Cause we’re in for a ride, get ready for mud, drifting leaves being chased by giant animals. A girl wearing target bags for shoes jumps more jumps, crashing lots of crashing tumbling, a whole bunch and more it’s all right here on rc with adam today, we’re taking a look at the drc, brushless 300e rc truck. This was sent to me by drc for testing and review so big thanks to them. I know why you like this channel, because i give you the bottom line up front and i don’t waste your time. So here it is. I think this is a pretty sweet. Rc truck, but the price is just too darn high right now, it’s going for about 150 on amazon, i think 100 would be fair. I’Ve asked drc if i can get a discount for you guys so check the description. If i can i’ll put it down there, but look aside from the price, i still had tons of fun with this thing but i’m getting ahead of myself. Let’S start with the unboxing. First of all, this truck is way smaller than i thought it would be, but that’s probably my fault. I probably looked at the wrong specs it basically like fits in your hand if you have large hands but it’s it’s, pretty small it’s, not like a monster truck. You know it is 1 18 scale, so it’s it’s, pretty small, but it is quite powerful as we are about to see it does come with two shells, one red and one yellow, which actually turned out to be way more durable than i thought it would be.

It also comes with two two cell 1200 milliamp hour: lipo batteries, a small usb charger which does take a while to charge the batteries but works some tools and a few spare parts. The manual itself is pretty trash, but kind of helpful and we’ll talk about a very important thing that you need to do to the esc to actually get started, and it comes with your pretty typical pistol grip style transmitter. One thing i really like about this transmitter is: it does have adjustability for the steering rate the throttle, trim and the steering trim. I did notice. There was some sort of white powder, probably from the manufacturing process on the body of the vehicle, but it’s not really a big deal. This truck does also feature independent suspension, which is pretty sweet, but one of them was actually messed up. It was just it was screwed in wrong or something so it the it caused the pin to bind there was binding on the pin. I got ta take off major points for that one, because that would that’s a that shouldn’t. It shouldn’t come like that, especially for 150 dollars, and these struts say that they are oiled. Oil filled shock struts, but they are not actually filled with oil, so i don’t know if they just leaked out or if it doesn’t come with oil. I don’t know if that’s a standard thing or not, but i had to fill them with oil and really i had no idea what i was doing so i probably put the wrong kind of oil, but it kind of worked.

They kind of work, they’re they’re, pretty good. On the inside. We find the other lipo battery the brushless motor, the brushless esc, the receiver, the receiver switch and the steering servo. This truck also features four wheel, drive with front and back differential, which i thought was pretty sweet. The chassis and strut supports are made of a durable nylon which actually turned out to be way more durable than i would have thought because it seems, it seems kind of you know, like plasticky, but it’s it’s, actually quite durable, now here’s something super important in order To get the esc into the proper mode to be able to drive forward and reverse, you need to go into the esc settings, so it doesn’t actually flash red it just beeps, so you hold down that little button hold it down. Turn on the esc switch it’s going to beep a bunch of times, and then you let it go and it makes those sounds and now it’s beeping three times i guess that’s. What it’s on right now so that’s forward and reverse. So one beep is forward with breaks, so you cannot reverse beep. Two is forward and reverse with break, which also doesn’t really seem to work, not sure what’s up with that, but then forward and reverse beeps three times from the factory default. You would press it and then it will so now it beeps once so now that would be forward with break press it again, it’s going to beep twice so that’s uh forward and reverse would break and then press it a third time, and it just cycles through That and then once we get to that, then we just switch it off actually it’s, really a pain and it’s, weird and it’s not explained very well in the manual.

