So this is a traxxas trx4 sport team associated cr 28, a traxxas max and arma granite voltage and today well be reviewing them all. So lets start with the trx4, so this is my first ever hobby grade car. This is what started them all. I got them in this order. I got this one first then this one, then this one, then this one so ill. Tell you a story of all of them, and whats happened to him what ive done and uh well get into it. So this obviously is a trx4 sport and it used to have this old body on it that i beat up a lot. You may have seen it from my first video and i got a new body for christmas. I got this clear one with the exhibition. Rack im gon na paint up also got these mirrors and snorkel that projects coming up soon, but i got this tactical unit body. So lets just start off with the first accessory, so the first accessory i got was this spare tire mount because i already gone through two sets of tires, but i created another set soon and then i did. I got the winch for christmas and this things awesome. If you ever, if you have trx4, you should get the winch and they dont make this body anymore, which im really sad about because its awesome. So this is my shelf queen body, trying to keep it really nice but ill.

Take off the body for you and to do this on tx4 sport, i had to get different body posts and move the bumpers a little bit. So, as you can see, heres oh yeah and i also added the light bar so heres, the wiring from the light bar and winch through the front shock tower waterproof receiver – and these are the canyon trail – tires really nice really grippy. So what makes a trx 4 sport a sport is, it has a one speed transmission and it has full time lock differentials and it comes with this basic tq transmitter. It has the titan 21 turn motor with the traxxas waterproof hv xl5 easy set 3s capable esc heres, the taller shock or body mount i was talking about. You also got the little thing you can plug the winch and the lights into and then um its got metal chassis frame, pretty good steering server, but mines a mine needs an upgrade because theres a lot of slop in it. As you can see so yeah. I really like this thing really fun. I got it as my first car because it goes slow, easy to work on if youre getting into the hobby start off with a crawler or something a little slow like this. So lets do the little cr 28. I named it eagle, i got this from my local hobby store fna cycle. They sold it to me for around twenty dollars used.

I taped chevy stickers on front and rear, even though im a four guy, i taped the traxxas sticker on there and then um yeah. So the story in this is their shop dog actually beat it all up so thats. Why? All these you can see theres a tooth mark. They got all these scratches. This bumper is normally flat, but yeah the dog pulled it out and yeah thats the story. Why? The bodys all beat up if you dont know what a team associated cr 28 is or any uh 28 scale from team associated. They are a 60 dollar awesome toy and, as rc driver says, toby grade so thats the mix between toy grade and hobby grade. You can you can get some accessories for this and i cant get that uh body panel. For some reason its got a little brush motor built in lipo battery its got a little suspension and its got these hard rubber tires. They make a bunch of different ones. They make a monster truck, they make this crawler one. They make short course, trucks with licensing from lucas oil and fox to make a chuggy – and i think thats it. So i really recommend these theyre really fun, especially for beginner or little kids around the house. I scare my grandmas dog all the time with it, but yeah really recommend it charges off the controller so that little charge port right there plugs in from his controller, and i have a little problem with it and i still do as you can see that light.

Only comes on when you plug it in but thats not working its, not charging the truck its the light. Staying on and so wont charge. I havent played with it in a few days, but they do sell a wall charger or a usb charger for this. So um, if you do get one of these and you start having controller issues, you should get the wall charger im going to get that in the probably like a week or so set that down here now we got the armor granite voltage. I took the rear body pins off of it for the trx4 because i lost mine. So if you havent watched my other videos, i did an unboxing video of it and ill do like a little damage check, video of it coming out soon. So it has the d boots. Canyon trail tires front, rear two drive unlocked differentials um, it goes about 20 miles per hour and it comes with a nickel motor hydrated battery 1800 milliamp hour. It also comes with the charger and four double a batteries for the controller. The atx 101, its not bad, its, definitely cheap, but gets the job done if youre. Well, if youre like around 10 or 12, i bet you could do the one one hand steering like i can so thats nice and then uh the bodys a little beat up but heres the backstory. On this thing, so i went to my grandmas house and there was a little rocks.

I wanted to jump it off for her, so i couldnt show her my new car because i just did the unboxing video of it then, and i broke it. The diff out drive cup snapped off the differential, its hard to see in this lighting, so its going to be yeah. I cant, i cant, show you with one hand, but i will show you in the next video or so a couple of videos from now foam fill tires, but i had to the reason i had or uh sorry the way to fix that was to split the Chassis in half, so i had to take off bumpers. I had to take off the steering, servo esc, take out the motor which ill get to in a minute, um and yeah. It was really apart parts wherever on my workbench here. I finally got it back together and i plugged in excited ready to run it, and i hear a clicky knife and i says: well, i thought i put it back together and i had to take it to fna cycle. My local hobby store many times. They got it for a little bit, but then it went back to clicking. Remember since then. I have not drove this thing. I, like it good for beginners, also a good card get into for the hobby, but it is not very good to work on. It has phillips screws which is kind of a downside, because on better cars like the max it has screws like that.

I think theyre called hex screws, yeah and um yeah. It was just not fun to work on, but if youre a beginner, its really fun awesome car, but uh yeah its a story on this thing, thats why you havent seen any videos of it other than the unboxing and the driving video, so the damage video will Be coming out soon, and here we go the main star of the show, the one i got for christmas, the traxxas max. I got the red color. It already can see some tears on the body, but thats how it goes with these things, its got so something i forgot to mention in my review. Video i did is it has a tailgate skid plate and it has a roof skid plate. As you can see, those have been used. I love this thing. If you wanted to see more details about it, go watch my review, video of it its so fun to drive, but it is not for beginners if you are a beginner in the hobby and you want to find the right car for you. This is not a good car for you. If you are more experienced in the hubby like i am, or maybe some of the people watching my videos. It would be perfect for you, if you have about a years experience or multiple cars youre good at working on, without having to take it to your hobby, store every time you break it.

Then this is a good car for you good. It knows 60 mile an hour brushless motor and the massive chain server. Almost the steering server is almost the same size as the x max servo. If i can flip it around here, oh yeah, its about 10 pounds without a battery and with the battery its 10 pounds, the cool part about the red body, which is, i got oh yeah. This is the version one. They make a version two now, which is one inch longer two or so inches wider and different tires. But the reason i wanted the v1 is because the red color and reds my favorite color, if you couldnt, tell and uh they dont make that on on the new one on the v2. They kind of do but its like one red stripe through it, and i wanted the v1 because it had red shocks, red wheel, thingies, whatever you call them wheel, washers and the awesome looking red body i dont know if the v2 is worth it. If you want a little more stability and maybe a little more grip out of tires, go for it if you want something its only thirty dollars more than the v1, if you want something a little more crazy, more really popping, and you want that special red color, They dont make anymore then go with the v1, so yeah you have to change the gearing on it. I run it on a 5 000 milliamp hour 4s, but the new max since being a little bit longer.

It can use the 6600 milliamp hour battery for us. If im right, um yeah, as you can see, the battery tray is really easy love. This thing super durable, has not broken one thing on it yet other than i did blow a tire. I showed you that in my review video, so i hope you guys enjoyed this video hope.