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This Toy Grade Cheap Rock Crawler not only looks super cool but also pack some serious and super persistent rock crawling performance in it sleek pro looking body. Compelte Ready to run and ready to rock crawl right outside box, with a roll cage, dual powerful motors, oversized skid free tires, this Cheap little bad boy will get you addicting to rock crawling no matter indoors or outdoors.

For its 31$ cheap price, this Rock crawler delivers much more fun than you can expect. Though toy grade, but it will seriously amaze you with its powerful and persistent rock crawling attitude.

The only Cons that I could find about this Rock crawler is its running time. using a small 4.8v NiCd Battery, you do not get much running time. Thats I believe is the only con on this Rock Crawler.

Get this one and you will know, you have invested every penny in a fun rock crawler that will keep you busy for days. Enjoy the video. I love it and I can find myself often playing with it indoors or outdoors in my free time. Hey this beasts the Professional rock crawlers sometimes with its persistent climbing attitude. Its a super fun Rock crawler and a highly recommended for all Rock crawling lovers.