So we’re going to see what we can do. This time, without that happening, hopefully uh – i think we might be over – might be over 90. i’m really trying to get to 100. Sorry, my phone is using my phone as a gps and it’s freaking out, because the walkie talkie function is being held down all right. Let’S hope that phone stays in there let’s see what we can do all right folks tires. Are warm let’s, see what we can do. I will go way down run by try not to hit the students truck who’s parked here here we go. Oh actually about the end of my signal, so walk a little closer. I need to get a good transmitter in this thing, but we’ll be using this one. For now. Here we go well. We do a hundred, oh, oh, my gosh. Oh, my gosh, the gopro flew out guys. That is uncontrollable. I hope my car’s okay, oh i i forgot to hit record on the gopro too. Oh, oh my gosh. We are stuck in the i weeds, it’s, okay, i think we’re. Okay, all right we’re, not even gon na mess with the gopro because it flew out there. We go Music let’s ease into it. This time, whoa, sorry, bad camera angle: it is out of control completely out of control, huh it’s, making too much power all right. Let’S! Try this again, i just got ta, get a good run and see what she’ll do whoa jeez let’s see if we can do a burnout Applause all right.

Watch out! Oh, oh, my gosh, oh my gosh. We had full throttle for about a second there smoking. It looks like the fan the motor sucked up the fan wire. Oh no, just rip that out no power good in here, which one’s that fan. Maybe if i unplug, that is this Music wow, so that fan wire actually got caught into my motor when i flipped or something burned up and was i don’t even know short circuiting everything? I guess we tied exactly what we did last time 75 miles an hour. That’S hilarious, so we’re gon na do better than that, though. I think we can hit at least 80 today so i’m telling you guys that was not even like. I we didn’t even get a good run. It so start this up again and go again Applause. Oh, my god, Music Applause, nice Music. I think that’s our run right. There guys pretty good Music, no power, no power, that at least we got two good runs in, though that last one might have been the past. One too, i don’t know. Hopefully the battery just came unplugged like i thought the first time we will see, though that was violent, very violent. Amazingly amazingly guys, i think it’s, okay, that’s just a little protective coating, because it’s a new body but let’s see what she did. I think it’s. Actually, okay, we lost another body, clip it’s, all right version, it’s, so annoying okay.

So the final one 75 miles an hour. I find that hard to believe that seemed way faster than 75, but it’s saying it was 75 miles an hour there’s, no way it had to have been quicker than that. The previous run. Is this thing like capped or something max speed limit warning 120. So supposedly it’s supposed to go faster than 75, but i don’t know that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. Well, we’ll, do one more run down there and see if it goes faster in 75? If not, i think i might try a different app or actually get a real gps Music Applause. I could be a stunt driver with that one. Here we go Music, all right if that wasn’t it i don’t know what was that was a perfect run so good. I don’t even think i have a signal. Oh my god, i would not stop. I think i lost signal that did not sound good, well, it’s still moving so that’s a good sign. I hit that curve at least probably 25 miles an hour or more. Oh, no. This does not look good i’ve seen something on the pavement. Okay that’s, my phone, i don’t know. Oh the car does not look good. I will check the phone out in a second. Okay looks like we just broke a body puff and let’s. Take a bite broke. A body post and snapped a steering arm the arm here and okay and then the front diff appears to have either broken or pulled out of the front axle shaft, which is annoying because i just had that apart phone screen is not cracked.

That is good. Do your thing did 75 miles an hour there’s, no way this app sucks destroyed my truck for a speed cap of 75 miles an hour, so we will be getting a gps for sure in the next episode. Sorry is this: for you guys. I reckon that was well over 80, maybe into the 90s, but uh. I got some repairs to do now. I will see you in the next one stay tuned like and subscribe.