Acme warrior. First thing that capture your eyes is big. More shocks has oil in it metal caps. You know you can see different suspensions, it’s, really sick. I think at the same I said that Acme uses different kind of plastic stronger and thicker. You see these big massive tights do tires, have shock towers now. The best thing I like is this metal, bumper or steel bumper, but it won’t have any impact because, as you can see, the tires part and work up, then the bumper. So if you crash into a wall or something your tires, will get the impact and might cost the front suspension to break so this really not get an impact. Unless something is that big of an impact, all of this is going to get messed up as far as step I’m I’m really liking, the body show um I like how they have this open. It put the foot feeling we just want to turn it around. They plastic to my foot: it’s, not aluminum, but it’s still tuned um. You have this shut energy 18th. You have a beautiful carburetor brutal for I will and you have steel coach bill in burger. You have this massive 125cc fuel tank. You have really long dog bones. You have thicker plastics um, you have your filter, which is where the oil is already a flight from you. Have the battery I’ll see you later for the bedroom? You have servos with Nick.

You have to receive it servos or will be good. You see they come with a lot tight, so those won’t be coming off very easily mmm, just from the looks I’m really liking.