Car got today, it’s made by a venture force it’s a crawling ghost dunk car, so let’s open it up. Let’S, see open it like this. There you go pull it here. You pull it. Oh cool that’s! So awesome the wheels move. Weird look at that: it’s, pretty cool, so let’s see oh, what is this screw? You need a screwdriver to open it. What the heck uh! Oh! I think i need a screwdriver should i hold on some elastics here this side off. Let me see some elastics. You got ta cut over here. Okay, i think we got the car out now yep try to pull it up. Oh there we go there’s the car look at that awesome got the on and off switch right there. I don’t know how many batteries this takes, but uh it’s, pretty cool. We got a remote control. I don’t know what the what i’ve never seen any screws like that: okay, okay, now i’m uh putting the batteries in trying to get this cover off. I got the brand new uh screwdriver set from a dollar store, see that’s, pretty cool takes four batteries. Four aaa batteries got them right here, so there goes one two Music uh, oh three got four see. If the light goes on there, there we go it’s working gon na put the cover back now, let’s see what this bad boy can get. These screws are really tight from the factory. I don’t know why they tightened it.

So damn tight, yeah, it’s, simple, but you’ll need one of these phillips, tiny little screwdriver Music, because the whole there’s, the car super awesome got the remote control it takes two triple a’s. Also got that too. Ah, these covers there we go. I got the aaa battery there, we go one. Two, the lid goes back on right. There let’s check this bad boy out. If you guys like this toy, you can pick it up at walmart, it’s called adventure force crawling cry. This is the toy in action. It’S, pretty crazy, pretty crazy machine, pretty cool! Oh my toe! Oh hey, get away from me! You’Re trying to get my toe! Oh kayla! You know how to make it go straight: no yeah, it’s, pretty cool car man, it’s, pretty awesome, it’s, pretty awesome! Man! Look gary! Hey he likes it or he thinks it’s real, get gary get him not this way go this way. Oh gary, get it hurry.