Now you may look at the outside of the box and you’re thinking. Richie. That looks very, very similar to that drop from high boxing that you unboxed the other day, and i could not help think about the similarities between the two on there. But this one is from niaki. This one is from high boxing, but when i get them out my side of a feeling they’re going to be pretty similar, this one is brushed 40 minutes plus runtime. Now, with two batteries making an absolute bargain to my mind and it’s, pretty darn rapid as well, something in the brushless version of this that’s going to be absolutely cracking, and this thing is as tough as convey, whereas that one had a lot of plastic on it. This one’s got a lot of metal, and this one being brushless has also got a wheelie bow on it anyway. Let’S get this thing, unboxed get it on charge, get it tested outside. You can get a lot of metal upgrades for this car. You can get metal spare and pinion gears metal, diff gears all round metal, red dog bones, metal, front cbd, drive, shafts metal, diff, outdrive cups, aluminum, cut shocks, wheely bar, which it does actually come with, and metal center drive shaft on there. So pretty good upgrade path. If you want to bash the heck out of this thing now, it appears you can get this truck in yellow and blue i’m quite liking, the blue.

Actually, i have no idea which color we’ve got except you can see a little yellow dot on the top, which makes me wonder if we’ve got the yellow one uh instruction manual and a couple of stickers on there. So a little bit of self assembly may be required. I can tell you right now: i’ve got the blue one. The yellow dot does indicate we’ve got one very yellow, rc car now unboxing one of these cars can be a bit of an art form. You need to cut the back of the box zone. Get your transmitter. All you’ve got is that our wheelie bar and charger are going to be in there, and our car is going to drop in with a little bit of style on here, transmitter pretty good quality. Actually feels very rigid plastic, indeed, forwards, reverse brake, steering on there you’ve got steering trim, steering dual rate speed, dual rate on it, reversible steering, reversible throttle on it as well on off switch and three aaa batteries. All you need in the bottom to get going. First of all time to get the body film off so it’s, all looking good, i mean how many people don’t even realize that the car like this, the body films are on there fits that well that’s, looking a lot shinier now so anyway, what do we get For our money, we get our transmitter instruction manual, wheelie bar, which also fits the car in just a second that always bodes well lighting kit, two leds in there usb charger, not uncommon at all.

This price point set stickers to go on the outside of that gorgeous. Yellow body and the car itself best news about this car anybody spot it probably knocks love to zoom in three wire steering servo from the outset. That is always a very, very good sign means if you need to upgrade the combined esc and receive it on that. You don’t need to upgrade the steering server, which is always a really positive sign on there now battery wise that’s. The first thing i want to get to exactly the same pack as in the high boxing racing 4×4, the other day, not only these batteries. Last for a stupid amount of time, despite their munitive size, of a thousand milliamps on it, they’re not only 2s, but they’re, also 25c rated anyway. Let me put that on charge. Continue. The tour led lights are going to go in here. Moving on back Applause, yeah car reasonably well sprung. Much like the high boxing wrestling one the other day but front and rear is well strong, as opposed to well damped, i would say, but fitting new dampers to one of these things is not going to cost a whole heap of money anyway. Moving on down steering servo on the left, 3y one, as i said, that’s quite good, combined, esc and receiver on the right and a curse, racing brushless motor there on the right hand, side as well decent front impact bumper, but we’ll test that out outside in a Minute and decent one on the rear, if you slam into anything going backwards, the thing that’s in its favor the weight of the car, when i call them firecrackers something like this they’re, probably weighing like a pound and a half on there.

So the weight of the thing is absolutely nominal, meaning it’s going to give you a good battery, run time and accelerate very very fast. Indeed, anyway, quick scan down the underside of the car same tires. My same identical tires. I saw on the high box and racing car i tested the other day, speaking wrench let’s, put them side by side and see what they look like quite similar. Both cars come with leds yet to fit them to the ravage on here three world servo on both of them key differences on this one, brushless motor metal, rear, drive, shafts brush motor on this one plastic rear drive chest, but other than that, as you can see, Quite a few similarities, this was an absolute firecracker the other day but i’m thinking. This was its brushless power should be pretty darn good, okay, first job done stickers on body next job simply install the led lights. They simply push home in here. A couple of zip lock ties plug in the receiver in there now to fit. The wheelie bar comes with full instructions, the wheelie bar itself and they’ve even included a screwdriver for you to use to fit it well very, very easy job indeed, to fit that wheelie bar on that’s, all nice and secure okay, battery’s finished charging lights are all working Time to go outside and test this baby, and before we do that quick flip through the instruction manual you’ll see a full list of parts there proving this car is hobby grade and we’ve got exploded diagrams if they had to put everything together or take it apart.

