As far as cool remote control toys go, it doesn’t get much better than the flying pterodactyl Paul, Gees, newest RC flying pterodactyl is an incredible replica of the flying reptile with a five foot wingspan and three foot body it flaps its way up to 1600 feet is Easy to control an even more fun to fly, this lizard will have a jaw dropping effect on anyone who sees him in the sky. The pterodactyl can stay airborne for 15 to 20 minutes on a single charge and has a 500 meter range. It flies well in wind and even has realistic. Screech sounds the unique foot. Rudder system allows easy control by moving the lever to adjust the feet to go up down, left or right. The 2.4 GHz light Pro rechargeable battery and an optional camera harness that can record your flights number 6 smart plane. The next generation of drones is being developed. The intelligent, smart plane by tobe rich is the newest Bluetooth toy airplane, controlled by an iOS device pilot. The smart plane with a free app, the optional flight, assist mode allows the drone to make corrections during flight for added stabilization. The virtual horizon allows you to control the planes rudder just by tilting your iphone or ipad, or mount a joystick to your gamepad. The battery life of the smart plane is an impressive half hour of flying time on a single charge when soaring and gliding in five minutes at full throttle.

This plane comes with a first person, view camera and sends images to VR goggles copilot mode lets. You fly with a friend and the interactive flight school. Teaches you how to perform awesome stunts number five jumping sumo. When you think of drones, you automatically think flying the parrot mini drone. Jumping sumo is a drone but remotely controlled toys. Spins rolls and jumps. It is a responsive bot that can jump up to 80 centimeters in height and length and always lands on its wheels. It’S strong enough to move objects in its path and balances like a Segway jumping sumo has three control modes, connects to a smartphone through Wi Fi and generates its own 2.4 and 5 gigahertz networks, it’s compatible with iOS and Android sequence and program. Your own road plan and then watch it all with the wide angle camera that streams live immersive views on the pilot screen. The faultless directional stability lets the wheels open for greater stability in high speeds and retracts when driving through narrow areas. This embedded technology makes this cool vehicle more precise than any other radio controlled toy number 4 Rover, Land and C. If you are searching for a truly all terrain, remote controlled toy, look no further than the rover land and see this app controlled vehicle is amphibious and is great for indoors outdoors, land or water. Take this Rover to your backyard to the pool or lake and capture the fun on its built in rotating camera, the free app lets you use your Android or iOS to watch videos or take photos.

The app also lets users steer the device with on screen navigation controls. The Rover has headlights and LEDs to light the way in the dark or when submerged in the water share your videos and photos online. The two way audio lets you sneak up on spy missions and announce your presence through the built in speakers. The route memory lets you repeat, highly traveled routes. There is no limit to the fun you can have with Rover Land and sea adventure. Vehicle number, 3 and key overdrive. Toy racecars will always be a favorite of kids and adults who are kids at heart, and key overdrive has taken slot cars and modernized them to a new level customize and build your own tracks using easy snap together sections the car is charged in 10 minutes and Run 20 minutes before needing to be recharged. Anki overdrive has an app for your iOS or Android device that lets you control the cars after one or two slow laps around the track. The cars learn the layout then it’s off to the races. The little sprinters Auto accelerate around the track and use infrared markings to maintain positions steer by tilting the phone or tablet and lean into turns and position yourself behind your competitors to unleash the secret weapons, such as the tractor beam and plasma cannon, slow down your competitors And weaken armor for future attacks, the phones, vibrate and the cars light up and slow down when being attacked.

This car racing video game comes to life, has sound effects, voice effects and music to add to the exciting experience number two powerup fpv a new take on the classic paper plane. The powerup fpv drone turns a paper plane into a remote controlled powered plane with camera. Fpv provides a first person view using a camera that can next to a phone or tablet view your flight from a pilot’s perspective in the Google cardboard fpv headset. This neat little package is easy to use and is one of the more affordable flying drones with a camera. The neat part is that you get to build the drone like a traditional paper airplane. The flying mechanism is 13 inches long and 3.5 inches wide. There are two carbon fiber struts that hold twin motors and the propellers. The motors are independently operated, which is how the drone is controlled. There is a soft plastic bumper to help protect the drone in crashes. The camera rotates reviews in front and behind fly for 20 minutes with the 55 milliamp real lithium ion polymer battery. As this 3 ounce drone takes little effort to soar number one SEMA x9. What has four motors propellers a set of wheels and can fly our crews on the ground? The SEMA x9 Explorer breaks the mold when it comes to cool remote, controlled devices. This quadcopter charges in 100 minutes and flies for six to seven min it’s in the air and much longer on the ground.

It has a range of up to 50 meters. The x9 features a transmitter similar to other quad copters. It is easy to control and very stable in the air. The two speeds allow you to fly slower for beginners or when navigating obstacles and faster for the adrenaline junkies. The variable speeds also work when the x9 is cruising on the ground. The acrobatics for the x9 include a 3d rollover or flip and has automated acrobatics switch automatically from land mode to flying when the throttle is set to zero and transition easily into flight zippy on land and steady in the air. This cool, remote, controlled toy is a great value for its versatility. If you like list videos like 5 unexplained things found in the ocean 5 most expensive liquids on earth find unbelievable military training exercises don’t forget to subscribe to our other channel facts junkie. You won’t regret it. The link is on the screen and in the description thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video don’t forget to leave a like and hit that subscribe button so that you won’t miss any of our future videos. Music.