We’Ll discuss the difference between one and two way: remotes and the advantages of each let’s start by talking about one way, remote controls. Many of you are familiar with your standard automotive, remote control that came with your car when you purchased it it’s, usually for a keyless entry system. When you push the lock button on the remote control, your car locks, sometimes the horn beeps, sometimes lights come on. But if you around the corner from that car and weren’t in hearing range of the vehicle, you would never know what actually happened. The benefits of a one way or a mode are they’re, very small, they’re, easy to put in your pocket or in your purse and they’re economical at ankhor. We offer several one way: systems from the e1 remote start system that comes with both a two button, as well as a four button, one way or remote control. The reason for the two button is this is a remote start system and the remote start button is larger and can be handled with gloves and colder climates. We have the e3, which is a keyless entry and complete security system that utilizes a four button. One way, remote control and, of course, there’s, two of those with every kid. We also have the e6, which is a remote start, and security system fully function for both of those features, and they come with two four button. One way, remote controls now two way, remote controls are a bit different.

We gave an example of one way remotes when you hit the lock button and you’re, not quite sure whether it locked your car or not, with the two way remote control. The transmitter itself is a transmitter as well as a receiver. So in that same scenario, if you hit that lock button, a signal will be sent to your vehicle. Your vehicle will lock the doors and send the signal back to the remote control. Saying the doors are locked, you don’t need visual confirmation, you don’t have to be close to the vehicle and you don’t have to have direct sight of the vehicle. The remote control transmitter will tell you if the action had taken place. There are two types of two way: remote controls, there’s LCD liquid crystal display, and that will give you a lot of information about whether your doors are locked or unlocked or the condition of the vehicle and there’s LED, which are a bit smaller and have both a Changing color LED, as well as an audible indication that the actions been carried out to a LCD remotes tend to be larger and usually have an LCD display or liquid crystal display. This is important in security systems when you want to keep track of what your vehicle is doing. If your vehicle is armed in a parked and the alarm went off regardless of how it went off, the car would send a signal to your two way: transmitter telling you that either the door was open, the shock sensor was triggered or the ignition was turned on And that would be displayed on your to a remote it’ll.

Also give you an audible signal and beep at you, as well as a vibration mode that will vibrate if it’s an allowed environment and it’s in your pocket. A two way LED remote control is specifically designed for remote start. It won’t give you information like how the system was triggered or anything, but it will give you information. As far as did the vehicle receive, the signal and remote start range is king and when you’re far away from your vehicle on a one way mode, if you push the button, you’ll, never quite know. If the unit has started your car, what ends up happening is you’ll push the one way or remote control once not knowing. If your car receives a signal, it may have started, it may not have started you’ll push it again to make sure so now, either it’s still not started or you’ve just turned it off with the two way LED remote. The signal is received by the car and confirmed the signal comes back. The unit will make a little sound telling you that receive the signal and the LED will flash for the duration that the car is running on the LCD side. The e4 is a complete security system with two way: pager functionality. The e7 is a security system and remote start system, and it offers the 2 way LCD remote as well. The e9, which is our flagship, offers a larger LCD, display greater range, and it is a remote start and security system for this year.

Encore is offering our first two way LED remote transmitter. The e5 is a state of the art, remote start and keyless entry system. The transmitter is much smaller and is much easier to attach to the keys of your vehicle. All on course system come with two remote controls, one being a primary remote and the other being a secondary or spare remote that can be used by a spouse or child. You don’t need to use both remotes to operate the vehicle. Also, a unique feature of encore systems is that if you have more than one vehicle with non core installed system, you would only need to carry around one transmitter that could toggle between both of the vehicles and operate them when it comes to innovation. Encore also has the Ally, which is the state of the art, two way: communication tool. It acts just like your transmitter, allowing you to lockunlock pop your trunk and track your vehicle on any cellular phone in the United States. It means range is unlimited. You can now start your car from sitting in your office, eating dinner or across the town or across the state. We also offer the m1 motorcycle and motorsport security system it’s a two way: LCD waterproof security system with radar sensor, as well as shock sensor. That will keep your motorcycle or sports utility vehicles safe all the time. Well, my name is Oliver I’m from encore automotive system. I hope you enjoyed this video.

I hope we taught you a little bit something if you want more information, you can visit us at WWE. Amil or give us a call, we’ll be glad to help you out.