In the back there, anyway let’s take this pocket rocket outside. Just remember guys, if you like what you see today, don’t forget to subscribe: okay time for a quick outdoor test with the uh brushless new okay, now, first of all, turn the steering jewel right up to its maximum. Just get a feel nice turning radius on there. There’S, a speed, build it’s, going to begin strip wider, now install the speed rate right down and i’m going to show you just how slow this car is to start with, but ideal. If you’ve got kids, you want to learn that’s way too slow that’s on 100. Well: zero: fifty percent a bit brisker now rich just turn out to fall. I have a feeling i’m full. It might be quite lively. Oh yeah, good break, so rich Applause. This is a completely different animal to the high boxing car. Definitely use a wheelie bar on now. You’Ve got this brushless very predictable handling short wheelbase, so it will spin round on you if you’re, not careful, you’re, not going to be able to catch this in her. If the back end spins out Applause but bear in mind, one of these batteries lasts over 20 minutes in the brush version. Please not be far off that in the brushless version. Ideal car, i would say for shelter in place and the kovid in a minute – might benefit from slightly uh soft mouse i’m. Not going to slightly softer tires this.

This concrete surface i’m running on now, not nowhere near as much grip as blacktop would have so. Carcum is very a lot harder to predict if this was on tarmac or blacktop. It would be a lot easier to predict how well the handling is on airbrakes supreme brakes are pretty good. He says reversing there on the rich steering i’m loving the steering the steering is very, very quick indeed so, while i said the backhand will spin out, if you provoke it – and he says no, i can’t spin it out yeah lift up, he will do lift off The oversteer, which is i’m quite a fan of that i’ll, go in there, lift off and then floor the throttle, and then you compare the corner on dirt and loose dirt i’m thinking. This thing is going to be absolutely blast to drive as it unloads grass. I wonder bearing mine is next to nose, damping or no suspension so full throttle on the grass. No, oh, you have to be kidding me anyway. How does it handle full throttle on grass bear in mind? It’S got next to no damping on that, although it’s quite well sprung full throttle and it baffles me and runs absolutely as straight as a doe, which is a good thing on it. Coming back up full throttle on the way yeah considering it has got no damping. As such other than friction dampers, the thing that’s remarkable some of these cheaper buggies never cease to surprise me.

It struck me a bit on a little bit on the grass the grass is getting about, maybe about four inches long and the wheel size is showing its uh strain on there. If that makes sense, but for a first out whenever the bumpy grass it’s not doing badly at all, i’ve had buggies, which cost far far more up to three times the price of this thing, but i’ve not handled the uh concrete to grass test as well as This does now those wheels are going to be a bit of a handful for a few minutes until they’ve dried back out because more sprinklers have just been on Music. Well, i have to say it really start with and then just hooks up and goes well. I have to say it obviously feels pretty much identical to the sg 1601, which was an absolutely cracking car on a battery’s beginning tail off a little bit, but then i’ve been going at it really hard. I hope we caught that on camera richie. Oh, of course you got it on camera boy Laughter. You have to be kidding me and he slides backwards through the rails you’re on fire. Today, my boy you’re on fire. Hopefully the car won’t, be Applause man with the wheels a bit wet, still actually it’s drifting. Really well now, i think, on loose dirt. This thing would go an absolute holy gun on that plenty of punch, in fact a ridiculous amount of punch.

I thought that boxing racing 4×4 was quick the other day but uh. This is uh yeah a bit like a rebranded sg1601. This thing is in a world of its own, so i would say, maybe up for the brushless version of this car, like this one i’ll put a link to all three of them below the video, but this that well, you got to watch that short wheelbase, because That is going to go against it unless the sun is always shining down on you. I mean really really five times in a row i’m filming this in one continuous shoot, and i am trying so hard not to stop laughing man. This is a lot woo. A lot of fun in a small area i’m not going to get back out of there. I don’t think: how am i not going to dig yourself out of every outrich, but the thing is, as i said, it’ll start an absolute pocket rocket on here. Almost too much speed to the driveway good brakes on it are pretty good brothers. I always rave about cars with good brakes, but it’s not bad, no they’re, not excellent, but they’re, not bad, and it handles those transitions between the uh, blacktop and the grass without any problem whatsoever, and that just storms up the grass bear in mind. This has got like friction shocks on there, Applause, that’s, crazy, ow and doesn’t it too much if your legs well people, i have to say the new okay ravage 4×4, an absolute blast to drive the battery, showing maybe a little bit of tail enough after about 15 Minutes bring them on the brush version of this car.

I got just over 20 minutes worth of run time with so coming up on 15 minutes have full throttle running uh with this at 15 minutes, not too bad at all. Anyway. Lots to like about this car i’ll put a link to it below the video if anyone’s interested thanks for watching well thumbs up.