoints right there and it has something called gyro and ill demonstrate to you. What gyro does so right now, its currently off as youre turning yeah like yeah, whatever doing good um, but when you turn it on when you turn this way, the steering is turning this way, so it no it. It senses that youre sliding youre losing traction on your rear. Its going to auto correct you uh its, not just a gyro stability control, its controlling your throttle, so it allows you to correct so im, not moving the throttle Applause, but you can see its cutting it off for me as its correcting Applause. So this is. This. Is the beauty of stability control? It controls the throttle and your steering so to keep you straight and its completely adjustable on this one theres, like four parameters that you can adjust um and the downside of this is the more stability control you have, the less you can turn because as youre turning On purpose, you know the stability controller will think oh hes, probably skidding, or he probably wants to go straight.

So its always a balance of that and you can adjust that and if you want to do really tight turns just turn it off, but bear in mind. If youre racing against uh the slash ultimate or slash four by fours, the uh traxxas max those all have stability, control and theyre probably turned on. So you are at a big disadvantage. Okay, so lets see the top speed with this motor Applause. So its very quick. Some breaking some heartbreaking Applause wow, so super fast. I changed my gearing as well i geared up so not only is it not only is it fast, but its probably like 50 miles an hour now uh as opposed to 40, but it also has more punch more acceleration, which is what im looking for and youll See that on my test track, the fifth upgrade i did is a new servo uh. This is the server it comes in its probably a 30 servo. You know its strong enough. I think, because you dont need a lot of strength when the vehicle is moving uh. Nothing is really blocking it, but you wanted a fast servo because it wasnt quite quite fast enough for the fast action slam bam monster jam that i was looking for um and also when you have a gyro, its better to have a faster servos. So because it can, you know its machine reacting to the losses. Surface. Okay, so here it is so the other one was like.

Maybe i have some old footage, but here it is the new one so theres how fast it is now pretty cool, all right and so thats. The five upgrades that i would recommend uh, like i said, im using a pro 4 sc 10.. I associate team associated, but a slash will benefit from these upgrades as well. The key is, you want to upgrade first whats holding you back, you dont want to just get. Oh, i want some some metal wheels or a new bumper or whatnot dont, be i wishy washy about your upgrades and do it at random? Have some methodology to it and if you have a way to test what it did, yeah even better. So you know that it helped you, oh by the way a last upgrade is a bonus. Upgrade is a battery a strong battery. So, ideally you want a a 3s battery uh. This uh big benefit of the team associated. It can accept so many different sizes of battery, so the flatter the better bigger is good if you want a lot of runtime and what you want. Oh, this one is graphene graphene conducts electricity and heat better, better heat dissipation, so you want a 3 cell, and this is 100 c. 100 c means it has a lot of a lot of uh current that can flow through it. If it heats up a lot, it looks a little puffy. That means its getting stressed by your motor and youre in the way youre using it.

So you need your 50c. That was perfectly fine in the crawlers uh. You might need 100c uh, and this is continuous burst – is even higher, so theres that upgrade uh heatsink, but make sure its pretty tight here make sure the heatsink will fit in that space. But there you go uh pretty happy with the performance of this. I was competing against a thousand dollar vehicles, a techno and and uh, and a low seat where everything was modified and this thing can can now keep up uh with all those other vehicles. So thanks the time guys so heres some running video on our backyard track. Very consistent im gon na start with a gyro on all the mods are here, and the big distinction here is im braking hard at the last moment, and as soon as i see it straight away, i just gun it full throttle thats, where gyros most popular most Helpful – and here i reverse the course – ive – never done it this way, but i have no problems anyway, so very consistent here i turn it off and right there a little spin out and as i gunned the throttle, i have to be more gentle with it as It fishtails Music, if you get it right, youre rewarded with tighter turns so right there. You can see the tight turn. I think you have to time it really well so this is. This is obviously boom and when you get it perfect, so good, you dont allow this in competition such a good drivers aid, but you know at least you know that the the differences between cherry on and gyro off so gyro off much more involved easy on the Throttle early braking easier to make mistakes but its true driving.