You can get on Amazon. The first brand is from Pocket racers, and it comes in its own carrying case with the remote controls on it. This beauty is called a phantom and it comes with four of these cones and the very back of the case there’s a spot for two double a batteries. So this is a self charging station and once you plug it to the car, that’ll go solid red and it will turn off in about 15 minutes Music. This next brand is called Zen wheels. Micro car it’s got a nice foam case place to hold the car. Ten cones and the charging cable. This is the only brand that you have an app to download that’s how you steer it. It’S got lights all over, actually that you can turn on with the app and then on the back. It has an input for the micro USB which should come with for charging get it get it get it. You have for steering modes, one where you complete joystick, and then you have like three other combinations between joystick and kill and kill mode. You just move your phone side to side to steer it. The pure joystick mode is the easiest for me. I Music get your attention doesn’t it. This is the wall climber car by Force one. So you have an a B and C for different channels and onoff switch and then on the top. You have a right and a left trigger.

It does come with a microUSB and charges about 15 to 20 minutes the cord plugs into the back of the car. Next to the wall and floor switch here’s the floor mode first and Kitty is ready, let’s, rock and roll Music, and this is actually pretty freaky Stuart. It doesn’t really like my flooring. It gets tucked pretty easy on this floor, so I’m gon na switch it to wall mode Music. This next brand is called whoopsie, so there’s, no remote control with this. All you do is you turn it on and then throw it in this ball there’s a speed. One and two switch on the very bottom here: the lights start going crazy number two is a little bit faster and it turn it off. You just switch it over to off position or it will shut off automatically in a few seconds. It does come with this little loop thing here, so you can just loop it to the side of the car, and then you can connect this to like a pencil or your keys or something it will just go like crazy around in the circle and it’s going And then apparently, stick it and that’s pretty much what it can do, which is neat yeah. The second speed, which is quite a bit faster, that’s kind of cool, is when I roll it Music. This next brand is from Team RC, and this is the mini RC car or a pop can car just take off this lid it’s.

All everything is all inside the can ready to go ready to be taken with you wherever you go forward backwards left and right. There is a antenna that comes with it, you just screw onto the top here in the lid there’s. Also, four cones. We have a left and right trim, onoff switch and a place for charging on the side of the remote. You have the charging cable which plugs into the very bottom of the car. Oh I get like four or five feet from it and it loses signal so I’m cutting out on me. So starting on this is it’s decent, not my favorite. The last brand is from top race and, as you can see, it’s got a remote control over backwards right and left, and then you have three different channels: a B and C. Then up top you have a low and high speed button on the side is where the charging cable is on. The bottom lies: the charging port and the onoff switch a bunch of different accessories with this and all the accessories just kind of clicked on to each other it’s much more than just your regular RC car and here’s a last brand kitty. Are you ready holy moly? That was crazy? What is almost impossible to steer okay? So this is the normal speed. I didn’t realize that I had it on full power, there’s, actually a low and a high speed, and I didn’t realize I had it on high speed.

So, at a low speed, this is much much easier to steer control. I got these let’s see what happens here. Oh and it’s been very, very fast kind of cool. So if you set the car in the side – and you use different types of wills, it comes with, can play baseball golf Spacewar, judo a bunch of interesting looking things you can do with the car, so my favorite car, as far as steering and speed, would have To be brand one, it was just the easiest to steer and the speed was pretty fast compared to all the other brands. As far as capabilities and just fun to drive, Zen wheels would be my choice. That was the one that had the apps that car had all the bells. The whistles, the sounds that I thought was pretty cool, so those two brands are my pick: I’ll have the links to all the brands in the description below.