Sorry baby! I love you before. We start this video. I just want to give a reminder that i actually love the traxxas max and i even did this for the traxxas x. Maxx i’ll leave a video up there and it’s all just in good fun. You know pointing out some of its flaws. Every rc car has flaws and it’s just inevitable it’s going to happen, but it doesn’t mean it’s, a bad rc car and just like having floors each rc car has its pros and that’s. Why i’m, bringing you guys both flaws and strengths for the traxxas max, and i want to say a massive thank you to all those who liked and disliked my traxxas xmax video of this, because it’s getting close to 10 000 views. So guys, if you liked the video make sure to like the video, if you haven’t yet make sure to subscribe and if i’ve offended you because i’ve talked negative about your favorite rc car then make sure to dislike this video because again it helps the algorithm. Anyway. We hit 5 000 subscribers. That is insane, and i have every single one of you guys to thank for it. So thank you. I don’t even really know what to say or how to say. Thank you. When i started back in may last year, i was not anticipating this kind of growth and i’m absolutely blown away by all the support so guys. Thank you so much you are all incredible.

I love you all. Unfortunately, i won’t be doing a giveaway this time around, but i will at 10km i’ve, got something pretty decent in mind. So hopefully everything goes to plan and we can do a decent giveaway for 10 000 subscribers which i’m hoping to hit this year. So if you haven’t already smash that subscribe button, guys, okay, so i’m going to start out with the negative, and that has to be that you’re not running my stick now: okay, i’m, just joking, but guys it has to be the small battery tray now. Don’T get me wrong: it’s, not too bad it’s going to fit pretty average size. Batteries. I’Ve got a 7 000 milliamp hour battery in here, which i’ll show you now i’m. Using these 7 000 milliamp hour, z, power, 100c lipo batteries they fit absolutely perfectly boom boom boom, just like that end to end they fit perfectly and with very, very minor gap in there. So if you are looking for some good batteries, guys get these, we can’t really fit like the 9 000 milliamp hour versions of this, which i was really really hoping, because this is quite a large 110 scale. But overall not a massive problem and i’m still happy that i can get the 7000s in there. I just would have preferred to be able to use my xbox batteries as well, instead of having to go and buy some more, and i will leave links in the description where you can pick these up from, as well as the 9 000 million dollars for the Xmax, i did a review there and i tested the runtime and wow blown away by the runtime of the 9000 milliamp hour.

I’Ll actually leave that video up here. If you want to go check that out, if you’re watching this and looking to get a traxxas max i’ll leave that link in the description below as well. So it is an amazing rc car go check out my channel for the other videos on it. I might be talking down about it now, but it is one of the best rc cars on the market. Hands down all right guys coming in at number, two is ballooning wheels. I don’t know if you can kind of see that, but let me get a better position as you can see the wheels balloon very easy and i’ve already had the wheels come apart. As you can see right here, i’ve had to re glue them, not a big deal. I just highly recommend that if you do get one of these to check the wheels and make sure to re glue any spots that might need to it’s better just to do it straight away than when it happens like i had to, and i think the biggest Problem with the ballooning wheels is actually when you’re trying to self right. It’S like i don’t, want to push it too fast. There you go and then they balloon and then they end up coming apart. Okay, guys number three on my list is: this should have come standard as a wide max kit, but the stock max is actually not quite this wide, which means it does roll over quite a bit.

However, in my opinion, the wide max kit isn’t that expensive and it’s a really really good kit. It comes with these green arms, which you can get in any color. It comes with the outer, extended drive shaft. So again, guys i’ve got a review on my channel of the wide max kit. I will leave links in the description to these videos, which you can go and check out for yourself. I just really think putting on the wire max kit would have just made it that much better, because seriously, it is one of the best rc cars ever made. Okay, so this next one is kind of just a traxxas thing and that would have to be traxxas proprietary parts. What i mean especially for the max, is these unique wheel designs as well as the servo which they put in the x max as well. Now. This is just a small minor nick pick. Traxxas is really good and i think traxxas is really really worth the money. But sometimes when you include all these proprietary parts, it becomes hard to sometimes maintain, for example, the server. If you want to replace that you’re going to have to go and buy a traxxas, servo or you’re going to have to buy an adapter, but sometimes with the adapter comes modifications which not all of us want to do recently. Just experienced this now because i’m rebuilding my ex max. I had to cut a little bit away at the chassis it’s, not a big deal for some of us, but for some of us it is especially like kids and teenagers that don’t have access to that kind of thing.

