This time we are going to review bohemian smartwatch um. This is actually already special by um. So this is 1.6 inch. Six 1.69 inch color touch screen um, it has got ip67 water resistant. You can view messages and call notifications, heart rate monitoring, bluetooth, connectivity, multisports, tracking music, playback, sleep monitoring. All this functionality has gone lets unpack and then check it, Applause, so the charger the device with two straps. It comes with two straps Applause, one is woven and the other one is silicon brand okay. So this is the charger so lets just just keep it here and place it here and then connect this to a usb um. So there are two straps um its easy to change the strap. So you just need to tilt here little bit. You see this drink until little bit and then just move this and then remove it. The same way, the other side um, you can use the same needle or theres a spare needle on that one. So you can use this spare needle um and then you can just easily change that one the same way you can put it back. So just put it here, just move this backward: keep it here, thats, all okay, so app! You need to pair this with your mobile device, so you need to install the app um, so the app is mentioned here so lets install the app and pair it okay. So you need to install the app called fit um, so daf it okay, so we just installed.

The app definitely would like to use bluetooth. Okay, notifications, hello, like to find connect devices on your locker network. Okay. So then, you need to configure your profile here so enter your details here. So you just configure your profile on the first page and then, after that, you need to add the device um its asking for your location allow using app while using app so searching for the device not connected pair hello. This must be now connected yeah, so you can see its connected now. You can see the charge is showing here but sorry watch charges showing 49 percent. You can change. The watch faces some, for example, im changing to this one. Sorry, this one. So you see its already changed here. This is actually the iphone uh face. Um notification, alarm that favorite contacts, others upgrade, so you can see all the many options here. Um profile help so now lets see the app. So you can see the icon here here. It shows this app mobile. Sorry, the phone is linked with the watch is linked with the mobile mobile. Now sorry, the watch now im showing the steps, its sleep monitoring, so its measuring my hair trade. Sorry um. So this is blood pressure um. So now its measuring the blood pressure, so this is accurate because i just tested the debuff – sorry not there before today, um its almost the same, so it was 137 or something okay. So this oxygen um whats that oxymeter so lets see or showing should be about 95.

Anyway. Sorry, we need to tap that one to start measuring, yeah 96 percent should be fine, um, not sure what that is now just need to see whether it can make a call. Can i so i just send a test message. You can see how it does appear here in the mobile sorry. The device um okay lets see. Please try firing okay, so you need to prepare this. So previously we just shared in the app um. Now we need to share the bluetooth, so you just need to add uh. Add this as a bluetooth device. So you go to your phone settings um. Let me just do that. One preparing in bluetooth so go to bluetooth, um, okay, okay, you see audio afw this one, so you just need to connect to that device as well, so it should be showing both aft w and then audio so yeah. Just so now, if you go here clear all messages, um just tried, whatsapp messages, you are, i mean you can receive whatsapp messages in this one. Just right calling you can answer the call from here you can uh i mean you can just answer the call from watch and you can talk and you can hear it properly. Um everything works as expected. So messages coming through whatsapp message is coming through. You can make calls you can receive calls. Everything is good. Okay, um looks really good uh worth for just 50 dollars. So if you see compared to other phones, i mean other watches, like uh apple watch or something its like six hundred dollars versus fifty dollars.

This is definitely worth for fifty dollars. Okay, thanks for watching, please subscribe our channel.