This is the very first time that i have purchased anything from aliexpress and so far, i’m. I’M. Very, very, very happy. Very happy uh shipping time on my very first purchase. Uh we’ll have a running average eventually, but uh on this very first one there was uh. I think four or five items came in two separate shipments, one at 16 days and one at 17 days, the uh d12. Here this came in 17 days. This arrived today and then my rims and my decals and my shocks and all of that that all uh came in yesterday. So we’ve got just a couple things to discuss i’m gon na kind of show. You guys exactly what we got and then we’re gon na get some separate videos out of this as well, because this d12 is gon na, be bananas by the time we’re done, and we have everything that we need to begin so first, as you can see, wpld12 Now you remember, i own a wpl d12. Well, i own what used to be a wpl d12 now it’s this and i ended up buying a body kit and all kinds of cool stuff. You know for this truck and then i did this. I made this really fast, fpv car that i run through the house like a crazy person and scare. My cats um, and i just didn’t – have the heart to rip this thing apart. Just so, i could put a body kit on it.

So what else do you do but get another d12 now you’ll notice? This d12 is a shade or two off of this d12 and that’s, because this is the normal white or i like to call it cream. Well, the surprise that i got was the fact that not only is this silver but it’s, almost like a satin silver, i don’t know if you can tell on the camera, but this has a shine to it and this doesn’t. This is almost like a mat, not not really a satin it’s in between shiny and matte, but it does have a very fine silver to it. A nice fine flake. I love it and i love it so much that the custom d12 that we’re gon na do you know with the wheels and and all the stuff that we got i’m going to incorporate this color somehow into the paint scheme. So you will see this color somewhere. Believe it or not, i’ll tell you exactly where i’m thinking of going right now is a solid gray, maybe a little darker than this, and then a gloss black and do some type of design where you have this metallic silver, a matte gray and a gloss black. All together and then the little bits like the mirrors and marker do like a fluorescent, yellow and i just think, that’ll be killer because remember we’re, going to do this body kit right i’m going to take some carbon fiber i’ve got sheet carbon fiber all through this Shop, i just i love this stuff, it’s cheap and you can make just about anything out of it but i’m going to basically make a a splitter.

You know out of carbon fiber, maybe chase it around. You know this side of this but bam so we’ve got this body kit going on here and i’m gon na paint. Like i said, you know carbon fiber black gray and then that fluorescent, yellow, we’re gon na start doing some really cool and that’s not set in stone. But i’ll tell you right now: it’s close uh, i think that’s smoking. Now we also got these rims and tires now i tell you right now. I i just didn’t pay a lot for these and i was excited because i’m, like okay, they say they’re aluminum, so i mean they have to be halfway decent, well, they’re, not halfway decent. These are top shelf. Not only are they a big billet aluminum i mean these are very, very nice, very substantial, rims and tires the tires feel very good. They’Re, nice and sticky they’re they’re a smooth finish: they’re, not a a drifting tire, unless maybe you’re on a super hard concrete now later on, we’ll tell you how they hold up because we’re gon na you’re gon na get this car out on the road and then What was really great is they have foam inside them so it’s, not only just your rim and tire it’s, not glued. You can swap the tires out if you want, but there’s actually foam inside here separate foam piece and then because these are 110 scale. You know uh rc rims and tires, i believe, it’s like 12 millimeter or 14, whatever it is, but this fits on all of our 110 scale track cars and everything else comes with these adapters that will allow it to get.

You know uh attached to our d12. Here i can’t wait to throw these on uh i’m gon na throw one on before the end of this video. Of course. So you guys will definitely get to see what this looks like, but i’m very excited for these rims and tires, but i’m blown away at the quality. I know that these are are way better than what i paid for them. Then now we had purchased this before, but we got this really cool axle set and we got this These are the titanium axles, i think, is what they’re listed as on on banggood uh. I got a full set of these. This is the front you know with the width. Turning and everything. He’S got everything on there, uh you’re turning linkage, and then this is the rear. What we’re going to do because remember the d12 only has a regular rear axle and then the front is uh. Kind of this whole deal well we’re gon na throw the old titanium in there so that’s going on and then something else i did get from uh aliexpress. Are these really cool decals? These are the actual decals that go to the suzuki carry, and when i got these, i mean these are super tiny. This little guy, you know bam goes right here. Then, of course, you’ve got suzuki suzuki goes up in here somewhere and i think carrie got carrie. I think this goes on.

The back. I’Ll have to look on. Google, you know got to get it right, but kerry goes somewhere on here, but i mean these were like super duper cheap. What amazed me when i got it is not only do they have a good adhesive on the backs of all of these, you don’t have to cut your own adhesive, but they’re metal. I don’t even think it says that they’re metal on the website on the listing itself, but uh these are metal, so super good quality, stuff um. Now, as far as the d12 i’m pretty sure that that’s that’s what we got for the d12, now remember guys this full body kit, custom splitter, i mean i can’t, wait man. This is going to be so bad and then remember, you know, wheels and tires. I mean come on, look how look how come on i mean and the listing for these i’m telling you guys got to go check it out, because this isn’t all that’s on one listing you go to this one listing and it’s got like i don’t know 9 Or 12 sets of rims and tires. All of them are aluminum i’m, assuming they’re all the same quality, with the same wheels and tires and and the same um foam in the inside and the same adapters and all that, but the the styles of rims there’s. So many it’s crazy in one listing i’ve, never seen a listing like that before uh.

Remember guys this is my first time on aliexpress, so that’s what we’re gon na do with the d12 and then, while i was on there now, you guys remember if you guys have been following the channel and if you have thank you and if you haven’t, hey You’Re here now consider subscribing huh. I mean this is cool right. So if you guys have been here before you guys remember, we got our scx24 here, and this is my fpv car now same thing like the d12 i’m gon na get another one of these as well, probably get one here in the next week or so uh. I think they’re still available. If not, then we’ll have to wait for the next go around, but you guys remember. I had suspension issues in one of my previous videos. I got some pen ink pen springs in the rear to hold up all this crazy electronics and battery and camera. I got going on an fpv uh and then i had doubled up some. You know zip ties in the front. Well, that was not my first idea. First, 17 days ago, i ordered a set of these. These are aftermarket shocks all aluminum, fully adjustable. I actually had adjusted the spring on this one, so you can actually see the difference. Uh man i’ll tell you. Not only are they all aluminum and fully adjustable, but they come with two sets of springs. They come with the nice and stiff set and i’ll.

Tell you when it’s completely adjusted. You know good good down. I think it’ll hold this battery and camera, so you may see my fpv car also coming out of these shocks, but i i mean these springs and then you get another set of springs that are, you know, quite thinner than those. However, these are still more stiff than the stock set. So if you get this set of shocks, you’re going to have three options of springs: i’m telling you if you can’t, tell i’m, probably frothing at the mouth right now, i’m. So happy with my purchase. All of this is gon na have to well not the d12. We know that’s that’s, really good quality. I mean i throw this one around the house, the rest of it. Everything else that i purchased will have to fall apart in five minutes of use.