This is what you’ve been waiting for. This is the hottest item of 2021. Music. No just kidding pick this up at walmart uh, look kind of cool. We have the adventure force crawls, upstairs flips over wheel, spinning action, 360 rotation, crawls and rocks and obstacles. We are going to open it up and check it out and see if it’s worth your hard earned money. So let’s do that yeah let’s do that let’s go! Do it yeah, so it takes eight double a batteries um six in the tiger two in the remote Music. It looks like there’s a motor right here and a motor right here, because it moves separately like that, a random tail. I don’t know why. You’Re still tiger Applause Music, he is angry. This is like a battleground, oh yeah, all right, first test, we’re gon na see if it can make it up the stairs Applause Applause. Oh the tiger, all right so we’re taking the tail off to see. If that helps to climb up the stairs Music Applause, wow Applause it’s so hard to control there, you go Music. Almost there get it Music. Did it just not get traction. Music Applause come on almost Applause, so close, come on tiger don’t give up tiger it’s like a giant scorpion Applause. Now what does flipping the tail? Do? I honestly have no idea yeah. This didn’t come with an instruction manual, so we’re not really sure. I think the tail is for stabilizing it.

Applause i’m, guessing it’s like a mallet, a slammer menacing eyes, see if it’ll climb back up get it get the tiger get the tiger. Oh Applause, all right guys. Hopefully you enjoyed that quick little video um, as you can see, we never made it up the stairs we really tried. Yeah. Is this worth it? Probably not. This thing really reminds me of like a battle bot, so i could think like if you had two of these, maybe spray painted them put some weapons on them. I don’t know you could probably have some fun make like a little arena. This just really reminds me of like a battle bot with the whipping tail. That would be really the only thing i could see this being really useful, for you saw we, we tried outside going up and down the steps. It’S kind of rainy out there wet so it wasn’t, really getting traction tires, are pretty knobby yeah it’s, not it’s, not that all gray i mean it’s. It performs better indoors and uh it. It probably didn’t make it up those steps out there because it was uh, wet and rainy it’s a little bit icy, so you could probably have a little bit of fun with this. If you like, created your own thing but um.