Video uh between my traxxas, unlimited desert, racer and the new low c uh super baja, ray 2 that i just unboxed and tested out the other day. A lot of comments coming in saying: is it a traxxas udr killer? Is it worth getting? Is it better than the udr and i'm always careful on what i say? Is it better or whatever, because everybody's ideas of what they have or or what they think is better that's, all subjective, right, it's, all based on personal opinion and how we use our products well, i'm, going to put these two side by side for you guys to Look at today that way you can see what would be good for you what's going to fit your needs the most and then that way, you'll have a better idea of how you can get involved in your next rc adventure. There you go like a disappearing act. The traxxas udr is still behind there, but look at the size difference right away guys these guys are nose to nose, or should i say wheel to wheel right here, this uh baja ray the super baja ray 2 comes with three different led bars. This one that's right up here in the bumper not to mention this rubber skirt at the bottom there's one here and of course, one in the back boom, both of them sporting, very cool, customized, accessories, uh, where there is functioning fans back here. But over here there is not.

These are, of course, just for looks uh a functional drive shaft in the back for the udr two actual spare tires here. You'Ve got a faux jack uh two functional uh tires. These are bf goodrich on bead locks, but look at the size of the tire difference. Okay, let's see. If we can here i'll roll this back, so we can have a look at it in the light. Look at the size difference guys now granted that udr is slightly behind it, so it'll skew perspectives, but look what happens when i change it around. You can tell that it's. Absolutely much larger here are both vehicles upside down, where you can kind of see just where it sits. Also what's nice to note is that the traxxas udr actually has a double suspension setup on all four corners of the vehicle, so one sprung suspension, one unsprung or internally sprung, and it has limiting straps on the back. You'Ll see that these uh upper suspension links. They are metal they're like these small rods, as well as a metal drive shaft into plastic axle housings, and then, of course, it has its battery tray right here, where you can just kind of unlock slide it out and access your batteries or you can put in Dual 3s lipo batteries, or if you want you, can put in dual uh 2s for a total of four and then we have the dual suspension on the front as well so that's kind of cool on this one.

Look at our here. Let'S go back to this one. These are plastic, steering rod, links you can see. These ones are much thicker. These are much thicker in comparison at least twice as thick with bigger rod ends on the end. Now we do have only the single suspension on either side but they're larger shocks, and we don't have a nifty skid plate in between here, like we do with the udr, which is quite at a severe angle, you can see it gets hit quite a bit. This isn't, as as such a severe angle on the bottom access to the motor right here. If you want it's a huge brush brushless, i did highlight that in the last video, as well as your battery access plate is right here you can just pull it out. Two giant batteries can go in there and then that just gets stuck in with a small, lock and then look at the suspension links for the upper suspension. These are very, very thick they're, at least twice, if not three times as thick on the super baja ray ii here and the drive shaft, even though – and this supposedly does get very, very hot from the suspension moving and this drive shots, shaft spinning so do watch Yourself, i did not burn myself uh, but i want to make sure to send that warning out. This has a nice sway bar system on the back. This also uh has a sway bar system, but check this out it's a little bit different it's before the uh suspension there.

I love how this look look at the return rate very nice. I did notice quite a bit of flex in my cage when i came off the uh or the opening jump of my last video, so that's, something to look out for where i didn't see as much in here, but i always seem to break these plastic. Trailing arms here it seemed to be one of the weak points they always bent out. So i did replace them with aluminum. So there you go, let's have a look, bird's eye view and, of course, glaringly obvious, or maybe not so obvious until i say it, but on the box this is a 6s lipo and this is an 8s lipo. You can still run six in it, but it can take up to eight so right. There ba boom it's huge. If you guys missed my last video of me unboxing and test it i'm, going to suggest that you watch it. I'Ll put a link up in the corner here or in the video description box down below also a link to where you can get one of these. If you can get one of these right now because they are a hot item, but man brushless out of the gate, it is absolutely enormous. Just like that. I love the drivers, and does this mean that the udr is bad? Not at all? In fact, every rc can bring you so much pleasure it doesn't matter.

If you have an expensive one or a cheap one, they all have an inherent magic to them. Where they're cool for friends to look at and they're therapeutic for you to use, they give you lots of great time and i don't care about brands. I think any rc that gets you out there having a good time is a great rc, but i can't deny the fact that this one over here not only does do. I prefer the blue and the king shock setup. You know rigid industries i'm. A big fan of those guys too, they actually make light bars. I'M. Just surprised it didn't come with any light bars. You know that's that's odd, so here we are with king shocks over here. This one actually comes with licensed king shocks on it and they are massive like this thing, is a monster i'm gon na rip it right now? Well, there you go guys. You got ta, look at both of these machines side by side. I didn't get super technical. Today, because really i want to go out and enjoy the sun and have a good time jumping it and whatever getting to know it kind of introducing myself to the vehicle now and learning its limits, also kind of pushing it to see what i can do. Where my driving skills are at it's perfect, with a vehicle of this size and i'd like to say right now that it is not larger than a low c5t.

In fact, it is slightly smaller than a low c5t, but that would make sense because it's, a 1 6 scale, the super baja ray 2 is and the low c5 t was of course, a fifth scale. So there we go guys. Hopefully, you've enjoyed today's film uh, like i said, check the links in the video description. If you didn't see the last video go and check that out, because this thing is a lot of fun and we'll, see you in the next episode of rc adventures now get outside and have fun with rc.