24 7. i’ve got this little box delivered in there’s an rc car in there it’s a 1 18 scale. What says drift car from hvx links down below? If you want to go check it out, but let’s have a closer look cooking with the gas for now just cut some of the tape around there does look like a ford, mustang hoonigan, whatever popular hoonigan series, not licensed that’s for sure, looks nice um. You can see it’s the drift wheels, which are just basically your drift tire, sorry, which are basically just hard rubber or hard plastic, but let’s have a let’s, have a look. What else you get? 2.4 gigahertz controller. You know it is what it is. It’S got your slow and normal and um steering reverse switch. There also does get a usb charger, some extra body clips, it seems – and another – oh it’s got some leds here. So maybe you want to do like the under body lighting system or something and also an instruction manual, how to use it um if you’re not too sure, but uh it’s, pretty cool. It gets you out of the out of a bind if it’s your first time using it, so the speed switch is slow for kids and beginners normal fast for experienced users. Well, i think i class as an experienced user right here’s the car. Like i said the body looks nice. It comes with loads of loaded up stickers and paint on there, but there it is there just basic lexan, but what we’re looking at here is you’ve got a two in one esc and receiver: a small 180 size motor, brushed beans connection here with a battery size Of 800 milliamp hour 7.

4 volt, so that should probably give you some decent run time because it’s, a pretty large battery and it’s, only a 180 size brushed motor. We like the the rims, are look pretty good or plastic construction. What was that a little foam pad that you sit on here, so don’t scratch up your body, so it is forward drive you see, it’s got a center differential front and rear as well. A metal drive shaft running all the way through and they connect to look like plastic drive shafts here, um dog bone and it’s got like a universal joint. At the end there, small micro servo, but underneath the chassis is all countersunk with phillips head size screws. Everything else is pretty much plastic, they feel if they’re just friction springs, friction springs, they do feel pretty good yeah. They are not oil filled, but you probably change them out. If you really wanted to and get serious in this, it does have a nice little heatsink. Okay, these things get flying off, they don’t last long. It’S got a nice little heatsink on top of that 180 size brush motor, so you can kind of keep it cool and those led strip lights. I guess they plug into these little sockets there and you can put them onto the side because it’s like it’s got double sided tape, so let’s go set up and uh let’s see how it goes just plugged it up. It’S, actually pretty impressive for the price go check out the link.

If you want to go, uh find out more information back and let’s put it on slow mode. So there you go there. Click on the switch, definitely big difference. So let’s put the body on already went on the uh concrete floor, just put on the floor, because it’s uh, really nice to drift on and uh let’s, see how she goes. It’S, pretty sweet. Okay, let’s try this uh 118 scale. Hpx drifter got in the middle they’re gon na drift around that’s. My one seventh cent, four stroke conversion check out my video. If you’re interested in that there you go. The right steering angle is not too bad. I wish i meant that you could also, if you really wanted to put normal row, ties on this and see how that performs i’m. Not going to do that again come on get out here we go vinnie. Let me know if any of you guys got this and what most have you does look at, that it does. You can hold a nice drip and this is not there’s, no gyro or anything in this. So bad i’m ugly crap order nice circle, oh and he had enough room underneath definitely a cheap way to get into drifting and have fun anyway that’s. What this is all about, just having fun i’d love to be able to just pull a drift off and go right in between those. Oh, i never could go underneath. Oh look, i’ve done it anyway, probably getting bored of me going around this.

What do you guys think of this uh little drifter? Let me let me get it up here and bring it to the camera. Looks i think it looks. Cool, performs pretty nice, obviously first test, but uh. You can also model it.