I have the ready to fly version, as you can see this right here is my transmitter and we’re going to be reviewing this rc plane today, anyways. I am super excited about this guy. It is a very good plane, especially for beginners, so anyways let’s get right into the video. One of the great reasons that this plane right here is a great beginner option is that it has that built in stabilization as well as three modes. So basically, the stabilization, especially in beginner mode, keeps your plane level and it doesn’t. Let you bank too much, and it really it just helps you keep the plane level and not do anything too crazy with it so that’s great for beginners, and then you can flip it into intermediate mode. It still has that stabilization, but it’ll. Let you do a little bit more banking and it’ll. Let you you know, make a lot sharper turns, go up higher and go down harder, and then you have expert mode which is completely up to you. You are in complete control of the aircraft when you are in expert mode, all right guys so we’re gon na take this out for a flight test in a second. But first we have to do a couple more things. One i’m going to save you a little bit of time and a little bit confusion. I struggled with this right here. You have to turn the transmitter on before you turn the plane on, or else it won’t connect.

When you get the rate of i’m talking about the ready to fly version so make sure you turn the transmitter on then the plane it’s kind of weird, with most planes that’s, usually the plane than the transmitter. But this one is different, so that’s all for me. Now uh i’m going to show you the specs for this so i’m, going to put that on screen in a second and then after that we’re going to take it for a flight test. So anyways let’s go Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music! All right! So i guess it’s time for my conclusion on this plane. My personal conclusion is i really like this one to be honest: if you are i’ve, never flown a plane before, and you want something that has the quality and something that is extremely easy to fly. This is the one to get now. I think there are uh better planes for the value in terms of fun and you know price, but this one is so incredibly easy to fly that i would say if you are a complete beginner, i would recommend actually getting this one over the other ones. I’M. Talking about because the cheap ones can sometimes be a little bit more challenging to fly, i mean they’re, not really challenging they’re not hard at all but i’m. Just saying that this one is so easy that it’s even easier than the easy one so put that in perspective um, i really like this plane.

I have a lot of fun and if, once you get better, you can flip it into the next mode. So if you’re flying beginner, you want to you know level up, you can go in intermediate if you’ve got that down, flip it down to advanced anyways. I really like this plane. I would i can’t say enough good things about it. I have a blast. If there is one problem, i would say it’s, probably the flight time, because the lipo battery will only last me about four to five minutes, so that’s really not long so that’s. I guess one complaint of mine, but other than that. This plane is totally amazing and i would highly recommend that you pick one up.