I do not know where to start actually. Firstly, i want to start by just a quick shout out to the hundreds of thousands of viewers that still have not subscribed to the channel. What are you doing, you’re missing out, not just missing out on the content you’re missing out on stuff like this? This is going to subscriber and you’re, not a subscriber 50 200 and, however many there are at the moment on the channel massive shout out to all of you. That watch like comment share the videos and everything like that, if it wasn’t for you guys, i wouldn’t have all of this here now and i would be sat here with all this in front of me. I certainly wouldn’t be sat here giving away one of these, although this is my we’re in double figures for giveaways. I reckon this is probably 12 or 13 giveaway in three years, which i don’t think is too bad for a channel. I like to give back, and i don’t announce all the giveaways, some stuff i just send to people randomly um other stuff. I give to friends, family and stuff like that, so officially the probably 12 giveaway, but i give stuff away all the time. Another reason to probably be part of this channel i’m still in a little bit of shock, even though i’ve got 50 000 subscribers now it’s. Still, it still impresses me that people want to watch my content, and it just motivates me to do more, basically and if there’s any budding youtubers out there or if you’ve got a channel and stuff like that, don’t be put off if the channel’s not really doing Much at the moment i started, i started around end of 2017, just putting some random tamiya videos up and stuff like that, and i ramped it up a little bit in 2018.

If you put some effort in if you look at what people want to watch what people don’t really want to watch and you just keep at it, your channel will grow. I only had three years ago or three and a half years ago i probably only had about four or five rc cars and now probably 150 or something like that anyway. I know why you’ve clicked on this video, you probably want to know who’s getting the rival mt10 from team associated well let’s get on with the draw right. Let’S bring the camera around here. So you can see that i’m, not cheating right so here’s, the computer here’s. My random comment picker. This is, i think, it’s the second time i’ve used this one. I prefer this one because you can remove any duplication. So if someone’s commented 10 times, it will take nine of them times out. It makes it much easier, so let’s paste the link in anything go so anything goes means that there’s, no preference, you can put keyword filters, top rated comments and stuff, but we’ll leave it anything goes i’m, not going to include replies and i’m not going to allow Duplicates so this is going to load the comments now i think there’s about three and a half thousand talk amongst yourselves. They do buy me. A coffee i’ve got to buy me a coffee link in the description. So, while we’re waiting for the comments to load, you get yourself a coffee and maybe buy me one as well.

If you want right here, we go 3330 comments. Right i’m, not gon na look i’m gon na hover over the picker winner i’m gon na have a drum roll ready. Three two one go andrew: that andrew croom, andrew croon or croon apologies. Um right you’ve got seven days to comment on this video comment on this video. Then i’ll contact you or i’ll reply to you with details of how you can get hold of me and then we can sort out your prize. Congratulations andrew! You have won rival mt10. If you don’t comment within seven days, though it might go to someone else, that’s it for this video guys cheers for watching. Don’T worry if you didn’t win this time, there’s going to be some more stuff coming soon and there’s. A massive change coming for the garage! Look at it now, in a few weeks time, it’s going to be quite a big difference. I hope you stick around to see me through to chapter two of this journey on youtube just watching.