Now this had kind of started a little while back when we kind of stuck old hank here in our g made saw back and up until that time i really never had a driver in a car. I always wanted to do it and as soon as i got the saw back, which is like perfect for a driver, i went hunting for one. You know almost immediately and then we came up with hank and i i i right after i put him in the truck. I knew he was just a tad too small, but uh after driving around for a little while i started to get some comments and drivers too small and and those turned into suggestions. I had some really great suggestions from uh. Some of you out there telling me to get the walking dead figures and those are mostly seven inch tall figures and uh. I looked around for a few of them and there was one in particular that i really liked and it was uh. I don’t remember what his name is, but he’s a short little old fat guy with a kind of a just kind of like a fisherman but uh. I was gon na pick him up, but he was even short for the seven inch characters. So i don’t think he would have fit. He would have fit the truck as far as the theme perfectly. But then i looked around online and i ended up finding uh mr joint weak uh and he fits perfectly he’s.

A seven inch figure uh. I ended up paying, i don’t know right around 30 bucks for him and uh he’s. You know articulated in 20 some different places he fits perfectly now. I did have to have to uh carve out a small spot uh in the feet. Just so i get his little feet in there, but behind where that lexan is there’s, a nice open cavity and then i of course ran these carbon fiber uh rock guards here. So he’s got a little place to put his feet. Nothing’S gon na just kind of snag him and you know rip him out the bottom of the truck so i’m, really happy about our john wick here um once i got him, which i just got him about about a week ago, once i picked him up uh, I thought about sprucing up this jy66 here now. If you remember, we had already, you know, painted the the truck i had chopped the top um eventually i just didn’t have time to do it now, but i had a couple of you tell me that you know they weren’t really digging the door being cut because It didn’t match the back of the truck and i’m all about straight lines as well, and since it’s been pointed out, it’s really been bothering me now. The only reason i haven’t cut it yet is because there’s a kind of a door panel in here that’s flat at the top, and i want to be able to do it right.

So it will be nice and straight i’m also going to pluck out this top portion of the door here, where you can see this little top portion i’m gon na go ahead and pluck that so we’re just gon na have a nice straight door but uh. I wan na make sure that i get it. You know correct, because i really like this truck uh uh you’re gon na see quite a bit more of this, especially now that i have a driver because obviously we’ve been trying to customize the truck a little bit. Uh here and there and i’ve done a few more things, but the elephant in the room, you know, is our little midfield maestro here and from fortnite, and i know a bunch of you recognize him um. I personally haven’t really got into fortnite too much and i know it’s an extremely popular game. Now i, like gtm, big gta, fan gta 5. I got san andreas on my phone right now with an xbox controller and i just been going back. You know old, school and jamming that, but the reason i haven’t gotten into fortnite is my brain don’t work. That fast i mean i. I actually went back and watched a few. You know midfield maestro uh videos, just within the last few hours and i was i’m like frothing at the mouth, one there’s just no way, if you turn down the volume, a pro playing fortnite like youtube status, it must sound like the buttons and controls are burning Themselves, up from all of the inputs, i mean you are literally building wrecking, collecting, shooting and guarding all at the exact same time.

So all the pro gamers out there that play fortnite man – i i am i’m humbled in your presence, but anyway so we’ve got our midfield, maestro here’s, a four inch character and uh. I i picked him up at uh, the local big box, store i’m sure you can get him on amazon as well, but i think he cost me about ten bucks and uh. I just knew as soon as i saw him now. They had all these other fortnite characters, they had all of them out, there’s, like 50 of them, and i know they’re popular because there was like 50 missing so um. I wanted one that looked like a normal person. You know not. You know one of the really wacky characters in fortnite. You know i didn’t need a giant horse head. You know hanging out we’re going for kind of a scale. Look so i ended up seeing the midfield maestro and i mean i literally went to this side and looked towards the back, and i could just see one face. You know it just there was no mask, no nothing. It was just a face and i went and grabbed i knew it was midfield maestro so i’m very excited that i got him as you can see. He fits perfectly no modifications. He grabs. The steering wheel puts his little arm up on the door and i tell you i’m super jealous my buddy wayne. Kibler uh he’s got a driver in every car, i mean he’s got and he’s got the quintessential.

