The last one we brought to you was the lamborghini chin scenario. My little son alice has got another one, another favorite here’s what’s. He got it’s the gear gmaz, just like the lamborghini chin scenario bought from the same manufacturer, it’s a 1 16 scale. This time, one of the rc studios, uh family, actually recommended this so like we said, we’d go out and buy them. This is exactly what we’ve done. The only unfortunate thing to this is is that it requires a nine volt battery for the hand controller, and it requires five double a batteries, a bit of a downside, obviously, from the chin scenario that didn’t require double double a batteries. In the car itself it had a rechargeable pack, but just looking at this extremely detailed it’s, the mclaren p1 gtr so based on the race car itself, gear gmail seems to get it right all the time. The detailing is absolutely on point um. Is it 2.4 let’s? Have a quick read around the box: it says now that it’s um 40 megahertz, so you could get some interference, not sure. If you had different cars, it probably wouldn’t get any interference. You could play multiplayer that’s all dependent on what the other frequencies of the other vehicles were. Looking back at it it’s got working suspension. I think the headlights work as well, not so sure about the taillights recommended age is six plus years of age. So what we’ll do like we normally do guys give you a nice close up of that extremely detailed um and, like i said that, was brought to as recommended to us by one of the rc311 studio family members.

So if you want to become part of the family, make sure that you hit that subscribe button and also don’t forget to hit that notification bell. That will notify you, when we’re uploading, new videos to youtube comments, massively appreciated and we’ll get back to. All of you leave them in the comments box below and um yeah guys let’s get straight into and bring you a little bit more on info on the product and see how she runs indoors and now all right guys straight into an unboxing right guys after delving Into the box and doing a quick unboxing, this is actually what you got in the box: beautiful, looking absolutely detailed, it’s, the p1 mclaren gtr, obviously that’s the race spec. It really does look the deal um so looking at the product itself, extremely detailed on and off switch underneath that’s, where we’re going to drop in our double a batteries underneath get a phillips star, screwdriver to um undo the safety screw. Two clips pull it down and you drop the batteries in um. Additionally, what we got, we got the hand control it’s, 40 megahertz comes with an aerial, so all you’ll do guys is you’ll literally drop that arrow in at the top screw it in clockwise turn it up not too tight and it’ll be good to go. I think this is also from what i can remember a 9 volt battery in the back as well, so that literally safety screw drop.

Your nine volt battery in and away you go hand controller on first car switches on underneath on the switch and away you go same type of thing with a trim tires are pulling to the right trim it to the left. Vice versa, cool little feature little rubber mirrors. First thing, always on a um. You know an affordable, rc product that will go all the the mirrors. Will snap off so that’s, pretty cool they’ve thought about that and, like i said the stickers, will they actually peel off? So, no so with the um, with the graphics, with the stickers there it’s obviously been lacquered on top of it. So little fingers won’t be able to pull the stickers off or they won’t come off. They won’t wear off. This was 116 scales. So, quite a quite a bit smaller than the um, the other products that we you know that we brought to you, but definitely extremely detailed. This little mclaren, p1 gtr with that fixed chassis, mounted wing, looks the part. It really really does so guys. What we’ll do is we’re going to drop in nine volt battery? I think it’s, five double a batteries in the car itself and it’ll be good to go and we’ll. Take them outside and and literally put them put the car to the test, see what it’s got perfect indoors because of its size. It may bat a little bit outdoors unless you’ve got a really smooth, smooth surface and also maybe battle the clearance.

It looks pretty good clearance wise from the ground looks like it’s got a fair bit of clearance, but then, once again on on like thick pile carpet, it might battle a little bit and it might hinder the actual steering of the model due to the thick pile Carpet but quite thin pile carpet. I reckon it’ll rip around hard surfaces like kitchen flooring and that it’ll be absolute dynamite. Hard surface uh, tarmac, um it’ll be spar time. Okay, guys back with the batteries like, i said it takes double a batteries. Five of those in the actual car itself and one nine volt battery what i’m going to leave is a link in the description below and we buy them in bulk. So these are we got these off amazon. I think it was a little over 10 pounds and it’s the double a’s, the 32 in a box it’s a massive massive saving, so that’s how we buy them. We use it by 32 at a time because, like always, you know, look we’re down to the last date already so let’s quickly put some fresh batteries in the car phillips star, screwdriver let’s just take that safety screw off quickly right, so that two tabs, as you Can see, pull the tabs that’ll take the battery cover off then we’re, going to chop five fresh, double a batteries in the car, extremely detailed car. I love it. It really is cool. Like i said one of our rc311 studio uh family members, he suggested it.

So, thanks for that um and, like i said, we’d bring you the review just pop the cover back on, tighten that safety screw up, just nip it nip it up. There we go that’s the car’s ready to go let’s pop the back off another safety screw. So just release that quickly press that loose pull the tab that opens it up. You take one of the nine volt batteries also buy them in packs of three. As you all know, batteries are quite expensive for what they are on, how long they last so. Just if you take this, just pull the ribbon to one side and what this is going to allow you to do is actually remove the battery once it needs removing, so you’ve got a positive and a negative, so your little end is positive, and this the bigger End is negative, so what we’re going to do is we’re just going to drop that battery like that. That will then go over that will enable you to pull the batch out when you need to pull it out later. So let’s drop the cover back on it. Doesn’T matter, if the ribbon is hanging out, we’re just going to squash that in do up the safety screw, to put it all flush, which we haven’t done, pushed it in far enough and that will do up the safety screw nicely. Take it down just so. It tightens up and away you go so with this model, push the on and off button once that will bring up a red led light and underneath the car there’s an on switch turn it to on and you’ll be good to go.

I think this is only two wheel: drive yep, so reverse and forwards and left and right and obviously you can reverse left and right right, guys, let’s, take it outdoors and see what my little man thinks of it. One last thing: don’t forget guys open up the aerial for the extended range don’t push it down from the top push it down from the bottom and pull it down just so that you don’t end up bending the aerial. Although this one feels quite easy to push down without it, bending quite solid, actually so let’s go outside and put it to the test, how’s that p1 good get my clamp. Oh, it looks quick man flying on the carpet as well easy on the carpet. What and it’s got what’s he got headlights bring it towards us, then. Oh that looks amazing. Oh so it drifted. Did it drift yep. This is actually quite fast. I wonder who will win this? Well, that or the chin scenario? Yeah, hey guys, maybe do a waste inside. What do you think of that one then alice the p1 mclaren yeah for its size, there’s only one 16 scale, isn’t it yeah yeah. Why don’t you run it on there, then, when you run it on the tarmac, rather than the brakes put it on there and it’ll. Probably go good Music Applause, see that’s, pretty quick on there. Isn’T it right. Lambo is better, though it’s got a rechargeable battery hasn’t.