It came in about two days ago im going to show you how good this airplane goes. So i have a um, a ankana, nine. Sorry if i pronounced that right, but uh, argan, nine and heres my airplane, you see how good it is came out. I did have to do some trimming on the flaps because it was keep going up, so i had to do a mix but im gon na. Basically, show you so im turning it on theres, my dads up there and we turn now its telling me about a switch, and that was my switch d and thats my reverse. So if i had that on, it would have been going reverse in water, so heres the inside. I did put real quick on it. I would recommend it if its like for a birthday present or something, because if some people dont know how to do the dirt fly, straps and its so tight in there that some of my phone came off. So what i just do is um. I just heat. This thing up with literally my left, my right a lot, so you see um, i just push it in. So you see there. It is right there. Here i go im gon na turn it on, but its gon na take a few seconds so im gon na do it off camera because basically it is like so hard, but its still gon na be running so youll be able to hear everything Music um here We are guys and, like i said, my other one, you not remember it.

Didnt have flat it. Didnt have flaps in that in the reverse or look it here now ill. Do a video today about it, and this is which d is my reverse? Now i did have to do some work on the servers also, but after this ive been flying a lot – and this has been good just like the foam – a little tiny bit shipped a little because, like the landings im practicing and like i sometimes land a little Hard so its called the dark light chandra on um hobby king im, im rating this uh down hit the front a little whats that at least now this goes about 40 degrees, thats about 20 degrees, and then there goes 40. and thats zero degrees. There goes ten. Now that goes 20 and then there goes 20 more degrees and then its 40.. I checked it and then the things about both of them go about 20 degrees. I would want if airplane comes with, um um check it if it goes good, because sometimes what happens is if i go down and if it would stay straight, it would just go straight up 20 degrees, and if i go 40 degrees it would, it would basically Go down so im landing. I would basically let you go half laps on, like basically um on the water and then, if you go down you thats gon na be a landing so um we are basically gon na.

Do a flight in a little bit but heres. The review, the tundra and the other thing is um. The airplane comes kind of from a um. What you call it a supercar, and it has a thing right here. The part is, it has a huge motor and it sounds like it. Doesnt have a lot of speed in it, but it does, but it doesnt come with no nose cone, but it still flies, and basically we have all right. We have these um flaps, and this represents these white stuff. Right here represents of a um thing of the real airplane, and it actually also slows it down. You dont have to put it on it and it it does. It does include a little more money for it, but it is a good price with it. Its still like its the right price – and i would recommend you to have that because if you dont literally, have it on youre, literally not gon na slow down and then the flats are included. But i like it with the flats because it just looks like the real airplane, because i did see a photo of the real airplane in real life and the tail. It sounds kind of like my super easy. They had the same motor in it, but they werent made by the thing this was made by dirt fly and dirt fly has a better company because they make the worlds fastest. Rc plane, kinda, like the one from horizon hobby.

They make it chunk instead and land in grass, and you can include landing gear if you want to, but i got ta say that airplane that one that ive been talking about um just now is basically goes about a hundred to 150 miles an hour to 200.. So there we are guys, i just shut it off now. My dad is different because it says telepathy loss that basically means outer rains. So if, if my dads get out of range and hes still flying thats a serious problem that might be mine, what happened was, i was just flying right now and i had half laps and when i was coming in, you know it goes down right. I was like crap what happened? Look at my flaps. It was fully down. I was like crap pull it up. Hi i was beat from literally the freaking trees, what the heck and it was like crap and i was like bro. This is terrible now what happened? My uncle is hearing that and basically was happening. I was literally flying 30 mile an hour winds which thats, probably the worlds record for about ill, say about 30 40 minutes, no, no its about how much minutes it goes about eight minutes on both of them. So i was about five minutes in no, not five minutes, three minutes in and after those three minutes, i turned the wrong way on a roll, and i went with the wind on a stole it also because i had not a lot of feet.

I did because i was going with the wind and when i turned with the wind i lost, i got to see the plane, i lost it and its like. If its still on, i should pull it up high and i looked on my throttle. I was half throttle. I was like okay lets chunk it up a little and when i chunked it up a little and pulled up, i heard a boom like a hit like trees, in that i was like crap and i havent found it for six months, guys. So its true, if you guys want to look for it, i would recommend not to because i sold two snakes, two dangerous names that were poisonous as crap, and i dont want that crap to happen to you guys and then guys die.