You know their arms hanging out the door and they got you know i mean they’re doing their thing, so you know kudos to wayne kibler bro a big shout out to you uh. You definitely got me wanting to get some drivers for my cars it’s weird when you’re seeing a car go down the street and there’s no driver in it. It’S like what’s, going on so we’ve got some killer drivers here uh. Now there are a couple other little modifications that i did to this. As you can see, we got some movement in the front here via these really cool red hooks. Now these came off of the uh little chain that i got from um. That was four or five bucks for this killer chain. I still got the chain um, but this this i love these hooks man. I mean they just look so boss on the front of this, and then i did some little accents with um uh kind of a paint pen. You know what i mean. I’Ve got the bolts on the hood. You know the bolts uh, on the hinges of the doors i did the little itty bitty you know button on the handle i’ve got this little line on the gas can over here. You know it’s really sprucing. This truck up now. Remember the dashboard is completely black. The whole interior minus what i did with the seats in this is completely black, so i do plan on getting in here and and tightening up a little bit.

I might even run like our six wheel, drive truck that we did before. I might even run an led or two inside the dashboard kind of illuminate from the back. I think that would be really sharp it’s a super small vehicle to work with, but i think there’s just enough cavity behind there. So i can. I can really do some cool stuff with that uh dashboard. I also might do some piping on the seats or something like that or just darken up the creases a little bit. I i really love how this truck is turning out, also we’re, going to light the uh we’re going to light the the little backlight here. So it goes on with the taillights when i hit reverse, as the light goes through there’s a little dot here in the back. So i can run a little led up here and then just paint over it or cover it to where it just shines out. The back it’s going to be a killer, look so i’m telling you guys with the drivers in these two trucks. I mean this is completely different. I mean oh hank. I feel bad because hank’s hank’s in a drawer right now he doesn’t fit anything. I was going to try to stuff him in the d12, but i would literally have to cut hank in half and, as you can see, i don’t think he would approve. So i i’m gon na still find a driver for this uh.

As a matter of fact, gary rc trail cats had sent me a six wheel, drive truck with a six wheel, drive truck and uh. One of them had a little half a driver. He had he had kind of cut his legs off. If i remember correctly and i’m trying to figure out what the heck i did with that, because i think he might fit right here in our d12 guys some some up up to date – news upcoming goodies right here, you remember we were. We were trying to figure out what we were going to do to cover some of these electronics. Well, as you can see, this is the engine cover or the electronics cover to the g mate komodo slash g made sawback. Now i had replaced my uh electronics cover in here with a box by traxxas, so that was waterproof. The one by g made is not not waterproof, but the cover here, if you can tell, is kind of like a little v8 engine, so we’re going to use this as well as some carbon fiber to get these electronics covered up video coming very soon of this I’M, going to build a multi level kind of impromptu track out there uh in the living room, slash kitchen and possibly in the shop too, maybe go multi room. So look out for that video as well uh – and you guys remember, we got our axles. Okay, so we’re gon na throw just the rear axle in our d12 as well, so we got a lot coming up guys uh and the e max will make an appearance coming up very, very soon, with an entirely brand new power plant.

If you are here this late in this video, i thank you very much and for you, you get this little piece of information that other people aren’t going to get we’re going dual brushless on our emacs video, very soon, where we break that to everybody you here At the end, you guys are my my my truest, truest bestest friends, and i i appreciate every single one of you guys. I really appreciate everybody hanging out and uh checking out my drivers here. We’Re gon na have uh some really cool stuff coming up very very soon. Until then, i’m gon na run these outside again it was uh kind of fun.