But there is a video from drc which i will leave a link to in the description of this video that explains that process it’s not too hard once you figure it out. But if you don’t know that that’s a thing then it’s very confusing so go check that out after charging up the lipo batteries it’s time to take it outside and see how she drives. First and foremost, i was very impressed with the acceleration of this little guy. I mean this thing will fly. This is like this is just i would say, on the edge of like hobby grade, it’s, certainly not toy great, and i was very surprised by how speedy this thing is, and it can even go over some pretty darn thick terrain. That i would not think something this small would be able to go over, but because it has so much power from the brushless motor and the four wheel drive it really is able to punch through, and you just have tons of fun. With this thing. Speaking of having tons of fun, you can see our dog here loves this thing i mean this is one of the best ways that you can just exercise your dog without actually exercising yourself, although i did do a lot of exercising, because i had to run along With the camera on a pole to get these super awesome, slow mo shots, so we’re, just let’s, just let’s just enjoy these slow mo shots for a little bit here.

I’Ll play some music and let’s just enjoy the visuals of this right now, enjoy it or else Music, so Music, Music, um anyway i’ve got a lot more slow mo stuff, like that. So we’ll probably bring that in later. In this video now let’s talk durability and waterproofness. Now this thing it just took a like quite a few tumbles i mean i was not gentle with this thing, uh, with it being chased by the dog going over jumps smashing into trees, and things like that and really i’m very surprised that the body is still Okay, i thought the body was gon na crack like that, but it didn’t now one thing that does happen sometimes is sometimes the wheels will come off or actually the tires will come off of the wheels it’s. Not a big deal, you just pop them back on um and you’re good to go. This thing definitely bounces around quite a bit because well, the suspension is not super great. The oil kept leaking out so it’s, not the smoothest suspension, but also it’s, just a very lightweight car, so it tends to bounce around quite a bit now i didn’t drive this thing through any big puddles or anything like that, but i did take it out when We had quite a bit of rain and some mist on the ground. I don’t think i have any video of it, but it it performed very well and it got very wet being chased around on the grass by the dog.

The dog loved that thing traction was pretty bad, though it it slipped around a lot. It was hard to get some good acceleration and steering, but it didn’t stop because of the moisture big thanks to my sister for coming out and helping me film, this it’s fun. I can’t feel my hands so it’s good i’d. Let her drive the truck while i ran alongside it like a madman and uh tried to keep up with this thing, um. Speaking of keeping up with this thing, how fast does it go? Well, to be honest with you, i don’t really care, but it seems really fast uh quite fast to me. Is it as fast as they say, 60 kilometers per hour? Well, i i don’t know i i highly doubt it because you know how those claims are they’ll. Always take like the top speed downhill on, like you know, dry road, that sort of thing, so i don’t really care but i’d say it had quite a lot of power plenty of power to zip around and do some really cool stunts. Now, if you want to get more technical with it, you can actually make some changes to the esc itself. You can change the acceleration. You can change the braking different things like that. I didn’t really get into that. I just ran this thing how it came and i still had a lot of fun with it now. How far can you control this thing? Well, according to drc, they say it’s about 328 feet, which seems very precise, again, that’s, probably best case scenario.

For me, i would say you know maybe 300 feet, maybe 200 feet it’s hard to say, because you know you might not be you know, holding it up really high, it kind of depends, but it was plenty for my purposes now. How long can you run this thing for well, i didn’t actually time it. Drc claims that it can run for up to 20 minutes for each battery, and i would say that is about accurate. It seemed it certainly seemed like a long time. I did not really time it and, of course that depends on what terrain you’re driving over how you’re driving if you’re driving like a madman, all that kind of stuff. So again, is it worth it? Should you buy it honestly? I think 150 dollars is a bit too much for this, but it was a lot of fun, so even if it did cost 150, i feel like i feel like you could get 150 worth of fun out of this, but i think that there are other options On the market that you could probably get the same same performance for around a hundred dollars so definitely go check those out i’m, not exactly sure which one, because i am kind of new to the rc truck thing. But man i am really starting to enjoy it from this experience. I’Ll tell you that much again check the description below before you buy because i might have a discount or maybe some other recommendations down in the description definitely check that out again, big thanks to drc.

For sending this to me to test out and review for you guys and have some awesome action in the mud and the dirt and the leaves and being chased by things. I had a great time – and i hope you did too in this review from rc with adam thanks for watching everybody, and i will see you again very soon.