It’S not really that important it’s, not exactly something wrong with the rc car, but i thought it was worth mentioning which that brings me on to the final mention of why i hate my traxxas max so aggressive that actually has to be the slow server. This could just be me being a bit of a wind, because i did come from more of a racing background. When i grew up, i raced rc cars and a fast server was one of those things that we just had to have it just made everything better. This uses the same servo off the traxxas x maxx, which is a little bit slow, i’ve recently just upgraded the x max and whoa video coming on that soon, so yeah guys. Unfortunately, this server is a little bit slow, it’s, not too bad. Let me show you so from one end to the other, so, as you can see guys it’s pretty slow, it does have high torque, though, which is really good, so it does help with the heavier vehicle. However, this really isn’t that heavy of a vehicle it is for a 110 scale vehicle, but considering this is made to drive an x max sized vehicle, i think they could have went with something a little bit faster. I think steering does impact how it handles a lot. I’Ll definitely be doing an upgrade in the future, but some people don’t want to do an upgrade, so i thought they could have used a bit of a faster servo, so that’s really it for that now i know how much people love honorable mentions.

So just a quick honourable mentions, and that would be the plastic drive shafts. If you want to add more power to this, i don’t know how well they’ll handle stock handles perfectly and that’s. Why i didn’t really want to put it in my list as not everyone’s going to upgrade. However, i do feel if you do upgrade you’re, probably going to have to go to a metal drive shaft. You know and that’s not really the cheapest option, so i would have loved to have seen a metal drive. Shaft come with it. However, stock standard is not that bad, so so that’s enough max bashing let’s get on with the good parts. First on. My list has to be durability. Whoa this thing is a tank go son, it’ll, do really big jumps. Take a beating and self righteous way back to glory. Tumble tumble boom hits the pole and it still lives man guys. You know i haven’t even broke this thing since i’ve had it. I hope that demonstration really proves just how durable this beast of an rc car is guys. The traxxas max has to be one of, if not the most durable rc car on the market. Today, with its design like its bigger brother, the traxxas x maxx, it is just super, durable you’ve seen that little demonstration, i didn’t, really know how to put it in words, so i thought i’d just show you anyways in a video just how durable it is, but The next one is the looks, look at how beautiful this thing is.

It looks like a true monster. Truck it’s got that wide max kit on it. It’S got those stickers full throttle. Okay, i couldn’t help myself come back. Look at that rear end baby she’s, a good looking truck and not even the outside, but take a look on the inside okay, my my dirt, but just look at that. The esc is nice and bulky there’s, your receiver, your servo, your motors blue, the color scheme. It just looks phenomenal guys. Traxxas has really done a number on this thing if you’re thinking about going to purchase the traxxas max and you haven’t. Yet what are you waiting for links in the description below where you can get it from guys? The next thing would be the handling from the grippy tires, the awesome very, very shock, absorbent shocks and springs. It soaks up bumps and jumps like no tomorrow guys it’s kind of hard to put handling into perspective without you actually using it. So if you do have a chance to even just try one of these go for it now i will mention as well. That is with the wide max kit and without the wire max kit it does handle very well. However. Yes, it will roll quite a bit more without the wire max kit on it, but guys it’s, a monster truck it’s. You know, it’s up high. The center of gravity is completely different to something like a race buggy or when i say handling, i don’t mean like go to a race track and go and beat some of the race cars because that’s not going to happen guys, but for what? It is.

A monster truck the handling is there and it’s awesome now this one i actually mentioned in my xmax video as well, and that has to be size, but it made it into both categories. I both didn’t like it and did like it, but for the max. I love it, it is just the perfect size, it does claim to be a 110 scale, and it probably is: it is just a little bit bigger than a 110 scale. In my opinion, the armor big rock is a 110 scale, and this is just slightly bigger than the armor big rock. So i guess it’d be halfway between a 1 8 and a 1 10 in my opinion, and i just think that’s phenomenal, because it’s so easy to carry around it’s light enough where you’re not struggling like the traxxas x, mags and i’m. Probably a bit lazy, like i said guys, i’m, not super human, like half of you guys and but the size is really good. It’S it’s that perfect size just pick it up, throw it around yeah. I guess there’s not much to say about the size other than i really like it on to the next point. Okay, guys final reason why i love the trash just max and it has to do something with this sticker and that is speed. So let’s go full throttle Applause, i can’t gun it pulls rubber from the start. It will just really really really really now.

Unfortunately, i’ve only managed to get it, i think, to a 46 or 47 miles per hour on a 4s battery. I believe someone like mark san maria got like 52 miles per hour, which is incredible. I’M, not sure why i couldn’t get this over 50 miles per hour i’m, going to hook up the bluetooth module system one day and see if possibly and something’s done with the settings, hey guys. That brings me on to my honorable mentions, and that has to be the self writing feature yeah. That is kind of the tracks. This thing, but i just had to mention it anyways, also not to mention the awesome breaks. It has all right guys we’re getting surrounded by people’s, so that is it for this video. I hope you guys did enjoy and make sure to smash the like button and make sure to comment guys. Why do you love the tracks for smash? Why did you buy it? Is it your favorite, rc car? I know it’s, one of mine so guys that is it for this video and i’ll catch.