I wanted to show you this because ive teased this on instagram. This is the rustler vxl and i actually broke the action. Well, i didnt break. The screw fell out of the shock on this one, so thats holding me up on getting that review done. That is just a killer truck and then over here is a ton of projects. Lets start off with the terrell p34, because ive also teased this one on instagram showed the wheels working and people went wild for that. So im gon na have that review done pretty soon. The body set is almost done. I put the decals on. I just have to go ahead and finish, painting the figure and then actually, while im up at madness running this im, probably going to run this as well. This i showed a while ago, i think here on youtube, quick little teaser and its almost done tons of decal work on this body for the m05 vw flower power, bus, uh, really cool, looking body it comes painted, but lots of decal work. So, im almost done with that, i just have to put the headlight bezels on and the bumpers on that and that will be good to go and then the mst rmx. This is going to be really cool. I apologize, i havent had it on the channel. Yet now over here, weve got the phoenix from vanquish. This is a really cool truck lets see if we get some light on there, so we can see it better, really, cool, build lots of features in this.

It has an over a switchable overdrive and a dig function to it. Man, i cant wait to drive that thing, its just going to be awesome, but this is what you guys really came for. I think this wheel set. This is a pretty expensive wheel, set that you see laid out here on the workbench ive been putting it together. Its got to go on my vs410 pro from vanquish because thats, the rock and the stock wheels cant have that – and this is just a killer wheel set from vanquish. So uh lets see. First, up ive got the tank wheels, they come in pairs and they do come with rings. They do come with hardware. However, with these wheels, you could go and put on their ifr rings, which is a really cool setup that just allows you to customize your wheels, which, with the multiple color combinations, so check out this wheel. This is the tank wheel with two of the rings on it, as i showed you guys before. Let me see if i can get in focus there. There we go so you can see. You know weve got the inner ring here and then the outer ring and thats what all these optional rings are for as well. So i could go and swap these out. I got extra internal rings, so i could go swap it out if i ever choose to put it on a different car. Obviously, somebody thats picking up these wheels will probably only pick up one set of inner rings, but i got multiple as you can see, really like rocking the bronze, because theres a little bit of bronze on that green body there as well, but this bolts up you Know no modifications or anything like that.

It comes with the hardware where you can pretty much put it together. I, however, went and got their optional hex hardware and uh. It just looks a bit more scale. Now you, when you pick up this hardware, you should probably also pick up their specialty tools, which allows you to put those hardware uh with those screws in, and you also need the hex hubs now, when this thing is all together, this entire package that you see Right here is over five hundred dollars. It was 553 for that entire set. Now, would you go and put a set of those wheels on your car? Would you actually go and use them? Let me know in the comment section below, of course, im going to go and rock those wheels, because i need to go drive that vs410 pro again and it really needs a better set of wheels and tires on so im. Definitely going to rock those things. But they are a really good quality set of wheels and tires, and my point to this, what i want to talk about is, i saw a comment on. I think it was instagram or something like that about these wheels. When i put them up – and somebody said – oh, those are just repackaged – those are not not re badged wheels. Those are made in the usa theyre made by vanquish and anything you see outside thats thats, not vanquish is just a knock off and so because these are vanquished wheels, theyre, really high quality and thats theyre made in the usa and thats.

Why? The price is a bit high in comparison to some of the knockoff stuff that youre seeing and if you want to go support that you do you um, but for those of us that want to go and have the best of the best on there and support You know a company like vanquish were gon na rock those type of wheels. So let me know your thoughts on that in the comment section below lets see what else do i have to show you guys? Oh quick, shout out here to garageliferc. They sent me this wing mount for my sledge. Its a 3d printed wing now looks really really good. I didnt ask them to send it. They found my p.o box address somehow, and i dont even know where i have that listed, actually ill. Go put it in the cop or in the description below, along with links to all the other stuff, but if you need a wing mount for your sludge definitely go check these guys out all right, guys, um. Let me know what you think about this style of video just kind of hanging out in the workshop, showing you some update stuff.