What is up you guys welcome back to another video, so today, i’m gon na give you guys a tour of all my rc cars. Now some of my favorite cars. I will elaborate a little bit more on some of my other cars that i really like, but they’re. Not my favorites i’ll keep it short and sweet alrighty. So the first one up is my traxxas x maxx. That truck is ridiculous. It is big it’s, powerful, so base i’ve had that i’ve had this truck for a couple of months now and it’s pretty much completely stock. My esc is stock, my servo is stock and my hubs are stock and those are like the three things you want to replace when you get an x max, but i have blown up a tire and because of the whole coveted thing that’s going around right now. I’M not able to find any tires for it, so it’s kind of just going to be sitting there until i can find some good tires for it next one. So the next one is my first gen sex 10. That thing sits up right next to the t max and that truck is kind of like a project track. I don’t really know what i’m gon na do with it. But if you guys have any ideas, give me a comment down below and i’ll look them over and see what i think all right. So the next one is my t nex.

The t max is pretty much a fan favorite on this channel. Everyone likes to watch the t max videos, those always get the most amount of views and stuff. So i can tell people really like team exit. That is one of my favorite trucks to drive other than the x maxx. That is my favorite monster truck the t max i’ve had it for about a year now i have grown to love the truck at first. I didn’t really like it because it didn’t really run right, but now i got this thing running mint and it’s: pretty awesome and an upgraded engine it’s a 2.5 r with a good set of protect servos and that truck rips. So the next car, which is a buggy on the list, is my 22 5.0. That is a 10 scale. Two wheel, drive buggy i’ve, had it for three or four i’ve had it since the summer time, so i’ve had it for a little while now, but i’ve only driven it a couple of times from the one time that i have driven it at the track. It’S. It was really easy to drive and it was pretty fast alrighty, so the next one up is my low c8, which you guys have seen a couple of videos on that car and that car is probably my favorite track car. So i like big air, big jumps and with the 10 scale stuff, you don’t really get that too much.

But with the eight scale, cars you get giant jumps and the track gets all rutted and it’s actually outside in the dirt, which is what i really enjoy. And that i think that’s, why it’s my favorite car, because, like it’s outside it’s nitro, the smell, you get big jumps with the track and stuff so on to the next one, alright, so the next one is another eighth scale buggy, but you guys actually haven’t ever Seen it before well, you guys have seen it but you’ve never seen it drive. That is my rc 8.2 e. I beat the snot out of that car. This was the first guy i ever backflipped with and yeah it’s pretty awesome. So the next card that you guys are gon na see in my team associated b 4.2 i’ve had that card for about six or seven years now, and it has been a lot of fun. I haven’t broken too much on it, except for a front arm in our rear air. The next car on the list is my kyosho, mini z. I’Ve had this thing since, since the summer time of 2020, so the kyoto mini z is a lot of fun. You guys have seen a few videos on that car and i think it’s, one of my favorite indoor micro cars and right next to that is my traxxas slash. The slash is pretty much the ultimate hassle free car i’ve actually been driving slashes, since i was five.

So slashes definitely have a special place and right below that is my traxxas stampede i’ve had this stampede for a little while now it’s a ford raptor, but it started life as a bigfoot, so still keeping it in the ford family. It is one of my backyard beaters, so next to that is my mini. Slash. I’Ve had that thing, since i was like seven or eight, so i’ve had that thing probably longer than almost all of these cars right here. That thing has gotten the snoppy out of it and that car never actually broke all that much it’s only broken in a arm and that’s. Really it right below. That is my stx. 10. 2.. I actually got this thing. I actually got this thing a year ago. Now for christmas i got a few upgrades on it. I got new, tires new shocks and a new radio in it with a new body, but other than that it’s pretty much all stock, all right. So the next car, which is my final favorite car, is my little red rustler. I don’t know what it is about this truck. That makes it so fun for me to drive. It might just be the short wheelbase or it might be that it might just be that i have a stiffer suspension on it, so i can jump it really higher or something like that. I honestly don’t know why i like this car, so much now, one of the most unique cars that i have is my rc10 gt2 i’m actually doing a long term restoration project on it, it’s sort of kind of clean it’s.

It is definitely one of the most unique cars that i have just because of how old it is and how kind of rare it is. You don’t really see too much of these anymore and the final car in today’s video is probably one of those the most sentimental cars that i have my traxxas emacs i’ve had that thing longer than i have had. My 16 scale slash – and it has seen its better days – definitely check out a video seeing the rebuild on that truck, but other than that we’re finished touring all the cars. So that is the end of the video i hope you guys enjoyed. Let me know what kind of cars you guys have down below and i’ll be intro i’ll be interested to read and see the comments yeah. I hope you guys enjoyed stay safe later.