It really is the coolest car i’ve ever driven what’s up guys welcome to this pov review by auto top now. My name is martin and today, in this beautiful southern german forest i’m. Taking a look at this rally legend, this is the audi sport quattro built by lce performance, and they make this like a modern interpretation without destroying the historical values of the audi sport quattro. It looks like the old car it’s built like the old car. Only with a bit more modern technique and a lot more power. Now, of course, this is the group b car which walter rule drove back in the day. This is an absolute rally. Legend i don’t have to explain you otherwise go search for audi sport. Quattro rally, videos and fall in love with this boxy little audi now lc performance – maybe you know these guys we’ve done a lot of their cars lately they make the most awesome machines ever, but this is the most awesomest of all. This is what they are famous for: building sport quattros, and they are the only one in the world that can do that with certification. So this is road legal. You could put a license plate on it, no problem, it has been tough, approved and it’s, not just some garage build. So if you want one of these, they start at about 90k uh. They can build it from 300 horsepower uh up to a 1 000 horsepower.

Spec, it is incredibly hard, they told me, and i immediately believe that, but because try imagining finding donor cars for a sport quattro, especially this shorter version, so they use two chassis and they combine it to make this short version: it’s, 32, centimeters, shorter and it’s. Just this little short, boxy quattro rally, car it’s, awesome, it’s, awesome uh. They need a lot of donor cars for the ride body panels without any rust. They completely repaint the chassis, the body parts, all the interior parts, carbon fiber and it’s. Just the coolest car i’ve ever driven there i’ve said it. It really is the coolest car i’ve ever driven it’s totally different. We do high power, modern cars, which lca performance of course also makes, but just have a look at this cae short shifter and it’s. Super super short carbon fiber panels. We have these really style, hinges right here, rule cage in body, color, it’s just awesome, and have a look at this rev counter, which starts at about 4, 000 rpm and that’s, because the rpms below that they do not matter. This is a high revving car. It has a big ass turbo, nothing happens under 5k, so this is old school turbo driving. Now we have walter rules stamp of approval. This is what makes this car a legend this man and what’s really special about this – is that walter also designed this car? So, for example, the angle of the windshield is because he is quite a tall man and he was sitting in it and when, when he did an uphill in his rally, car the sun would blind him.

So he said the angle of the front. Windshield has to be like this, which made them redesign the entire car. Now, let me show you the engine with these cool things right here. Oh there, it is now a lot of people have worked on this. A lot of companies have worked on this. For example, the turbo is from tte, this is the prototype turbo and they are still running it after all these years and don’t forget, this is no garrett’s queen. This is a car lce uses for customers for press for having fun and they don’t kid around it’s. Not like, oh you, can’t go full throttle or whatever. No, you just have fun with it and that’s it it’s had a few oil changes over the years and that’s. Basically it now. One of the other partners of this project is wagner tuning. They made this bespoke intercooler. This intake, manifold and what’s really funny is that the block is from the vw, t4 van and it’s a diesel block, and they build up this 2.5 spec 5 cylinder turbo engine inline 5, as in the olden days and on race fuel. They do nearly 1100 horsepower with this i’m in uh street mode right now so i’m doing 650 and it’s already super super scary. It it’s nothing like a modern car with 650 horsepower, let alone 1000 horsepower it. I think it would kill me just the experience. Okay, close this up again now the sound of this car i’m not going to do it justice by just pov driving it through these mountain roads so for the first time ever i’m going to use exterior footage in one of our pov reviews.

So back here we have all the cooling going on, which is really special. So all the cooling goes on in the back is then shot forward and utilized by the engine really weird setup, never seen it. So, of course we have a racing harness and i’m warning. You this car is going to make me look like a fool because i’m used to driving very fast cars, but modern cars. This is a classic old car and it drives like an old car both in a good and a bad way, so that turbo it just kicks in flies through the rpm, and then you have to shift instead of a build up. I’Ll show you, and even to start it it’s quite a challenge, because the engine is hot right now, so that means we have to turn on the ignition turn on the fans. Music start. It here start it here and i fail stop needed a bit of help. There, as i said this car will make you look like a stupid, modern kid, cae short, shifter, really really nice. We have a racing clutch which i really have to get used to. We have two fans, cooling, everything, oh boy, Music, wow, and we have the beautiful southern german environment wouldn’t want to test it anywhere else. This is just this. Car is home, got a thumb from him old people, young people, subaru people – everyone loves it. My oh, my you have to listen to it from the outside Music Applause, so so the chassis.

This is the shorter version, so it’s a little more direct but it’s all over the place. If you’re used to a modern car. Please forgive me for driving this thing. Like an idiot, you really have to get to know this car before you can really use it Music. The way it should be used, but the cool thing is even though it makes me really look like like an idiot it. It makes me the most happy man in the world – oh my god, so steering, of course, no power steering just natural things going through your fingertips same for the braking it’s, not assisted it’s, not Music, helping you, this car isn’t helping you in any way um and You don’t want any help in this car, except for where you started up come on. I am completely in love with this car. Now, as i said, you can get this for 90 000 euros, but then you don’t get all the carbon stuff uh the exhaust, all the fancy beds, all the carbon. These seats, the roll cage. There are quite a few extras on this car, so something like this would be around 150k Music, now, i’m, really proud of our country, because a dutchman has already bought one good good man and someone from hamburg has now ordered a black one, which is going to Daily drive: can i get a thumbs up for that man, what a cool guy they are working on that car.

As we speak i’m going to open my window for cooling and sound reasons, this is an old school turbo. It kicks in it kicks in the back. This car is something else no modern, supercar hyper car wow can live up to this experience i mean it’s 6.50, but if they told me it was a thousand, i would believe it too. Jesus christ. I am a spoiled modern kid, a child. This is driving the things i normally do. It’S battle, shifting and launch control throttle mapping it’s all useless. She really liked it. Okay, nice straight right here, let’s see what we can do without looking like a fool Music and it smells like gas in here. Imagine sitting next to someone like walter rule in this car. That would be a dream for me so walter if you’re watching this car is the coolest thing i’ve ever driven and i think i’ve driven over 1 000 performance cars not to be not to brag about that number. But it’s just Music to to convince you guys of how freaking cool this thing actually is i’m, not going to drive it on the autobahn because it’s just simply it’s useless. This thing is not made for the autobahn. She likes it i’m going to wait here. Music pull a little gap. I could get emotional from this car. I’M. I’M – not i’m, not kidding wow. It moves around a lot, i’ll give it to modern cars. The chassis of a modern car is so good.

This also has a kw set, so it has already been improved all, but you really have to manage everything: the power, the chassis, the braking the clutch. This is what working looks like people – oh man, i’m in love, and her name is audi sport, quattro built by lc performance, the miracle workers this this thing i completely love it guys, i’m, absolutely actually in love and i’m going to end. It here, unfortunately, go check out lce performance, guys the miracle workers go check out. This pov review go check out the playlist subscribe to our channel by clicking right here i want one. I need one in my life.